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Choosing the Right Law School / Re: Still Undecided?!
« on: April 02, 2007, 11:14:35 AM »
Definitely not alone.  And I'm stuck in the cycle as well.  In at 2, W/L at 2, out at 2 (seeing a pattern??!)  And still haven't heard from 8!!

And...I'm now worried about $$$ as well...b/c I applied so late, and did my taxes so late (just finished my taxes on saturday), I haven't done the FAFSA yet...and the deadline already passed for most of the schools. Ugh. 

I'm really starting to squirm. 

My Mom FINALLY came back today and read my mail over the phone.  Out at W&M (completely expecting that...I posted on another board that I only applied so my Mom would see the rejection letter herself and stop asking why I wasn't applying to VA schools  :P )

2 waitlists:  Miami and Kentucky.  But the Miami had a postcard that had to be received by Apr 2nd if you wanted to stay on the waitlist...seeing as how it is Apr 2 as she's reading my mail...Miami is out by default.

And one acceptance--Penn State.  I know, I Know...this is the bitter b/c I didn't get accepted thread...but I had horrible visions of this.  The one school that I had the money and time to visit (since it is so close to me already) and that I didn't really click with...of course THAT school would be the one I get into. Ugh. 

I'm still waiting on 8 other decisions.  Seat deposit for Penn State is due the 13th...and I don't know whether to be happy that at least I got in somewhere or horrified at the thought of losing much needed money ($500) non-refundable at that, just to get an acceptance to somewhere I'd rather go on the 14th.  I guarantee it... I can see it now...IF I have another acceptance won't be here until after my seat deposit is due.   ;D :D ;D :D My kinda luck  ;)

I'm sorry, I know I shouldn't be complaining... ;D ;D ;D ;D

I will come out again when there is no more sunlight...

Actually...we aren't the ones you should be asking.  If you want to know if this would disqualify you from certain schools, then call them.  Admissions staff are pretty helpful if you have a question, and if you pose it as a question about your application and your concerns, you should get some helpful feedback.  If you want to easily (and sometimes anonymously) speak with school reps, visit a law school forum (one that lsac puts on...just about every law school shows up, and at least, all the law schools that would be your "top" choice if you do as well as you think) and you can ask them anything there...they are more than willing to talk to you and help you out.  I went to the DC forum last year and found it very helpful. 

With that said, I agree with everyone else about your LSAT score.  I was consistently scoring in the high 160's (166-169) every time I took the practice exam, and even took a prep class (scoring the same on those exams) but when it came time for test day, I must have done something horribly wrong, because I ended up with a 158.  Don't get too cocky about your exam before you take it...that only sets you up for failure.

and I take deep breath and I get real high...

And I scream at the top of my lungs, "WHAT'S GOING ON?!?!"  And I said...

General Off-Topic Board / Re: BASEBALL 2008
« on: April 01, 2007, 09:41:07 PM »
I'm the one who voted for the Padres...

I know one of the Pad's pitchers, so I had to stay loyal  :D

Poor guys need to win one!!!

(Reserve the right to change my mind if he gets traded  ;D )

How sweet are you, NavyGirl!  I saw you also applied to FSU (which is in my top 3 since my undergrad is here). I talked to them last week, and they said we should know by May 1st at the latest about admission.  Also, the dean calls you if you are accepted.  Do you mind me asking what your GPA is since you don't have an LSN link?

My gpa sucks.  My cum gpa at school at the time of the reports was a 3.8, but my gpa after lsac got it and factored in my horrible 2 years at GMU TEN YEARS AGO (lol) and brought it down to a 3.05, I think.  Which is why I'm not expecting too many happy days when the mail finally comes  :'(


Thanks for your encouraging words.  I'm getting very frustrated, and it's nice to have some things to stay positive.  I am sorry for how DePaul worked out for you, though. 

No worries...DePaul wasn't one of my top choices to begin with.  I had been stationed in Great Lakes for a little while and enjoyed Chicago and thought I'd be okay there for 3 years at least, but it isn't one of my top choices of places to live after graduation.  Hopefully I'll get at least one acceptance to make it okay :)  But it all worked out for the best if they dinged me to accept you!!  Good luck!!!

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