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How sweet are you, NavyGirl!  I saw you also applied to FSU (which is in my top 3 since my undergrad is here). I talked to them last week, and they said we should know by May 1st at the latest about admission.  Also, the dean calls you if you are accepted.  Do you mind me asking what your GPA is since you don't have an LSN link?

My gpa sucks.  My cum gpa at school at the time of the reports was a 3.8, but my gpa after lsac got it and factored in my horrible 2 years at GMU TEN YEARS AGO (lol) and brought it down to a 3.05, I think.  Which is why I'm not expecting too many happy days when the mail finally comes  :'(


Thanks for your encouraging words.  I'm getting very frustrated, and it's nice to have some things to stay positive.  I am sorry for how DePaul worked out for you, though. 

No worries...DePaul wasn't one of my top choices to begin with.  I had been stationed in Great Lakes for a little while and enjoyed Chicago and thought I'd be okay there for 3 years at least, but it isn't one of my top choices of places to live after graduation.  Hopefully I'll get at least one acceptance to make it okay :)  But it all worked out for the best if they dinged me to accept you!!  Good luck!!!

I had the same feeling.  I liked the campus, and would have been very enticed by the school if not for the prospect of spending 3 years in the transitional building.  And you're probably right that it is a very sleepy town... but I'm going to Lexington, so clearly that's not a huge factor for me.  :)

And I totally understand the "I'll be happy going ANYWHERE that accepts me" mentality.  That was my approach, too, with my 2.79 GPA.  When I got some acceptances from top-tier schools, however, I soon became a bit more snobby.   ;D

Where were you stationed in the NE.  I did search and rescue for the USCG out of Nantucket, MA. 

Well...I consider PA the NE (I'm from, I was stationed at Willow Grove, it's near Philly.  I understand the mentality might change as well if I get some acceptances here soon :)

Still bitter... It's nearly april and not one decision recieved yet...

Maybe not hearing back from some of these is a good thing for you--I just applied Mar 1 at DePaul, and I've already recv'd my decision from them (it was a ding)--and it came probably 2 weeks after I applied.  I see they are one school you are waiting on--maybe them taking longer with yours is a good sign :)

Exactly. W&L could have fallen a dozen spots, and I still would have been confident about choosing them based on "fit." 

I'm curious to know which Penn St. campus you visited.  I visited Carlilse (Dickinson) and thought it was a lovely campus.  Granted, the transitional building (where they will be for the next couple years during rennovations to the law building) was in an awkward location, but I was totally charmed by the actual campus and law building.

Yes, I liked the old campus and even Carlisle-- but in such a way that I would just like to visit, not live for 3 years.  There is NOTHING there :)  And I looked at housing and there aren't many choices of apartments (and I couldn't find any that accepted pets, and I'm bringing my dog with me), and I have no desire to work in the PA/NJ/NY area after I graduate.  Not to mention that the renovations will be taking a long time--the new class will probably be in the transitional building the whole time--and that's not what I want for my law school experience.  It just doesn't seem like the right fit for me.  But...aside from all of that, I love Penn State, and my loyalty alone made me want to at least apply and consider it :)

But I understand the W&L thing--I'm from VA, and Lexington is so cute, and that area makes up for its small size in charm (not to mention, it gets pretty decent tourist business, you are real close to the Natural Bridge) is so beautiful in the fall, and the mountains are right there.  It is such a beautiful campus, I wish I could have gone there!!

I had a debate in a thread a few months ago about this issue and students in your situation.  I will say that I don't think rankings are absolutely worthless, but I wouldn't base my entire decision on attending one school over another simply because this one is a 54 and this one is a 57, etc.  What you can do is first decide on a few regions you may want to practice.  That doesn't have to mean down to a particular part of a state but more like Southeast, Mid-Atlantic, NE, West Coast, etc.  Surely there are a few preferences here.  As for myself, I had 2 regions of the country I liked so then I used the rankings to pick out the 15 or so highest ranked schools in those regions.  Then I began my research comparing and contrasting the schools- for instance, their national reputation, starting salaries for new grads, cost of education, teacher to student ratios, feedback from current students, pictures of their campus (like yourself, finances and a very busy job prevented a trip to college campuses for me), info. about the city and even states where these law schools were located especially in regards to the job market, local public schools (fiancée is a teacher), proximity to friends and family, and then also likelihood of acceptance, etc.  After  this I got down to about 8 schools and then also prioritized them.

Now in the end, for me, because of it's location, my familiarity with the campus and law school, available job already offered to my fiancee, the proximity to most of my friends and family, the cost of education and scholarship money, UGA won, even though Alabama is now equally ranked and offered me more $$$$, and to be honest was a better recruiter.  Still I know I will be happy at UGA, and a happy student general makes a better student.   

