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Well, I don't think living in Metairie constitutes having a "bunker mentality."
I went to undergrad in Los Angeles and lived in South Central LA. My roommate got mugged and we saw a dead body being taken away by an ambulance once. For a young, single guy it's fine to live in that kind of place I guess, but I'm in my late 20's now and have a fiancee from another country who doesn't really know America very well, so I'm going to skip the hassle of living in the city center. I still intend to take advanyage of what New Orleans has to offer.

BTW, what is the parking situation on campus?

Uptown New Orleans != South Central LA.  I live 60 feet a away from a home that recently sold for $850k.  I walk down Carrollton every day to eat/drink/buy groceries.  There was a purse-snatching down the street that made it into the local Carrollton newsletter.  I'm not saying you shouldn't think about these kind of things but in my two years in New Orleans I've never seen: a dead body, a shooting, a mugging, a robbery, etc.  I've also never purchased crack, walked through a terrible neighborhood while intoxicated, etc.  Come visit - if you still want the suburbs, well, I'd be shocked.

My fiance, whom I've never once felt was unsafe in New Orleans, literally LOLed when she read your post.

Thanks. I've been to New Orleans, but don't really know the city all that well. That having been said, I have some friends who went to Tulane and it seems like robberies around the Tulane area are not uncommon.
I do have a car.
I'm also looking at Gretna and River Ridge. Anyone know those areas?

We've parked an easy to rob Accord on our street every night for two years - no crime.  NOLA's property crime rate isn't notably high (and is lower than a number of large cities).  Robberies are not that uncommon in any densely populated area - you will miss out on the best part of NOLA if you live in the suburbs.

That said, each of the suburbs you listed are functional.  Your commute will be between 20 minutes to 1.3 hours depending on traffic.

My question is WHY DO YOU GUYS PUT UP WITH IT? Iíve never been to NYC maybe I would understand if I had. But why do you guys stay with the uncertainty of the legal profession, the layoffs, the crappy hours, the high cost of living, the taxes, the astronomical rents, being target city number one for every terrorist out there, the traffic, not being able to own a car, I guess I just donít see the attraction vs. the hassels. What is it that makes so many lawyers want to live and work there? Granted we donít pay $160 to start, but market is $120 and that will buy you a lot in cities like Denver or Phoenix or Houston.

The majority of Houston biglaw either 145 or 160.

Do you already have a job waiting for you that you are comfortable with?

If so, you will regret it.

Otherwise you will only regret it occasionally.

Current Law Students / Re: Grammar Question
« on: July 01, 2009, 08:58:06 AM »
That shouldn't be on your resume.

Not unless you are an URM.

163+ for a shot at tier one.

Current Law Students / Re: Do these things happen in law school?
« on: June 29, 2009, 07:51:16 PM »
1. 'I-am-too-smart-for-this class/school' kids in class who always interrupts the class by 'participating too much'(often talking nonsense)

2. Drunk people(usually asleep) in class (I once belonged to this category, meh  Tongue)

3. Macho dudes demonstrating their manliness by engaging in public fist-fighting

4. People wearing pajamas/underwears to class

5.People who literally lives inside of the library and the frustrated librarian lady

6. The ones that never show up in class but still manages to get by

7. Your neighbor who always seems to be high

8. Porn-watchers in the library

1. Yes, but it's not the rule.

2. Haven't seen it

3. Haven't seen it

4. Pajamas yes, underwear no

5. Yes, depending on how literally you construe literally

6. Yes. A good friend of mine never goes to class but was top 1/3.

7. Haven't seen any high people at school

It's obvious that you watch porn in the library.

Incoming 1Ls / Re: Two Years Later - Real Life Law Students
« on: June 26, 2009, 12:00:09 PM »
cool info, random, but cool. did you just call these peeps out of the blue?

We all gchat/facebook somewhat often.

Law School Admissions / U of Illinois Scandal - Interesting Quote
« on: June 26, 2009, 11:50:51 AM »
I wanted to give you a brief update on where the incoming class stands. Our initial seat deposit deadline was this past Friday. I will send you a much more official and detailed breakdown once we are a little farther along. We received 175 deposits. The current numbers are 168/166/161 and 3.68/3.46/3.15. All improvements over last year except the 25th LSAT. The class is currently 42% female, 9.71% African American and 11.43% Latino. We have at least 10-15 spots to fill and we have a waitlist of over 500 people right now.

A few of those spots will be filled with SI admits [redacted] but the rest give us some flexibility. I plan on going after some of the top women on the waitlist (who have both numbers above the medians). After that I will go after women with high GPAís and decent LSATís (164-162). I feel confident that we can have a class of 185 with a 168/166/162 and 3.75/3.50/3.15 with 44% women, 9% African American and 11% Latino. We also managed to spend about $300,000 less in scholarship than last year.

For the record, I have spoken with adcoms who do not seem to have such a numeric view on law school admissions.

Job Search / Re: ITT You Help Bears Get A Job
« on: June 25, 2009, 08:17:48 AM »
Would you suggest sending the materials on plain white or cotton resume/business paper? I used the pricey stuff for 1L summer mailings but was wondering if firms actually prefer regular paper...

I think thin-ish white cotton paper is probably the credited answer.  Obviously send it in a full-length envelope.

Full length?! Regular business envelopes are a no go?! :(

Which do you prefer to read: paper with large creases or paper without large creases?
I suppose the creaseless paper, but resume envelopes tend to be regular business size, and common practice seems to be to send regular envelopes.

So what's the credited thing to do then? Big manila envelope probably isn't that great either...

Professional class white mailers are available at Staples and Office Depot.

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