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Law School Admissions / Re: amusing
« on: November 14, 2004, 09:19:13 PM »
I want the lawyer representing me to use every resource available to win my case rather than try to wing it with what he perceives to be his natural intellectual superiority.

General Off-Topic Board / Re: something I'd never propose in public...
« on: November 11, 2004, 02:26:12 PM »
Disadvantaged black children do exist in a culture where academinc success is equated with being "white". I went to school with these people for years and I have seen it firsthand.

I think a strong arguement can be made that the basis for this cultural phenonenon can be found in developomental issues.

Young children require signigicant amounts of stimulation for their brains to develop properly. Poor parents (white and black) often lack the time, economic resources, and experience to provide this stimulation. If you were not read to as a child, for example, chances are that you will not read to your own children. If you work two jobs it may be easier to sit the kid in front of the t.v. rather than interact with him.

There is a limited time for these connections in the brain to be made. By the time a child reaches kindergarten it is too late. As a result the child will be at a permanent disadvantage to those that did recieve proper stimulation.

Blacks, who as a group are much poorer than whites, are much more likely to enter school unable to compete with their white peers who have been stimulated as infants. Terrified of being singled out as being stupid, blacks equate academic success with the people they percieve to be the cause of their economic hardship.

General Off-Topic Board / Re: My GF is NAGGING ME
« on: October 25, 2004, 11:03:26 AM »
     I had to answer this because I was in a similiar situation once. I dated a girl that was just as crazy. If I spent the night out or left town for the weekend and forgot to call and tell her she would accuse me of cheating. Or if I went out drinking with a girl that was strictly a friend and crashed at her house (on the couch) she would accuse me of having sex with her.  It got so bad that when girls that were friends called and she answered they would hang up. It was like living with am insane person.
     Finaly I told her that if she accused me of cheating again I would go out and do it. If I was going to suffer the consequences I may as well have done the crime. And I was dead serious. That put a stop to it for quite a while though we eventually broke up.
     Hope that helps.

I guess.  But I'd assume a guy who orders Rum & Coke at a bar doesn't know much about drinking well.

I'm feel the same way. I don't know why people mix good booze with Coke. It makes the drink way too sweet and you can't taste the alcohol. If it's rot-gut crap then I can see trying to disguise the taste a little bit, but people that mix good whiskey or scotch or even rum with Coke are generally not very experienced drinkers (despite what they might think).

General Off-Topic Board / Re: Teach me Alcohol
« on: October 19, 2004, 08:49:56 PM »
A couple of things I picked up...
Drink bourbon/whiskey with water. Mixed with coke it is too sweet and will make you sugar sick.
Vodka is for girls.
Any kind of juice or fruit drink is for girls.
That saying about beer before liquor- makes you sicker or whatever is crap. You get drunk either way.
If you like scotch spluge on the good stuff. Cheap scotch is worthless.
Gin will give you a very clean buzz.
Wine produces the worst hangover of any kind of alcohol.
Don't let people talk you into shots if you don't know how to drink.
You probably won't like the expensive, fancy beers if you are just starting out. And you won't be able to tell the difference between good beer and bad beer anyway. Drinking expensive beer and then puking it up is such a waste.
I had a fake I.D. in high school but it was worthless at college (I got it when I was fifteen and I looked way to young). Ask an older friend for their I.D. Making them on your own does not work anymore with holograms and such.
People will tell you to drink water before going to bed to avoid a hangover. If you're really drunk avoid drinking too much water or you'll piss on yourself.

Law School Admissions / Re: Is there anyone from the South
« on: October 17, 2004, 09:01:54 PM »
Dixon, you must be from the Sea Islands.  You're making my stomach growl.  *Love* me some shrimp and grits!  I grew up in Beaufort (yes everyone, there really is a Frogmore!) and we used to have big Frogmore Stew festivals where they would boil it all up in this huge cauldron and stir it with oars.  Extra yummy.  I am spoiled because I got used to getting all my seafood fresh off the boat the day it was caught.

Yea, I'm a Charleston boy born and bred. I feel guilty ordering shrimp in a restaurant because I know how easy they are to catch on my own!
And in this neck of the woods potatoes are not as popular as they are in other places. In the Lowcountry it's all about the rice...


Law School Admissions / Re: Is there anyone from the South
« on: October 16, 2004, 08:18:38 AM »
I don't believe I could make it through football season without boiled peanuts. And God knows you can't get by without grits. I'm going to a wedding tonight with a shrimp & grits "station". That's reason enough to put on a tuxedo.
Don't forget hush puppies, fried okra, red rice, and Frogmore (or Beaufort) stew.
The South really is God's country...

I took a lot of practice tests and my scores never deviated by very much no matter how much I bombed a particular section. I would typically score in the mid 160's, sometimes a couple of points higher and occasionally a point or two lower.
Although I have serious reservations about how well I did on this test I have had doubts about practice tests before and they were always ok, most of the time a lot better than I had expected.
I'm have to play the odds on this one and not cancel. I'm guessing a 163 worse case scenario, although if I got a 162 I would not put a gun in my mouth. Disappointed, yes, but not suicidal.

Law School Admissions / Re: Anybody thought of ways to cheat on the LSAT?
« on: September 26, 2004, 01:54:46 AM »
What about just paying some guy on the east coast to walk into the classroom, grab a test booklet off someones desk, and run out? What's the proctor or anyone else going to do? By the time the police are called the guy will be long gone.
He can then fax you the test on the west coast and you'll be all set. You may need a couple of buddies to help you work out the answers but that should be the easy part.
If you live on the east coast you would have to register to take the test somewhere out west but as long a you avoided doing something stupid (like scoring over a 175) it would probably not draw any attention. If questioned you could say that you were on vacation or visiting a friend...
There are some minor precautions that you could take to completly avoid problmes, like hiring the test-grabber through a third party, having the grabber send the fax to a public access machine in a third city and then having it relayed by a friend to you, and having the test stolen in a city in which you had no direct connection.
It's a pretty simple plan and you could pay everybody off for less money than it would cost you to take a prep course.

Studying for the LSAT / Re: Reading Comp Experts HELP
« on: September 22, 2004, 08:44:34 PM »
My method may not be practical for a lot of people but it works for me (0-2 wrong on average).
I underline everything as I read it. I don't know why this works. I guess it keeps me actively engaged in the passage.
Anything I don't understand 100% I read again, and then again, if needed.
After I'm done reading the passage and before I even look at the questions I skim over the whole passage again to cement in my mind how the passage is structured so when I need to look back I can go straight to the information and don't have to spend a lot of time looking for it.
By the time I hit the questions I am very fimiliar with the passage and can pick out the correct answers pretty quickly.

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