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General Off-Topic Board / my crazy 1L job extravaganza
« on: April 24, 2008, 03:13:02 PM »
A few posters have been asking for some clarification given the variety of threads in the last few months.  Below is a condensed version of my 1L job hunt

  • December - sent out resumes+cls to all the firms I could see myself working for - 1 interview, all resulted in dings
  • January - went through the full af jag app process (lots of work - maybe too much)
  • February - hit up all my personal contacts
  • March - dinged at AF jag, didn't do a very good job selling why I wanted JAG vs other careers - very important as a 1L - also I was already on the fence as to whether or not I actually wanted to do it (still might)
  • March - contacts came back super strong, couple different interviews - accepted a great sa offer in the practice group I wanted - near market pay, great perks
  • Early April - flown out to the firm, wined & dined, etc - met with the partner that led the group - was a great time
  • Recently - the partner retired, practice group nuked, the firm in general is having issues - no position for me (and others)

I'll be fine, but certainly a hassle.

Alright exams are in two weeks - I have quite a bit of work to do AND I have picked out my exam time video game.

Things I must accomplish in two weeks:

Level 80 Meteorb Sorceress in Diablo II
Read Contracts II casebook and transcribe important stuff into statute book
Learn about covenants and refresh landlord/tenant stuff for property
Read a few hundreds pages of conlaw/chemerinsky
Take 3-5 practice exams for each test
Consume 4 lbs of coffee + 12 pack of 5 hr energy
Attend playoffs/sell extra tickets
Drink 1.5 liters of Scotch & .75 liters of Bourbon


Level 18 Meteorb
Printed off some stuff
Had coffee this morning + iced some extra
Tickets arrived in the mail


Currently fielding all questions...

General Off-Topic Board / It's been fun...
« on: April 13, 2008, 07:58:41 PM »
Gotta go.


Friend from high school who I hadn't spoken to since graduation.  Now attending UMiami law school at full price + massive COL.  He hopes to practice in Texas.  After completely striking out on the 1L internship/job hunt - he had to enroll in summer school so he could take out more loans.  He has undergrad debt.  He tells me that he is "doing well" - so I have no idea where he is in his class.


Friend from undergrad who I hadn't spoken to in 2-3 years.  Just graduated from Baylor Law.  Took full loans and graduated in 2.5 years.  Was on a secondary journal and moot court.  Graduated top 30%.  Couldn't find a (suitable?) job in Dallas and is now working in Waco.  He regrets not finding summer work, but says the quarter system hurt his chance anyways.


Ex-roomate from undergrad but we had a falling out and haven't spoken in a few years.  Now at UTex law.  Spending his 1L summer waiting tables because "it pays more than being a research assistant".


Interesting question presented to a group of prospective students not too long ago.

My class attendance record is worse than the NY Knicks winning record...

I am over 400 pages behind in my reading...

I have playoff tickets to every Hornets home game, and I plan to attend each one throughout exams...

I occasionally have panic attacks - not about my performance on exams - but rather me being found out and disciplined for not attending...

I find this lifestyle far superior than the alternative...

During the LSD blackout, I was forced to feed my addiction by either upping my dose of other law boards or *shudder* visiting new ones.  I will now arbitrarily rank them.

1. Autoadmit/xoxohth: The least and most useful law forum on the net.  Absolute gold nuggets of informations covered in piles and piles of *&^%.  A good researcher can acquire legal job search information not available anywhere else.  Not the best for 0Ls.

2. LSD: While it used to be horrible, many 0L posters have grown up to become real law students and have shared their experiences with the board.  Definitely the best 0L board available, where the posters become quite knowledgeable and stop the spread of hideous misinformation.

3. Law Student Paradise/4lawschool: Kinda like a LSD junior.  Less traffic but lots of knowledge.

4. Top-Law-Schools: Terrible site, but with lots of traffic.  0Ls go virtually unchecked.  As I have said before, it is like LSD before it "got good".  I can't even describe the anger I feel when I read this bad board.

5. JD underground: Borderline useful, but too depressing to use long term.  Filled with people who blame their troubles on law schools or the legal market when the blame rests on their shoulders.

6. Biglawboard: was good for a bit, but has trailed off.  I had high hopes.

Incoming 1Ls / ATTN: NYC is not a hard market to break into...
« on: April 07, 2008, 08:56:25 PM »
Stop saying that it is...

Alright, first update is done.

The CDO is not showing the quantities in each office, but fortunately I have downloaded each sheet - so I can track when each was added, etc.  BUT there is going to be a certain level of inaccuracy (and I am dumping the people I can not figure out in "other firm jobs", right now I can not figure out 3 of the employers).  It is more likely they are in one of the biglaw offices, but I my PM box will be better served with this method.

As of (4/10)

114 students have responded - 230 in the class - ~50% of the class

Of the 114 that have responded:

56 have BIGLAW/market
12 are clerking at the federal level - 9 D, 3 COA
6 are clerking in other courts
9 are in public interest/gov
31 other firm jobs - 3 of these are solopractice (I have also lumped the "business" jobs into this category, as I don't know the pay scale)

(I will do percentages once we get a greater representation of the class)

Geographic Representation:

22 - NOLA
19 - Texas
15 - NYC
11 - non-NOLA Louisiana
6 - Georgia - all ATL
6 - DC
6 - California
3 - Alabama
3 (4) - International - Paris, Istanbul, Australia (Puerto Rico)
2 - Tennessee
2 - Missouri
1 - Florida
1 - Colorado
1 - Connecticut
1 - Minnesota
1 - West Virginia
1 - Oregon
1 - Arizona
1 - Nevada
1 - Massachusetts
1 - Nebraska
1 - North Carolina
1 - Vermont
1 - Pennsylvania

5 - don't know - almost definitely in the top groups

I waited for the Class of 08 surveys so I could get everyone fresh/accurate data.  I will be updating it as the surveys come in - last year nearly every student submitted their information - but it, understandably, took quite a while for it to be finished.

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