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Incoming 1Ls / Brush with the Law - Read it 0Ls
« on: January 07, 2008, 02:39:09 PM »
Simply amazing.

"An insipid book filled with vapid and annoying composite characters who, collectively, have not one shred of concern about anything or anyone except themselves.  The authors, embodying a set of values that allow them to @#!* anyone (literally as well as figuratively) for any reason, or no reason, are soulless slackers who exemplify everything that is wrong with the legal profession."

Incoming 1Ls / ITT: 10 Important Reminders for Idiot 0Ls + 1 New Reminder
« on: December 21, 2007, 10:50:23 AM »
1) Moving to law school is going to cost a lot of money ($2-5k), please start saving now.

2) Don't live on campus, its even lame at the BIG-H.

3) Quit your job two months early, because you will hate yourself if you don't.

4) Don't be a NonTrad.

5) Don't prep for law school in any way, use the money for booze.

6) Check to see what chain restaurants have not penetrated your new location, and eat at them every day until your departure.

7) Pack away all business clothing, bring only pjs and tshirts for your first semester.

8 ) Explain to your friends that within a year you will become lame (even lamer than before), and that you enjoyed the time you spent with them.

9) Have a checkup at the doctor, check for prostate/cervical cancer.  (because it seems a lot of law students have something stuck up their ass/sandincensoredword)

10) Fortify liver.


11) Most undergrad grant+loans (grants combined with loans - Ivies + SuperLibs pay attention) - even those awarded on merit - generally can not be deferred during law school.  (lol oops)

Month 1: I met new people, enjoyed being made fun of by professors & 2Ls (the 3Ls stopped going to class by the second week).  I did most of my reading, briefed cases, even started an outline.  I went to lame 'bar reviews' - because I wanted to 'network' with my classmates.  Felt prestigious just being in law school. 

Month 2: I was still doing some reading, no more briefs - but sometimes notes, outlines were not touched.  I went to lame bar reviews - for the free hooch.  I got socratic-ed and hadn't done the reading, I attempted to BS through it - not successful.  Realize the socratic method is pretty much junk - would be better if they lectured and asked for volunteers (law school is filled with douches that want to show off their "smarts").  Watched more netflix than ever, played video games.  Found out LRW was graded, went into week long drinking binge.  I pretty much hate the chores of law school by now - kinda wish I hadn't come.

Month 3: Hated the strict guidelines of the closed memo, spent the six hours before class doing it.  Stopped going to bar reviews - because I liked one bar more than others, and was not hurting for money.  Got closed memo back - did pretty well, still hated the memo process.  Started missing class, not all the time - but probably 20% of class for a few weeks.  Kept reading - because some of it is actually pretty interesting.  Stopped taking notes at all. 

Month 4: Turned in open memo - figure I will get pretty much the same grade.  Still pissed off about strict memo guidelines - while you memo in real life - it isn't anything like what we had to do.  Hate graded LRW - absurd.  Went to most of my classes - by this time the professors had dropped the socratic bs and the classes became much more interesting.  Exams came up - I actually enjoy this a lot more.  I finally get to use some of this information in a stimulating way.  I change my opinion on law school for the better, but I am very excited at the prospect of winter break.

I have pretty much slacked all year, would be out at a bar - but exam is Monday and haven't cracked the book open in more than a few weeks.  Also while I stayed in to study - I am mostly drinking and playing video games.

Still - I can answer all your questions about law school, video games, alcohol, and life in general.


(I will be shamelessly bumping this thread until you ask me questions)

Incoming 1Ls / Emory - Career Services Broken?
« on: November 08, 2007, 08:51:16 AM »
Friend over there says career services office just crapped out, what's the deal?

Any other info?

There are quite a few 1Ls around the board, use this thread to ask us questions about Tulane, NOLA, etc.

If you have to ask if you should include your soft factor in your application, you should include it.

Please stop posting these questions...


Should I believe in AA?

Hey this is Mrs. Botbot

Today UTexas threw me a curve ball by offering a scholarship.  Total cost of UT is now less than $36,000.  Total cost of Tulane is about $50,000...

I am still 99% at Tulane next year, but I really wish I didn't open that stupid envelope.

UT trolls, convince me of its greatness!

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