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Choosing the Right Law School / Re: Miami...
« on: April 04, 2007, 06:46:21 PM »
I want to eventually practice law in the Miami area. I have been accepted to both UM and FSU. FSU is a better deal money wise, but do you guys think there are some serious advantages that UM has over FSU if you wish to stay in MIA?

well, this is just second hand info I am giving you, but it is what I heard over and over. Apparantly for working in Miami, UM is the strongest, or at least equal with the other 2, but not weaker.  People say that unless you want to work in Miami, don't go to UM, but for people like me and maybe you, that only want to work in Miami and nowhere else, UM's pull on non-Miami areas is irrevelant for me.  UF would have been cool if they accepted me, but honestly I don't think there is any way I will go to FSU even if they accept me. They are still Tier 2, and also they are in Tallahasee. From what I heard, it is very "southerny" down there, and that's not at all what I want. People tell me that Miami is basically the the NYC of the South east, and that is exactly what I wanted. NYC style living and atmosphere, without the crappy NYC weather. But keep in mind this is ALL second hand info, I have no idea how true any of it is.

Hi, my name is "read a book, forget money," and I too, was rejected by UF.  I went to FSU for UG so I can speak about Tallahassee and the Law School there.  I personally wouldn't be able to stand living there another three years---"Tallanasty" is actually what everyone I know called it.  If you want to do Gov't work, Environmental, or maybe parlay your JD into a job in ATL (b/c Tally is basically South Georgia), going to FSU wouldn't be too bad.  The law school's nice and literally next door to an appeals court and down the street from the Capital.

Miami is where the action is and even though ranked higher and cheaper, FSU and UF don't have the location advantage that UM does.

Choosing the Right Law School / Re: Miami...
« on: April 04, 2007, 05:43:06 PM »
Yeah, housing was number one on my list...I'm actually thinking about moving to Miami in May so I can hunt for the good deals...I hear they get snatched up pretty quickly so I'd recommend everyone do what they can now.

Does anyone know when they are distributing the roommate matching list?

I think at the end of april and then again 30 days after with an updated list

Thanks..I figured it wouldn't be anytime before the seat deposit deadline...that's the only way they'd be able to weed out those not attending.

Incoming 1Ls / Re: Univ. of Miami anyone?
« on: April 03, 2007, 08:21:26 PM »
Do you recall the square footage of the condos that are within walking distance?  Or at least can we ask the size of yours? 

Choosing the Right Law School / Re: Miami...
« on: April 03, 2007, 08:17:15 PM »
Yeah, housing was number one on my list...I'm actually thinking about moving to Miami in May so I can hunt for the good deals...I hear they get snatched up pretty quickly so I'd recommend everyone do what they can now.

Does anyone know when they are distributing the roommate matching list?

not to be shallow or anything but i actually thought there would be more typical south florida girls at the ASW...

Me too!  I'm hoping the typical S. Florida girls are already sold and didn't need to attend ASW...

Now that you mention it, I knew a large portion of law students at UM are from out of state but it was actually more than I expected.

lol, not to be mean, but i think all of you who are negative towards UM and it's ASW are kind of nutty! you really didn't think the campus was amazing? it's not like i haven't visited other schools, prestigious ones like princeton, georgetown, columbia, gw, american, etc--and i was blown away by UM. and sure, some of the profs were boring, but three were very engaging, one was the dean and had to be there, and the other dude wasn't bad, it was just late in our attention span and right before lunch.

considering that they had to scramble because in the last week, tons of students suddenly said they're showing up for ASW, i think they pulled everything off rather well. they weren't planning to do the panels in the acoustical nightmare that was the gym but there were too many people. they weren't planning on separating the guests from the students, but again, too many people and much too late to tell the caterers. plus, if you can't sit down and meet new people, i don't think that's the school's fault. we're adults now, we should be able to make small-talk with other adults, and we shouldn't expect to be entertained by the alumni. if you were bored or had questions about "why UM", you had your chance to ask.

and the coral gables area not being very nice? um, i thought the multi-million dollar homes all over the place were damned nice. sure, if you stayed only on US1, which is like a highway, you're not going to have nice residential homes and anything besides strip malls. but wander five minutes away from there bordering the other three sides of UM (i know because we drove all around), and it's reeeeeally nice.

i can't remember what else everybody said. i'm usually a pessimist, but i honestly was sold by ASW. i didn't want to nitpick on everything because it seemed like a beautiful university with genuinely friendly students and faculty. it also seems like if you do the work, you can find that job you want, wherever you want. what more are you looking for?

