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If a foreign national student returns to his native country without ever taking the bar, he or she will lower his law program's "bar passage rate" score

That's not true. The bar passage rate is calculated as the percentage of people who sat for the bar, not as a percentage of people who graduated.

Kratzy, I would love to hear more from you. It sounds like you have finished law school? If so: how was it to find a job in the US with a US law degree, but with a noticeable accent?

What were the differences between the three schools you attended? And did you find you had more trouble getting through the reading material in time, as compared to other students who were native speakers of English?

Great work, ColumbiaJD, this is very helpful to us incoming students. Thank you for your effort.

I was wondering about this:

Another large chunk of the class takes advantage of Columbia's guaranteed public interest funding and does some sort of domestic or international public interest.

Is public-interest funding also guaranteed for the Summer after 1L? (Somehow I had the impression it was 2L-only.) How does it work?

Law School Admissions / Re: All quiet on the Harvard Front
« on: May 19, 2007, 08:56:59 AM »
Rejection arrived here too. For once the mail was fast. (Mailed May 16th, arrived today.)

Good luck to anyone still on the line!

NYU: very friendly.
Columbia's admissions are really nice on the phone also. Their financial-aid office, however, is very rude and curt. Admittedly, I'm not so good on the phone in English (I'm not used to making phone calls in English), so I probably sounded like an idiot, but still.

But why do you need to explain it? You resigned right? People resign from their jobs all the time: because they find a better job, because they get bored with the job, because they are moving away, etc.

Interesting, Dagny. I had never heard of it, but I'm going to read it now. What is it about the book that you find scary?

Law School Admissions / Re: All quiet on the Harvard Front
« on: May 17, 2007, 12:04:01 AM »
Thank you, hatemyjob! Please let us know also if the news is good.   :)

Law School Admissions / Re: All quiet on the Harvard Front
« on: May 16, 2007, 03:49:30 PM »
Unless it's a waitlist.

Whatever it is, we're very likely in the same boat, as foreign number twins with the same major.

I'm not sure you can specifically apply for them.  Pre-enrollment anyway.

Another question about scholarships. Columbia seems to have VERY many different prizes: in recognition of the best students, the almost-best students, the best student in a particular course, the best essay on a particular topic, etc. Are these prizes there for resume purposes, or do they entail some sort of scholarship also?

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