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LOL no I'm in Naperville but the thing is although the EXPRESS train is only 35 minutes like I said you have to account for the drive/ bus ride to the train station (also parking is extremely difficult in most cases) and then the walk to your final destination. I'm out the door at 7:30 in the morning every day (catching the EXPRESS train) and I get to work just before nine --- that's about is quick of a commute as possible.

I'm in at DePaul ($$$) and Loyola (no $ yet), and deferred at Kent (I figure I should get into their night program at least).

Anyways, I'm thinking if I live in Chicago I'll probably commute from the burbs to school (1.5 to 2 hrs each way when you tally it all up - ride to train, train ride, walk, etc - but it is possible to do some studying via laptop) 

Housing is fairly expensive in the city but I guess it is an option eventually. Even at that, some ppl have advised me that an actual campus for l.s. can be very nice b/c you can get to hanging out at the library first thing in the morning etc... also could be good to get out of the house...

Right now, I don't have options away from home that are as good of reputations as those in the city: I'm in @ Gonzaga and Marquette among others, those are probably the best atm, though Marquette is urban too, I would live right by campus.... Potentially the best options could be U of Oregon, Case Western, Miami, or if any of the several "less liklies" (e.g. lots of Big 10 Schools) come through. 

Another big consideration is getting a job when I get out: Will I have a hard time marketing myself, for example, if I go to Oregon, and try and land a job in another city (possibly back in Chicago)? Are the odds that I would all in all have a better shot at a better job if I stuck around in Chicago just because it is a superior market? I know ppl say that you might get stuck in the area of a "regional" school - I'm unsure, however, whether this is (a) the economic "stuck to the region" function they say it is or if (b) it is simply b/c most ppl were from that region or just plan on staying in that region to bein with, and in actuality, if it is a halfway decent T2 school, anyone with a decent amount of ambition and good marks can find jobs in many different regions.

I'm interested in ANY perspective.

I'm thinking also of visiting U of O before I even have gotten my acceptance letter, and meeting w/ admissions. They have this big environmental law conference coming up soon. Is that a rediculous idea: throwing down $750 before I know I'm in to go visit? Will it help my chances? I think their numbers are just about the same as DePaul... but who knows what they will think... had a good conversation w/ the Asst. Director of Admission today.


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