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Acceptances, Denials, and Waitlists / Wait list Advice
« on: April 15, 2013, 07:27:23 AM »
After applying mostly to schools I thought I had a realistic chance of getting into, I took a couple of shots in the dark at some that were a bit of a stretch- and I was pleased to see I was wait listed at my dream school.

This school in particular states that they do not rank their wait list, and that there is not way to determine when I may hear back. My question is, besides resubmitting an updated resume, additional letters of recommendation, and so forth, what is the best way to aid my chance of getting in? Would a campus visit help? A personalized letter? I feel the need to be pro-active to bolster any shot I have.

Choosing the Right Law School / JD/MBA
« on: March 28, 2013, 08:22:17 AM »
I am considering attending law school in the fall. I have applied to quite a few, but only heard back from one thus far, where I got in. I graduated with above a 3.5 undergrad with a triple major in finance (dual degree + management) along with a minor in history. Not mind-blowing but not bad. My general question is about actually deciding whether to go, regardless of the school (Didn't apply Ivy league, just some T2-T4). I have had trouble finding work with my UG degree, and the only few of my peers who have found really good jobs had serious connections. My family (even a close uncle who is a partner in BigLaw) is not so keen on me attending law school, but are willing to support me (financially) to a large degree. In this day and age I feel it would be beneficial to earn some post-graduate degree so part of me wants to continue now. I am confident I will get into the law schools in my home state, but don't really want to be there. So, I almost find it pointless.

I have also been advised to also enroll in a dual JD/MBA program. Even so, I am skeptical about choosing a T3 or T4 school just because I want to be a lawyer. That being said, I honestly would like to be an attorney. I feel I eventually will have to earn a post-grad degree, and the dual degree sounds enticing in that I can combine my UG with what I would like to.

Overall I feel that it doesn't make sense to attend law school unless (i) its free and in a desirable location or (ii) a top ten school. I feel as if this is the current consensus from everyone, so I just want to collect any extra thoughts on the matter, in light of my basic situation, that anyone has. To me it doesn't make any to sense to pay $100,000 - $150,000 just to still be in the same position in three years that I am in now; but if one does well in their studies and earns their JD/MBA, is the added marketability worth the cost, for say, working for a corporation or business and not as litigator with a solo JD?

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