In terms of evaluating my choices of where to enroll, I feel exactly the same now as I did before going to ASW.  I'm familiar with FL and the Miami area, and basically wasn't shown anything that I didn't already know.  So in that sense, I was unimpressed.  I realize that a large portion of this is going to have to be solved by me and UM can only do so much.  It's just that I was hoping for something to happen to get me off the fence.  Isn't that the point of ASW, particularly when its held before the seat deposit deadline?

Did I really think the campus was amazing?  NO.  But amazing means so many different things to many different people.  Also, Bittersweet, I'm 90% sure you didn't mean your statement this way, but I have to ask anyway.  Are you saying that there is a direct correlation between prestige of school and campus appeal???  Take Yale for instance- New Haven blows.  I really hope this isn't what you meant, but again, thought I'd ask.

Yes some of the profs were boring and some were great.  Its like this at every school.  I'm merely saying that its an instance where I was looking to be sold, and wasn't...

You bring up an interesting point about them scrambling to pull things off rather well.  Here's an interesting question, Why didn't they make the RSVP deadline earlier- as a way to give them more time?  It's not like ASW hasn't happened before.  In terms of space and accomodating guests, I can make allowances.  The time in between the RSVP deadline and the actual event, I cannot.  And yes, I realize that they only have a small window to schedule these due to the nature of the beast that is the law school admissions cycle. 

I was exchanging phone numbers and email addresses during breakfast and received business cards from the alums seated at my table so I didnt have a problem talking to anyone. I was looking to find a potential roommate and definitely want a job after graduation so I definitely made sure I was as outgoing as possible. Honestly, I did ask the question "Why UM" to alumni, current, and prospective students. 

In terms of Coral Gables being nice, I was definitely happy about the area.  The cost of living not so much, but again, I already knew what to expect.  BTW, when I break down the budget numbers UM has on their website(not sure where, my Dad actually is the one that found it), it budgets about $890 a month if living off campus with a 12-month lease.  My question to all is, do you thing you'll be able to live within this number? 

Expanding a little bit more about the Law School's surrounding area, I think determining its attractiveness is extremely subjective so let's all keep that in mind.  I personally have said over and over again that I am a huge fan of Coral Gables, Coconut Grove, and South Miami....

Also, US1 is congested but like I said in another post, it seems like you can take lots of backroads to avoid it altogether. 

One thing that I think is worth mentioning is the following: I was a little uneasy when we (on the Housing Bus Tour) drove through "bad" area of Coconut Grove. I don't know actual crime statistics and maybe the tour guide does, maybe he doesn't but nonetheless, I was uneasy.  And I was uneasy because this area just happened to be the one that had the largest amount of African- Americans walking around.  When I see African- Americans, I don't automatically associate that with it being a dangerous situation.  It can be argued that some do....I just found my self struggling with trying to determine if he said this because there are African- Americans walking around or if it was actully a dangerous neighborhood.

NOTE:  I'm not saying that by pointing this area out as bad means that anyone is rascist.  If it actually is dangerous AND also does have a proportionately larger percentage of African- American residing there than in other areas surrounding the school, then this is unfortunate.  I'm ok with it if its true, but it just makes me a little uneasy when I'm on a tour bus (with HUGE glass windows) and I see every prospective student and his/her parent react to driving through this neighborhood and the guide's comments.  It was just something I observed and it wasn't like the guide made a big deal out of it.  Just thought I'd share.  Hope you guys don't mind.

