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I was surprised by this.

Is that because people think the clerkship market is going to be more competitive? Or what?

For a variety of reasons but mainly that a clerkship is a great way to wait out the job market if you're deferred/no-offered. Additionally, a number of people in our class had no jobs to get deferred/no-offered from this summer, so why not? I imagined ITE that more marginal candidates would apply, even if it was to less competitive clerkships like magistrates, etc...

Multiple choice question:

The number of 2010 (current 3Ls) applying for clerkships this cycle is:

A. Up by 50%+
B. Up by 25-50%
C. Up by 0-25%
D. Same or less than last year


Yeah, stay positive - I imagine firms are being a little more cautious with callbacks and maybe won't extend them until they finish interviewing at the other T6 schools in the next few weeks.

I definitely got a callback last year 2+ weeks after the OCI even though I heard that other people had already heard from this firm. The person who called said they wanted the same partners who had interviewed on-campus to make the calls and he had been out of town immediately after for a week and didn't get a chance to call.

course schedule is up doods and doodettes!

How's OCI going guys?

When the hell is our schedule coming out? Pontus said early to mid-August and I would say the 18th of August is decidedly nearing the END of August.

(And oh man, E-Pos and Ben-Shahar for contracts?)

incoming 1L here - anyone want to elaborate on how bad this is?  survival tips?

They exaggerate. You might like it. Lots of people do.

It's more the ideological one-two punch that Hipcat was speaking of, I'm guessing. It's a heavily law&econ combo, and Ks is weird enough as is. I think it's great that that Omri is first quarter. It's better for the 1Ls to have a non-Socratic type early, before they all learn to shut up and speak only when spoken to. My only survival tip for Omri is to read and try to understand the Restatement and UCC provisions when they're assigned.

L&E - better to have two L&E heavy profs than one IMO. You've got to learn the stuff if you're going to do well at this school so you might as well get indoctrinated early on.

(And oh man, E-Pos and Ben-Shahar for contracts?)

incoming 1L here - anyone want to elaborate on how bad this is?  survival tips?

They exaggerate. You might like it. Lots of people do.

Or you might not. In that case, killself and save the tuition money.

Just kidding, you'll be fine. We all had prof combos as 1Ls that we didn't like but we all got through it. I thought E Pos was a median level professor and can't comment on the other one.

I call on your collective knowledge once again! Please assign the following classes a numerical value for probable difficulty of subject matter: 1 being easiest and 10 being hardest

Administrative Law
Con Law I
Federal Jurisdiction
Federal Regulation of Securities
Trademarks and Unfair Competition

I imagine I'll be taking some combination of these next semester. No evidence? Hmmm....

Antitrust is a challenging class and can have a TON of reading depending on who teaches it. I took it last year with Crane (visitor, went to Michigan) and it was a great class but he said it can be difficult to understand AT without really understanding the details of the cases so our average reading load was probably 25-30 pages per class. Admittedly I didn't end up finishing all of the reading and still did fine in the class, but it's definitely something to think of.

I wouldn't recommend taking Securities unless you're taking it concurrently with Corporations (or if you've had Corps before). I took all 3 Henderson classes last year (Securities, Corps and M&A) and Securities was my least favorite. I think Henderson does a good job with it but the material is INCREDIBLY dry. I can't imagine anyone making it that much more interesting than him but it's pretty boring stuff.

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