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Alright 2Ls to be - how many employers are listed on your Symplicity page? Obviously there are multiple offices in there but I think last year, including multiple offices, we were at 580 or so.

There are 88 listed for 3Ls, but only 30 unique employers and several specifically say "informational interviews only."

OCI = Have mercy on your soul

Hooray for the newly selected Chicago Scalia clerk.

Hopefully chicago gets a few more that term as well.

Someone told me a few months ago that was one to watch for SCOTUS and apparently they were right. Who else might have a shot - JB -> AK?

I hate that the class schedule doesn't come out until so late. I'm trying to plan things other than school and it sucks that we don't know until right before classes start. (Assuming I go to class this year.)

OCI = Have mercy on your soul.

yep, at at a firm; just glad to be done with school things finally.

submitted my last spring quarter paper today; hello summer!

summer = okay; ready to get back to Chicago and not be working again though - I'm going to enjoy the 7 weeks off before school starts.

Financial Aid / Re: Family to support but considering law school
« on: June 21, 2009, 07:09:35 PM »
Those updated tuition numbers should make you think a little more about this. The legal industry is in a lot of flux right now and there is a vast oversupply with the demand of lawyers out there. There are enough threads out there debating this so I won't start another, but really consider your debt load and what you expect to be doing when law school is over. If going PT is an option, then consider that. If you can work on your application and get in to a better school, then possibly do that. If I were you and had a family, I wouldn't be in a rush to go to school this fall. I'd wait a year and see what happens. Are salaries going to contract, etc... think about it a lot.

Financial Aid / Re: Family to support but considering law school
« on: June 21, 2009, 11:48:26 AM »
The short answer is that YES - the school will reconsider you for an adjusted cost of living based on your family size. If your spouse is employed full-time and/or a full-time student, then you can also receive additional certification for childcare, etc... but consider all of the loans that you're taking on.

What level of school is this? $11K/year for tuition isn't bad, but if you tack on another $30K/year in living expenses, you're at a T14 debt level without necessarily the same job prospects.

PSA Rising 2Ls: if you aren't top 1/3, drop out now. That is all.

Wait until after OCI. Then drop out. That's what I'm doing!

As for the list sent out by OCS, I agree with Mr. Buffet.

True, true - as long as you have an offer by the last day to get a full tuition refund, then I agree with nerfco.

Nah, they gave out a similar list last summer too, with what cities people are in during the summer.

Oh, boy.  Now I can call random people I don't even know -- surely, it's not like I already had the contact info of people I care about!

Meh, it could be useful if you're one of just a few people in a city.

I have to disagree unless you can find said list. We got a school directory list around December and then we got the "who worked where" list at this same point last year with all of the firms on it. They completely cheaped out this year.

And where the hell is OCS? I'm glad to see that Harvard had the sense to email their 3Ls (see ATL) while ours was asleep at the switch.

PSA Rising 2Ls: if you aren't top 1/3, drop out now. That is all.

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