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Reviews, Visits, and Rankings / Re: Marquette Visit
« on: March 31, 2007, 12:29:50 AM »
Here's a question for you guys, do you think the whole Sports Law thing is a complete joke?  No one learns how to be an attorney at law school, and I don't understand how taking "sports law" classes would prepare anyone more than taking classes like Anti-Trust and labor contracts.  I would love to get in with some sort of big pro sports franchise or league, but I don't understand the point of the big Sports Law thing.  It seems like it's a big thing, but I can't understand why.

Of course I've been watching Alabama, so I was totally shocked to see them move from 43 to 36.  Not only 7 spots, but within the region, they're not tied with UGA.  It's that tie that I find most impressive.  7 spots nationally isn't much, but to now say that you're tied for 2nd in the southeast is pretty big. 

How second in the southeast? UA is a great school  What about Duke, Virginia, Vanderbilt, Emory?  I don't know exactly where UNC and Wake Forest are.

I don't count Virginia or North Carolina as the Southeast, that's how.  And I flat forget about Emory.  Southeast to me is pretty much South Carolina to Mississippi, sometimes including Louisiana.  I was picturing Vanderbilt, and then a tie between UGA and UA. 

For what it's worth, UGA, UA, Wake and UNC are all tied at 36th.

UNC isn't part of the South? Hmm. UTK is making leaps and bounds - don't forget about them.

Southeast.  I don't consider North Carolina part of the southEAST.  There's a difference between "South" - south of Mason-Dixin, east of Texas - and "Southeast".  And I'm not concerned about UTK as they're ranked 53.  With 7 other southeastern schools above them, they don't factor in my statement about how it was startling to see UA suddenly on par with UGA.

Yet you include Duke which is less than 10 miles away from Chapel Hill?

Anyway, I was extremely surprised by UNC's dive this year.  They've always had an aura of prestige to me, but they are 1 point away from taking a 16 rank dive this year.  They moved equal or below a ton of schools that are much easier to get in, and I can't imagine the job prospects or anything else is much different between Maryland and Iowa, and UNC.  In fact, I'm positive UNC places much better and has at least as good of professors.

I'm not shocked by San Diego, because I heard an anecdotal account from a friend that he called the USD admissions officer (who he knew) and was told that a 156 LSAT would get him in.  I know connections count for something, but that irked me.  I scored a 160 and didn't even bother applying to USD because I'm below both LSAT and GPA medians.  He's a white kid with a similar GPA as me at a lower ranked UG.

Reviews, Visits, and Rankings / Re: Marquette Visit
« on: March 30, 2007, 05:24:15 PM »
Thanks for posting this, I'm going to be at Marquette next year as a 1L as well and everything you have mentioned is extremely helpful.  That's the impression I got from the school as well, but I missed the Open House.  Both my dad and uncle went there, so it's sort of a family tradition.  The only thing I'm a little worried about is potential opportunities at the few biglaw firms in Milwaukee, but if I do well I should be fine.

And if I don't like the career opportunities after my 1L, I can always look into transferring.  I think Marquette offers a lot of good things; the monopoly on Milwaukee, the Marquette Mafia in town, the lack of a bar exam, etc.  And if I don't like it and want to transfer out, it doesn't seem like I'm competing for grades against an entire class of gunners.

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