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Have you specified where you want to practice after school?

To be completely honest, I don't have a clue. I don't know what part of the law I'll love doing, I'm leaving that up to law school and what I discover I love doing during 1L and 2L. I could wind up doing anything between environmental law and corporate law, so I'm looking for a school that has good clinics for me to figure out what'd be more appealing to practice.

I will echo the overwhelming sentiment, go to Colorado!!!   No question.  Loved that place.  Came down to one of my final 3 choices, and I had a much smaller scholarship than you there (and they were like 16 spots lower in the rankings two years ago when I was considering them).   Of course I am happy with my BC pick (as Bamf said, we are cooler  ;)), but you can't give up a full ride at a great school like CU.  More importantly, much better option than St Johns.  BTW, go Great Danes! (I am a SUNY Albany alumn too, well, for a semester) 

Since you've visited CU, can you tell me what in particular you loved about it?

And, haha really? Wow, that's a huge jump (Albany to Wisconsin). I actually knew/know someone who goes to Madison for Med school.

I love when LSD helps someone make the right choice!

but really, you should have come to BC... we're much cooler!

I'm sure you are :P But yeah, I didn't want to take out those loans... I know BC is a great school (best school to accept me), but loans really scare me. Big loans, at least.

Go west young person!!!  (didn't want to mess up gender)

I heard Denver is chill, and Colorado will probably give you some doors to the West Coast.

Haha, young man is fine.

And yes, I've been seeing that as well. Top 10 school in the West. NYC shouldn't be the be-all end-all, after all.

I voted for St. Johns's completely out of selfishness. I was waitlisted at CU and really, really, really want to go there.  So if I were you, I would go to CU. I visited in December and was blown away, it is absolutely gorgeous! But if you do decide to go to St. John's please withdraw from Boulder asap. Thanks!

Haha, thanks for the non-vote vote of confidence :P

I'm feeling good about going to CU now. I'm starting to think that I might not even want to come back to NY once I'm out west (my sister certainly doesn't want to).

NYC is the number 1 destination for top prospects from every school in T1.  Do not ever assume it will be "fairly easy" to get a job in NYC.  Please, for the love of god, go to Colorado.
If I remember correctly a SJU student recently started a thread "SJU: diploma mill?"
Colorado doesn't get a great deal of press on these boards, probably because the people who go there are all laid back and chill, as opposed to us uptight LSDers.  Plus colorado just opened a brand new building.  And it has an awesomely small student body, you'll get mucho personal attention.  And while there may not be a plethora of NYC firms OCIing at UC, you will be able to shop your degree around NY just as well so long as you have decent grades. (VS. needing to be top 10-15% at SJU to get a decent firm job ... and  you'd probably have to do the same shopping around.)  Also Denver is a growing market and an awesome city.  I've heard great things about the growing legal market in Denver.  And hey, when a student of mine got sued by the RIAA for downloading songs, the firm suing her was in, you guessed it, Denver!
PS did you go to a SUNY?
OK, to sum it all up, unless you cannot stand the thought of leaving your fam for a few years, go to UC and have a blast.

Hey, thanks for your insights!! I didn't want to get the impression that I was naive about the job situation in NYC... I understand the overabundance of qualified grads, so I do know that'd be hard to find a high-end job in NYC coming out of St. John's. I have to say I'm not QUITE as on the fence as it seems in my first post... my family and I are leaning pretty heavily toward CU. I was hoping more for people to share their insights as to the career prospects out of CU (not just in NY, but CA) so I can be assured that I'm not getting myself into an unfavorable situation. However your reply has me a bit more confident. I wish there WAS more info available about CU grads/alumni and what they're doing, it'd put my mind all the more at ease. Also, my family would actually rather go to COLORADO rather than stay in NY, I have a bunch of relatives in Colorado (2 uncles, an aunt, and a plethora of cousins), my parents love the area and have been considering settling there for a while, and my sister went to undergrad at Boulder and loved it as well. So, in essence, I'd have to push my family BACK from wanting to go to Colorado.