To be perfectly honest, I applied so late in the game that I'll be happy going ANYWHERE that accepts me...I could care less what the rank is.  But that was one thing I did already...I've been stationed in the Northeast for the past 3 years and then have been attending Penn State's Abington campus up here too...and I'm ready to bolt.  Which is why Penn State is the only Northeast school I applied to. (I had to apply there, just felt obligated, since it's my alma mater :) )   But I pretty much only applied to places I could see myself living at (at least for three years, if not longer).

I have absolutely no idea where I want to eventually live (and practice), so I can't really base my decision on location.  One thing is for sure...after visiting the Penn State campus, I think that has dropped to one of my last choices...(funny too, since my luck will probably include me getting dinged everywhere BUT

Oh well.  Rankings aren't as important as atmosphere, and if the school seems like a good fit.  Unfortunately, if I get any acceptances back (still waiting), I probably won't have the funds (or the time) to check out the school before deciding.  So I'm stuck with looking at rankings, and message boards where hopefully I can talk to people at those schools.

Wish I knew where I wanted to live when I finish law school...would have made the process easier  :-\

I haven't posted on this thread yet...and I'm definitely bitter.

I'm waiting on all 13 schools I applied to.  I have 1 acceptance, but it's Fla Coastal, and if I get into ANY of the other 13 I won't be going I really am DYING!!!

What's mail is going to my Mom's address in VA because my temp. address here in PA is unreliable--and she's been on vacation since last week and won't get back until Monday!!!  I have no idea if there is anything waiting in her mailbox or not. 

I'm starting to get worried that I didn't apply to enough schools, early on and with a wider range...  And I'm really starting to worry that because I waited so late to apply, I'm getting nothing but dings... ugh.

Sorry for complaining, I know I haven't been waiting as long as some of you...I would be so much more bitter if I went complete last fall...I don't know how you guys are coping.   :-\

General Off-Topic Board / Re: Low Cost Moving
« on: March 30, 2007, 04:31:11 PM »
I was in the military for 6 years and have  become an expert at moving.  Fortunately, they have provided reimbursement funds so it was never an out of pocket expense, but now that I'm out of the military I'm in the same situation.  My stuff is in storage in VA, I'm finishing undergrad in PA, and I haven't applied anywhere near my hometown in VA, so I'll probably have a nice drive ahead of me.  But I have stuff up here in PA I have to move down to VA at the end of the month (thankfully, it should all fit in my car in 2 trips), and then I'm going to have to rent a truck to put all my stuff in.  There is no way I'm going to try and buy furniture all over again--I got it fairly cheap the first time around, and I don't want to part with the's just too much to have to acquire all over again, not that I even could. (I have so many things from foreign countries, etc that I've collected over the years, and my Mom doesn't have the room at her either I take it with me in August wherever I go, or I have to pay for a storage unit for the entire time I'm at law school--not happening!)

Driving will be a pain with the truck, but it can be done, I promise.  The key is getting unlimited mileage (if at all possible), to save on cost. 

But think of driving as an adventure!  Especially if you are going across country.  I've driven across country (VA to CA) about 5 times, and it's surprisingly a lot of fun.  If you are driving by yourself, the coffee and no-doz won't work, you'll have to stop at some point to sleep...but you can find fairly reasonable hotels off the interstate, or plan the trip in advance on expedia to make sure you get cheap hotels.  If you absolutely have no one that would help you, I'd recommend towing your car.

Choosing the Right Law School / Re: Mercer, South Carolina, or Miami
« on: March 30, 2007, 04:10:06 PM »
In response to the bolded, I would say the following:

Every politician with a JD and just about every attorney in the state went to Univ. of South Carolina.  As long as you are Order of the Coif or on Law Review, you can work anywhere in the state with competition coming largely from your own classmates and rarely anyone else.  I also believe that with good grades, you can break into both Charlotte and Atlanta.

The I-85 corrider (the area between Charlotte and Atlanta) has more International companies with headquarters there than anywhere else in the country.  These offices have a need for in- house counsels, so if you're looking to do that, the Law School would be ideal b/c of networking and/or internship opportunities.  I was actually thinking about doing this in conjunction with USC's Int'l MBA program- which has been ranked #1 in the country for the last 15years.  Additionally, this I-85 corrider has been designated as one of the top ten boomtowns (think Phoenix or the Dallas- Ft. Worth metroplex) in the nation.  Because wages aren't as high as NYC or Chicago, people snatch up real estate (extremely cheap in this area) and are building wealth by renting their properties. 

It's located in the Capitol

COL in Columbia is very low

Cost of Attendance is really low for in- state residents and I don't think its too hard to establish residency.

Thank you very much for your response...that actually helps more than you know!  I wanted input from current students too just to give me an idea of the atmosphere at the school itself, but that info. is just as helpful!
Thank you!

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