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Thanks, Jem. On TLS it sounds like everyone has heard back already.   :-\

Has anyone else not heard his/her housing assigment yet?

Yes, I was a bit alarmed at reading this link:
(scroll down to Step 8.)

I'm surprised. The information the university sent me did specifically warn against giving them the impression that you want to stay. And with law of course it's quite difficult not to give that impression.

In that case, I have some questions for you:
1. Did they ask you to prove that you are going to return to Norway after law school?
2. (If so:) What did you say?

I really don't know how to answer that sort of question. At this point I'm not planning to stay in the US forever, but I'm not sure I will want to return to Europe right out of law school either. Law school is something quite country specific. If you answer "I'd like to be able to work for the EU or UN" (my honest answer), they will probably ask why you don't study law in Europe. (EU is not applicable for Norway of course.)

What did they ask you, and what did you say?

(I'm in the Netherlands.)

ě, I'm surprised it went so fast for you. In what country are you?

I don't have a visa yet, but so far it has taken me two weeks from submission of documents to the notice (today) that they sent the I-20 form. Two more weeks till the first available time slot at the consulate. Then another few days for the visa to arrive. All in all about 5 weeks, which isn't bad, but you can't start that process in August if you want to arrive in the US on time.

I don't know the details, but I've heard it's possible to switch schools WHILE YOU ARE on an F-1 or J-1 visa. What you may be able to do is apply for a visa for your second-choice school, then convert it to a visa for your first-choice school in case you are accepted off the waitlist.

I don't know whether this would in fact be faster or not, but it may be worth investigating.

Thank you, CJD.

That's good news. I'm not opposed to hard work, but some law-school books just make you scared. So, to ask a bit further about time issues:

- If you make a good plan and stick to it, it should be possible to have a free weekend every now and then?

More questions:

- How many hours do you work per day, or week? Is there any time left at all for non-school activities?
- Do you live in Columbia housing? If so: how is it?

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