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hey thanks so much for your are my concerns:

I want a school with a small student/teacher ratio
Want it to have a good (90% or higher) bar passing rate
Reasonable tuition cost (I am a texas resident)
Want to be stay in close to South TExas (Rio Grande VAlley) as possible
BUT OVERALL: I want to get the best education possible between these two schools....any other added opinions?

Oh yeah one more thing...My long term goal is to eventually become a law professor, but while I practice law I am going to focus on either bankruptcy law, will and estate, or criminal law (bet you can tell i am undecided ! )  ;D

I am interested in more opinions...thanks again!

I really want to stay in Texas. I have been accepted to these two universities as well as Florida Coastal. I am waiting to hear from UT, UH, and Baylor. Any opinions on Tech and South Texas College of Law? Thanks.

Choosing the Right Law School / PLEASE HELP!!
« on: April 03, 2007, 06:38:09 AM »
  Hey everyone...I really need some help deciding where to go in the fall. I have applied to six law schools and have heard (and been accepted) into three. I am still waiting to hear from U Houston, U Texas, and Baylor.
     I am from Texas, and I really do not want to go out of state for my law degree. I have been accepted thus far into Texas Tech School of Law, Florida Coastal School of Law, and South Texas School of Law (Houston). I was just wondering-of the three schools I have been accepted to, which would seem like the best school to attend. I would like to be at a school with a small teacher/student ratio, with a reasonable tuition for in state students, with a good reputation, and an above average bar passing rate.
   If any of ya'll have opinions about these schools, please feel free to share them. the only thing I ask is please do not hate on me. I can not afford to apply or attend any of the "bigger" more "respected" schools, and I really would like to stay in Texas. So if you have any advise...please share. Thanks so much!

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