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I think it was an email sent out to everyone on the waitlist.  Seemed pretty generic and said that if those people who had remained on the waitlist had already made final plans to let them know.  They are probably trying to find out who has stayed on the waitlist and who has serious intentions of attending if offered a spot.  I think they should have sent this out awhile ago though since everything seems to be coming down to the last minute!

Darlinalexi-Are you gonna stay on and hold out a bit longer or have you decided to just wait until next year?

Yep, I got it.

Nancy-Thanks, yeah it was hard especially because I'm so young and an only child.  :-\

Darlinalexi- The actual number came up on my cell phone and Southwestern Law came up on my home phone's caller id.  I hope you hear something soon!

See the thing is, I'm only 21 so still covered under my dad's insurance as long as I'm a full time student.  I'd really like to keep that insurance until I'm 23 if possible.  I didn't want to go to law school part time but said I'd consider it at Southwestern since it was my top choice.  After they called me today, I called my insurance to find out exactly what classifies as "full time" and they don't have a credit amt (ie 12 credits a semester) they just said they have to have a letter from the school saying you are enrolled full-time.  So, if Southwestern can offer me a full time spot I would prefer that for many reasons, and if they can't then I'll have to decide if it's worth just waiting a year and reapplying or finding new insurance-which I know my dad doesn't like the idea of.  So, I'll just wait and see what they tell me.  Thanks for the info though Nancy, I might have to check it out!  My mom died of breast cancer a couple months ago so insurance is super important now more than ever for my dad haha...well, as it should be for everyone I guess.  Anyways, I'm crossing my fingers that none of this will even be necessary and they will offer me a full time spot.  Thanks for the help!

NewKirk- Yes, I had FT as 1 and PT as 2.

Well I just got a call back and the admissions guy said that they would be reviewing all of my file either Friday or Monday so he will call me by Wednesday of next week with a decision.  Ahhh!  This wait is killing me.  I just wish I could have a yes or no already!  I'll let you know what happens.

Oh wow!  Congrats on Loyola!  I hope I get that spot too haha!  Good luck next year  :)

I can transfer after a year but it will take 3.5 to graduate then.  I talked to them a lot and with insurance stuff it would be hard to do part time so they are checking for a full time spot right now.  They should be calling me back either by the end of today or early tomorrow.  I'm soooooo nervous, like pacing around frantically and shaking and omg now im rambling haha.  Wish me luck!

I just got a call offering me a Part-Time spot  ???...ugh, now I have some decisions to make.

Aww, Nancy I'm sorry to hear that- I hope everything works out for you.

I wasn't really wanting a part-time positions but I might consider it if it was all I was offered.  I have a few things that I would need to figure out such as insurance.  I'm only 21 so still under my parents insurance but if I'm not a full-time student that changes so I would need to figure that out.  Also, I'd want to make sure that I could transfer to full-Time the following and be able to take summer school or something to allow me to graduate in 3 years.  So hopefully I'll just get a full time spot and won't have to worry about all that other stuff!

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