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General Off-Topic Board / Re: SFLSD: I don't quite understand
« on: December 18, 2007, 04:25:11 PM »
Okay, I don't know if this is an overshare, or if we're not supposed to talk too much about exams or whatever, so maybe I'll delete, but can I just share how tricky my civ pro prof is?

We had a super-long hypo about a complicated due process issue.

That was actually also a 12(b)(6) question, to be analyzed under Conley and Twombly.

That was ACTUALLY also a Rule 56 question, because there were documents attached to the 12(b)(6) motion, meaning it should be treated as a motion for summary judgment, and analyzed according to Celotex/Adickes standards. But the documents were only given in camera, or some crap.

Tricky, right? Sheesh!

:: pokes head in ::

Goalie, let it go.  I'm sure as h-e-double-hockey-sticks trying to.


I was very much hoping to have the energy to do that, and still might, but right now I am loving my featherbed at the Marriott, a cold beer and talking to you fine folks. ;D

That's all that I'd want.

Congrats, LB.  I am wondering why you aren't hitting the town though.  I'm pretty sure that my first instinct after the bar will be to find... well... a bar.

Goalie, I'm not sure that the rents are in Portland, but I currently live in Lawrence, KS.  If you get a mile from KU, you can get a decent 2bd for what I will be paying for my Oakland studio.  There are some things about the Midwest that I'm surely going to miss.

Sort of.  I found a studio on craigslist in Oakland, and I've agreed to rent it.  When I come into town I'll see the place and sign the lease unless it looks nothing like the pictures.  It should be fairly convenient (right off Telegraph near the MacArthur BART station) and cheap.  Of course, this is the Bay Area so cheap is relative.

Have you migrated to the East Bay yet or are you still in SF?

Goaliechica, I've got your back.

I suppose that we could always talk about the proposed fee hike.  On second thought... nah....

My last day as a card carrying member of the employed will be revoked at the end of the day Friday.  I start the drive out west Saturday.  I can't wait.

First, it's a business and any revenue will also have to cover his operating expenses such as rent, support staff, supplies and so forth.

Secondly, I don't know how much his fees are.

Third, I haven't talked to him in a while, but the last time that we talked about his practice he, personally, had about 50 open cases at that time.  That was approximately a year out of law school.

Yes, I have a friend who is essentially did just that.  He is a defense attorney, but the majority of his defendants are assigned to him by the court.  Although, it is a practice and requires an investment to open an office and have support staff. 

My friend got his start by working in the legal defense clinic for his law school for his 2 and 3L yrs.  During that time, he was able to meet various members of the local courts: judges, DA's, and PD's and the such.  After law school, he stayed in the same city and opened up an office with a friend from law school.  In his opinion, the clinical experience was crucial in his ability to make a go of his practice, because so much of his client base has been referred to him by word of mouth.


I guess anyone who gets all P's could theoretically claim to be top half, then, and if they interview well, could get biglaw. Good deal.

Not really.  Your supposition requires that the sets of people who get H/HH and P are, to a very high order approximation, disjoint.

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