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I heard a rumor that Mortara sets the median at 174.  He aims to separate the future CoA clerks from the posers.  Many people earn 173-5s, and a few hit 185s.

Yeah, so thats not correct. None of those sentences are correct, actually. So... yeah.

What's your opinion about the Chemerinsky book? $50 is a lot of cash but I don't mind if it's helpful.

Good tip, thanks. I'm still looking forward the class a lot but I'm not thrilled with the utter certainty of my low grade.

I'll explain it this way: 

If you are a person who is happy to learn the material on your own, knowing that class will be a discussion of arcane minutiae between gunners (and you probably fit this label) and the professor, and thinks this outweighs open grade deflation, then you might enjoy taking it from one professor.

If you think it is a difficult subject and you would like to really understand it by the end of the quarter through a professor who explains clearly and leads well-focused class discussion, but with less theory, then you might enjoy taking it from the other.

There are people who fall into both camps.  I chose...poorly.

SB: Chemerinsky book useful for Mortara or just the casebook?

So pontus's emails are disappointing.

First, obviously, best of luck to him at the U dub.

Second, since masur's admin class is remaining in its winter timeslot head to head with strauss's fed jur, which of the preferable pairing?

Fall admin gersen, winter fed jur strauss
winter admin masur, fall fed jur mortara
one this year & cross fingers about timing for 3L

I'd do Mortara/Masur but whatever you decide I wouldn't count on anything working 3L year if you're that interested in it.

Unrelated question: what is the credited supplement for Con Law I—even though I know Huq hasn't taught here before—and Con Law III? Just the Aspen Chemerinsky book?

I've never gotten into the supplement thing. Are they useful?

Highly depends on the class.

I think Chemerinsky is TCR if you're going to get one but I've never taken Con Law so what do I know.

Yeah...seriously life has always been in chicago, I didn't even apply to any non-midwest I REALLY want to go to Yale (I dont think H or S would be worth the hassle for a negligibly more marketable degree). I am wondering how difficult that would be.

I'm seeing bottom 1/3 in your future. Relax a bit and your chances might improve.

Congrats - very cool.

2010ers - any good clerkship news yet (other than Anon)?

Chicago cabs are required to accept CCs, so you always have that failsafe.

Yeah I know, but I'd hate to sit parked in HP at 1am waiting for some cabbie to run my CC.

Thanks guys; I'm being reimbursed for the ride so I don't care what it costs but I want to make sure I have enough cash on hand.

Cab from OHare to HP - how much?

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