Bittersweet I agree with your last paragraph.  The school does seem like it has a good quality of life and the students seem to be enjoying themselves.  I'm familiar with South Florida and definitely know that with good grades.  I can do well for myself. 

As you can see, I wasn't concise at all.  Hope everyone doesn't mind.  Look at it this way, UM or otherwise, we ALL have to get used to the reading.

I'm gonna get back to dinner now...Im eating Thai with peanuts, so YES I guess I am kinda NUTTY!!   

Choosing the Right Law School / Re: Miami...
« on: April 03, 2007, 08:59:12 AM »
I liked Valencia too...close to the law school and $1600 for a furnished 2/2 condo!!! Sucks its so dangerous.  I may suck it up though and stay there anyway.

I was accepted around Christmas time and my scholarship letter came at the end of January, so about 3 weeks later.  My deadline was April 2nd.

I can't quite remember how large the library was...When I say small, I mean more in square footage- not so much in regard to the number of floors.  UM couldn't have asked for a better day temperture wise, so I'm sure some students were studying outside by a lake, pool, or beach.

In terms of who was helpful......I was stopped by Therese Lambert ( I think that spelling is correct) and she was helpful....Also, Brenda Brown in the Financial Aid office seemed really knowledgeable and willing to answer questions.

When I re-read my posts, it seems as if I'm anti UM...I am not...I actually may end up there in the fall...I was just merely saying, I wasn't totally impressed.

Sorry for the first post...the text is a little small and it has more of a stream of conscious feel to it, but at this point, I don't feel like modifying it.

A few other observations I noticed:

-The current students didn't seem too competitive..I think its because most like South Florida and know that with decent grades, they can get a decent job.
-They included one alum one the Career Services Panel that doesn't practice, but rather started a non- profit during her 1L year.  She said the Law School was very supportive and I believe helped her secure grants.  I thought it was really a nice touch to let her talk about "alternative" options a UM law degree might provide.  She didn't seem like she was starving either, and frequently referred to herself as a self- starter and entrepreneur.  In contrast, the lady on the far left if looking at the stage, was terrible.  She told us her entire life story and actually mentioned that in the beginning of her career, and even now, she considered leaving the city because she didn't like what she was doing.  This changed, she said, everytime she got a new job but eventually came back.  That's all well and good, but WHY would you say that when you are trying to persuade students to come to your school?
-In terms of the admitted students, there seemed to be two distinct groups.  I tried to get a feel for both seated around me during discussions and from those in my group.  The groups were those straight from UG and those with a few years work experience.  Those coming straight from UG were alot harder to converse with.  They seemed to get a kick out of the tour guide on the bus tour pointing out every liquor store we passed and its hours.  The other group, which I'm apart of didn't have a problem with this, it's just that other issues were more pressing.  I'm sure there were older students there, but I couldn't really tell because alot of people brought their parents. 
-"Smart Casual," means nothing to most people.  Some were dressed like they just woke up.  This doesn't really add or take away from feelings I have about the weekend, but thought I'd add it b/c a few were curious about how the term was defined in weeks leading up to the event.
-Area around the Law School was great.  Convenient to Dadeland Mall (one of the country's busiest), restaurants, other boutique shops, downtown Miami and downtown Coconut Grove, a hospital, and a metro. 
-US1 seems congested....Basically I-95 ends at the border of Downtown Miami and Coconut Grove and turns into a three lane road when, in reality, there needs to be more lanes compensating for the traffic.
-The event didn't really seem to impress most people because the Career Services panel was poorly attended.  Maybe those people went home or maybe the took a long break, who knows.
-In the financial aid discussion, someone asked, "for those of us who haven't received notification of a scholarship, is there any chance this may come later.  I ask because scholarship acceptance deadlines, for those that received money, are due on the 2nd.  If a student foregoes his/her scholarship, is that money able to be allocated to another student?"  The answer was.........NO!
-$53K/yr is steep!!!!!!!

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