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Current Law Students / Re: JD vs. MJ
« on: April 02, 2013, 12:48:14 PM »
The law education system in the US is somewhat backward (reversed) from other educational fields. In other fields, folks typically earn their Bachelors, then a Masters, then a Doctorate (PhD or EDd). In Law, after the Bachelors, you earn your JD (Juris Doctorate). To specialize in one area after a JD, lawyers may apply to a Masters in Law in that area.

So the path is: Bachelors, > Doctorate > Masters for lawyers.

Get the JD. Then decide if you want more focused training in a specialty area, and apply to the Masters.



I will be a part-time student at Willamette Law, starting August 2013. I need to work while attending school, and am trying to rearrange my work commitments to align to the course schedule. Can someone please tell me what a typical 1L Part Time course schedule looks like? Start times, courses, days of week, etc...

Thank you!

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