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Law School Admissions / Re: Gay applicant advantage?
« on: August 10, 2007, 02:55:56 PM »
Some schools actually have a check-off box for orientation/transgender... I believe Northeastern might...?

I always wondered about "facilitation" jobs like that--guidance counselor, career advisor, and maybe even (in the upper grades) teacher. I wondered how it would feel to have to counsel a bunch of people (some of whom are fairly bratty, you must admit) about how to get ahead in career, life, etc. while all the while remaining in the same "place" (I don't imagine there's a lot of room for advancement in the guidance/career counseling line of work).

I don't know if I could keep my temper if a student obnoxiously prattled on about how he/she didn't get into such and such school, even with all of her parents' legacy or $; the testing center was too cold and the proctors were mean, etc.. (Edit: although, I wouldn't let it keep me from giving quality advice  ;D )

Do you think there's an element of sabotage going on, even unconsciously?

Studying for the LSAT / Re: i am sure i am the only idiot
« on: August 10, 2007, 02:32:21 PM »
Actually, my friend told me she was really distracted by the science RC section of her practice LSAT. She was a biology major, so this bothered her (it was some topic about which new research has come out and refuted the old ideas).

Then, again, she also says she hates seeing the names sprinkled in for multicultural appeal, as in "Amelie argues..." and "Cho, Hadassah, Deepti, and Farnsworth are all working a different shift..." I told her this shouldn't bother her since her name is pretty "exotic" for mainstream America, but the names drive her to distraction.

I told her she should petition LSAT to revert to male private part, Tom, and Jane a la the '50s. (Apparently LSD thinks Nixon's first name is off limits now).

I'm probably not very welcome in BIA, as I'm writing a book on corruption in Interior/ENRD (DoJ). 

I wouldn't think so.
Tribal area becomes an issue, as I'm a Maine Indian, and UMaine has zero Indians at the Law School (and is 3rd tier.)

That's mildly surprising, although I suppose it shouldn't be; perhaps the Abenaki, etc. students end up in Boston and NY?

for better or worse (cough, Swimmer, cough)
;D ;)

so perhaps a DC or other T14 school would land me on a federal bench eventually.

That's what I was wondering about. Prestige seems to matter in most other areas of the law, so why not this? There may be some merit to the idea that a T14 could offer you more flexibility in the long run (although the high debt from most may make it hard to go into public interest right after graduation). But then there is the possibility that you become interested in thinking more "locally" and want to work on, say, uranium issues out West or something, and then maybe you will be penalized for not coming out of a strong western program.

That's the annoying part--sometimes pre-law feels like if you don't know exactly (right now) what you want to do after graduation, you might make a wrong choice of school.

Black Law Students / Re: BLACK LOVE
« on: August 09, 2007, 11:16:32 AM »
I used to play with these, only back then I don't think we had "flat-screen." ;D The jingle went "Lite Brite, Lite Brite, Turn on the magic of colored light!"

HH, the site is a great idea! I'll definately check it out.

You've provided a little more perspective for me. Don't know if the stereotypes have any truth, but I'd have to agree that Eugene, Seattle and Maine aren't known as the most..erm...technicolor of locales.

I'd have liked to see the face of those "archies" when you blew onto the scene!

Don't know how far you're willing to go, but Michigan has a strong Indian law program. Also, I wonder if AILC might have some tips on good schools for you. You might want to give them a call.

If you are very focused on continuing in your field of expertise, I might say look at schools well-regarded in the region of the particular tribe/nation you're interested in working with, or, alternately, looking at schools well-known for their Indian law programs, such as New Mexico, Michigan, Oklahoma, etc.

However, there could be some prestigious internships or jobs like with BIA/Dept of Interior, IHS, judges, etc. that call for the T14 cache'; maybe AILC can help you identify these types of positions.


As the diverse responses indicate, it depends on the person. As a fellow non-Trad (without kids), I'd say though that there were more over-riding concerns for me than the visibility/activity level of the minority groups on campus or in the surrounding community. The things that mattered most to me were location/region, financial issues, and flexibility offered to students at various levels of class rank. I have a network of friends and relations for support and, while I will certainly be involved in campus organizations, I don't think it will make or break my LS experience.

I see the point about obnoxious XOXOers. I'm sure students of every background will suffer their presence.

Your work experience sounds exceptional. The length and rigor of it should impress T14 AdComms, and I normally don't say this to applicants. (I am a OL but have close friends whose grad degrees and solid but unexceptional work histories did not give them much of a boost at schools in which their numbers fell well below the median).

We have a frequent poster to LSD who had similarly impressive (but entirely different from yours) work/life credentials but had shaky numbers (I believe both LSAT and GPA) , and he made it into a Top 5 school (Admittedly, I don't know all the factors in his case, but it does let you know that non-legacy exceptions can be made). Given a score in the low 160s, the combination of your work/personal background, the fact that Natives are by far the most underrepresented minorities at law schools (except perhaps in Oklahoma  ;) ),  and the  fact that, as bamf points out, you are so far removed from your GPA, I would apply to all of the T14 if I were you and a few schools in the 30-20 range.

Personally, if I were an AdComm, I would consider it a boon to have in class someone with extensive first-hand professional experience of NAGPRA, land claims, and other legal issues, regardless of whether or not you express an interest in Indian law (although I would warn that you may be called on/deferred to ad nauseum as the Indian law expert, even if your interests lie in tax law!) 

Black Law Students / Re: BLACK LOVE
« on: August 08, 2007, 11:31:33 AM »
the  "lightbright" fascination.    

LITE-BRITE Flat Screen (Red)

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