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Current Law Students / Re: Software and Internet Law Hornbook?
« on: November 15, 2008, 09:19:30 PM »
I've also like to know if anyone knows of a good Internet hornbook, btw WORST CLASS EVER (to me at least  :P)

Do you know when you are moving out there yet?

Yeah, finding housing was the worst part for me!  I just had to realize that in order to be in a safe area with a decent apartment I was going to have to pay a bit more than I wanted.  What are your plans-keep looking or just wait until you get out there? 

Darlinalexi- Have you found a place to live yet?  Also, have you received your username/password for the email and assignments yet?

Anyone on here going to be a 2L or 3L at Southwestern?  If so, I have a couple questions for you!  Thanks!

Sure!  I just went there yesterday and took a tour and it's REALLY nice.  Plus, if you sign a 12 month lease you get a month free-which helps a bit.  Have you looked around a lot for a place to live Fred?  I spent literally all day yesterday, looked at tons of places and for me this was by far the best.  The area wasn't my favorite but I figured I'm close to school and can walk so that's all that really matters.  Good luck finding a place!

Darlinalexi-Do you have a place to live yet?

Studios are $1449, but go up depending on your location in the building.  Rent is high but I spent all day looking yesterday and everything is at least that much if not more-if you want a safe area with a half way decent apartment. 

I'm living at the brand new apartments right across from Southwestern, they are called Wilshire Vermont Station-you might want to look into them.  Their website is

So I've decided that I will be attending Southwestern Part-Time this fall.  I really wanted full-time but after talking to admissions today they informed me that no decisions will me made until the very end of July/beginning of August and I just can't wait that long to find housing and move.  Also there was no guarantee that I would be able to still have a part time spot if not offered a full time one.  So I figured, why jeopordize an opportunity when I can just go part time and then transfer to full time next year.  So now I have to find an apartment in LA!  Anyone have any suggestions? 

Darlin- I really hope everything works out for the best and that you get a place at Southwestern this year!  Do you know where you would live if you do get in?  It sucks waiting around like this.  I am currently in California on vacation and I would LOVE it if they would give me a real decision about the FT soon so I could find an apartment while I'm here.

But eitherway I hope they let you know something soon. 

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