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that makes sense.  I mean, there are certain situations where it plays some consideration (people with families/non-traditionals), but for a lot of people without these consideration, i feel like money convinces people to make decisions that wouldnt otherwise be the best for them.

good luck wherever you go though...

I personally wouldnt be able to do full time work and law school... when you get one of those deals, it gets where you really do not have to worry about grades which is sick.

Its something I never considered before coming here either, or I would have considered staying an extra semester in undergrad to get the hard science requirements finished up so I could do IP.

Just wanted to give some advice to anyone considering IP work.  I am a 1L here now, and every IP friend I have has landed a sick job for summer.  One guy has a 2.8 gpa and got a position with one of the biggest IP firms in DC.  they are taking him on full time (he is going to switch to a part time student as a result), they are paying him 120K + and they are paying for his tuition. 

Another guy got a similiar deal, and the rest of my friends are just interested in summer jobs and have signed on with huge firms in the area.

Also, grades dont matter for IP kids, which is sick.

I wish I would have done a technical background.

Anyway, job prospects are great for everyone else too.   I hope anyway.

true, true, ill give you that..  I lucked out on so many acceptances last year with horrible numbers.  thankfully, GW apparently messed up with theirs also and took a few extra people on my year...

Stanford blows though, the weather is nice, and they are high ranking, and have good job placement, who wants that stuff anyway?


Yeah...not getting one was worse than getting rejected by Stanford. I imagine getting one is related to getting a Bancroft Prize in American History (link to the Onion).

see, you should have taken my approach and saved the application fee to standford, then you could have gone to school at gw for 75 dollars less...

I dont know about the endowment, but I am paying them 56K a year, so they have that money.

I know we do give a portion of our tuition and stuff to the undergrad campus, so I find it unusual that we would have a seperate endowment, but who knows...

Hahahaha, Michigan would be so awesome.

Anyway, Dee and I talked to Dean Richard right before we left about Columbia Plaza. I'd e-mail ASAP with your preference of apartment type. Have fun watching the games tonight!

columbia plaza= so expensive... everything else in foggy bottom is so much cheaper, even the row houses..

I wouldnt count on need based aid anyway.  we are all broke and i know no one that received any need based stuff...

right now I am a 1L at GW.  They have a keg and pizza on friday, so I wanted to thank you in advance for contributing to my free dinner/beer.

have a safe trip out. its a great city and it should be pretty warm...

chris debono (on facebook if anyone has any questions, I probably wont be on this thing, was just searching for something and found the topic)

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