Oh, and yes, I did go to a SUNY school (Albany, in fact). If you're familiar with it, you would know the reputation Albany has for partying and the like... a bit overblown I think, but nonetheless it's undeniable.  Which is why I'm all the more surprised/happy I got two free ride offers out of it.

Also, I noticed you're going to BC... congrats! I was offered admission as well, however they didn't give a scholarship and I'm not too keen on taking up loans (hence, only considering the free rides). Good luck there!

So, I had made my mind completely up and was at peace with going to St. John's for law school on a full-tuition scholarship. I had even submitted my seat deposit/housing deposit a week ago (I probably wont' see it come back). I sent all the other schools I had received acceptances to an e-mail saying that I wanted to withdraw my name from consideration.

BUT, all of a sudden I received a call today from a lady at CU Boulder, saying that they had just sent me a letter saying I had received a FREE RIDE there, and thinking I hadn't received it yet, they were calling to see if I wanted to 'withdraw' my withdrawal...

Well, of course I did. CU Boulder is now ranked #36 in the country... great academics, gorgeous location, laid back atmosphere, in Colorado where I have family... how could I pass up the opportunity?

But now I'm facing a dilemma based on career prospects moreso than academics or other factors. St. John's is in NYC... while it's not one of the top-top schools in the city, finding a job shouldn't be too hard in the goldmine that the city and the state is. Boulder is a really nice town, and Colorado is a beautiful state, but I'm not quite sure what kind of career prospects are available there, and what my chances are finding a job outside the state should I decide I don't want to settle in Colorado (i.e. move to California or move back here to NY). I don't know what the value is of a license to practice in Colorado is, either, whereas St. John's has a 91% bar passage rate for NY, one of the toughest and most prestigious bars to pass.

I need all the help i can get! Two free rides in a cycle is amazing (I got 164 and 3.58 from a public school in NY... nothing too spectacular)... so what do I do??

I have a similar problem going on that's being discussed here.

Currently, I have two offers that I am seriously considering, both because of money and regional considerations.

Brooklyn Law school (#58) and St. John's (#80).

Now, St. John's is offering me a free ride (top half of the class). It's in Queens, NY.

Brooklyn Law is offering me a package (scholarship + grants) of 22k per year (top 40%). It's in Brooklyn.

If I go to Brooklyn, I'll have to to take loans out to cover the COA, including living and housing expenses. Until i receive my FA award, I can't be sure how much of the rest will be covered by grants, but I'll probably have to take out around 30k in loans per year to covery everything, leaving me with 90+k in debt by the time I graduate.

The career prospects coming out of Brooklyn are brighter, and it's in a much nicer location and setting, however, is that 90-100k in debt worth it?

Interesting. That does sound good. However like you said, LRAP isn't guaranteed, it might just be handed to a select few. Also, it sort of ties my hands in case I decide to change to something outside of PI (I know it sounds like a flip flop, but until I'm a 2L I don't think I'll be able to clearly see what I want to do).

It's a tough situation, for sure. I have never gone to a 'major' school (I went to a NY state school for undergrad and public high school) so the prospect to going to a school like BC or Fordham thrills me. However, again, the money...

It's going to be a tough 2 weeks.


It sounds like you have your answer: you want  to work in NYC, Brooklyn is respected in the city and you'd graduate with relatively small amount of debt. But you want to wait for Fordham and BU. The only thing that would make me pause is the 40% requirement at Brooklyn.

While it does sort of give pause to think I might lose my entire scholarship if I slip first year, I'm going to do my damndest to get myself in the top 15%, much less outside the top 40. I'm not particularly worried about that aspect, I actually hope they pony up more money if I do very well my first year.

As far as Fordham goes, while I am waiting for their response I have a feeling it won't be a positive one. Even if I do get accepted, it's a balancing act again with the debt and the benefit. I used Boston College in my example as a T25 school that I can go to if I so wanted and compare it to a school like Brooklyn that has given me a 60% discount.

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