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Law School Admissions / ITT: I sell out, or SPAM
« on: February 14, 2009, 10:07:05 AM »
I imagine there are a few other posters around here who have received PMs about joining various college advising companies.  Most offers are "give us money" referral/training scams, some are established advising companies paying $8 an hour, and the rest are upstart websites trying to give you a small cut of nonexistent income.  I stopped investigating the offers after spending a summer at my firm and accepting my fate as a lawyer.  I did some freelance work on the side, but nothing extreme.

In December, one of my former prelaws emailed asking if her uncle could call me about his new advising business.  I told her when I was free and her uncle called me the next day.  He was an NYC attorney and was amazed at how much his niece had paid for my services. (way below the market rate, but still pretty high)  The uncle was investing in a blog network and had some novel ideas for bringing down the cost of law school advice using said network.  We talked for a few hours and finally he asked if I was "in".  I asked him what kind of compensation he was offering.  Monthly salary equal to the fee his niece paid plus a small % of revenue, I'm expected to work about 5 hours a week.  I told him I was in.

The first two checks cleared so, starting Monday, I'm working for on the zeroL blog ( or  I'm writing the blog with a traditional prelaw counselor out of Atlanta and I'll be lead on the answer forum starting 3/2.  Part of my employment contract limits my participation on lsd, so I won't be around as much. 


Current Law Students / ITT: Biggest legal scam in history
« on: February 12, 2009, 11:38:10 AM »
Secondary journals.

Current Law Students / ITT: i discuss midlaw
« on: February 12, 2009, 10:31:57 AM »
For purposes of this thread, midlaw = any 10-70 attorney firm with greater than 50% of revenue coming from corporate practice groups (lit, trans). 


Many pay market or near market
Less formulaic hiring standards
Many expect less hours than biglaw
More responsibility

Hiring standards are still quite high
Lateral opportunities can be worse
Bonuses are rare
More responsibility

How to find:
If you are familiar with the area, you should be able to find the midlaw firms with minimal networking.  If you aren't familiar with the area, look at martindale and local bar membership listings.  NALP helps but isn't exhaustive.  Rankings lists are useless.

Few OCI.  Personalized cover letters are key.  You will be screened, don't suck on the phone.  Some will make summer offers without a flyout.  Flyout interviews are just like biglaw flyouts.

In conclusion:

Work there.

A. Yes
B. No
C. Maybe
D. A & C
E. A & B
F. None
G. All

Current Law Students / Bored...
« on: December 01, 2008, 12:41:37 PM »
I don't know how to make it through 1.5 more years of this...

Incoming 1Ls / Anecdotes from every 40-50 school - the hardest hit
« on: November 04, 2008, 08:39:21 AM »
All from trustworthy friends...

Maryland -

Two(!?) top 15% students unable to get market in NYC or Baltimore yet nabbed federal clerkships.
One top 20%er unable to secure market in Baltimore or DC.
Two filler 1Ls who grabbed market in Baltimore last year but completely struck out at OCI.

Wake Forest -

Three top 10% had easy time grabbing market in Charlotte/Research Triangle.
Two 10-15%ers who had multiple local interviews/flyouts - no offers.
Three 15-40%ers with science backgrounds nabbed local market with relative ease.

Tulane - (obviously unfair for this list)

Houston and Dallas tightened up significantly.  Multiple top 20%ers without a Texas flyout.  (Some top 50% flyouts last semester)
NYC same as always - some top 10-25%ers nabbed NYC - some didn't.
NOLA surprising strong - 40%ers nabbing market.
Lots of ATL flyouts, don't know how those students did.
Apparently off campus programs that happened in late summer were more successful than non-NOLA OCI - I think time period had a lot to do with that.
Top 10% has market in Houston, Dallas, NOLA, NYC, Philly, and LA.

UC Davis

Four 20-33%ers with science background have market.
OCI was almost exclusive to top 10%
Social science backgrounds in bottom 90% having tough time.


Two top 10%ers able to get NYC market, but unable to DC market.
Top 30%er unable to get an interview (three screeners though)


Comparatively kicking ass.
Top 18-20%er with multiple V100 offers.
Top 30%er with social science background with Dallas market.


Filler 1Ls are in the best shape.  Multiple 25-30% fillers with 1L offer and not one OCI.
Top 10 (not percent) student without a market offer.
Science backgrounds dominating top third market offers.
Lack of mobility hurting the school as Dallas gets super tight.


Connecticut (New Haven, Bridgeport, Hartford) market available to top 20%.
Two top 10%ers have NYC market.


Tighter, but not significantly so given the Florida legal market.
Two top 15%ers with GT.

Law School Admissions / ITT: The LSD Cycle, explained.
« on: July 30, 2008, 11:06:51 AM »
  • July - September: 0L discovers LSD.  Due to previous success, the 0L assures himself that he understands all aspects of the process and begins to spout nonsense on LSD.
  • October - January: 0L finished apps.  Finally does detailed research as acceptances trickle in.  Realizes that every assumption made in his early LSD days was wrong.  Is embarrassed.
  • January - May: Debates retaking LSAT.  Decides which law school to attend, prepares for law school.  Understands what he is getting into. LSD posts are finally accurate.
  • June: Hates all the new 0Ls on LSD, is too overwhelmed to continue to participate.
  • July - September: Begins law school, forgets about LSD.   :'(

Recently registered members: I hate you.


As I obviously did not follow this cycle, I will propose the secondary LSD cycle - for those of us that are "special" enough to stick around.

  • July - September: Begins law school, forgets about LSD.   Begins law school, trolls topics about new school.  Finds pleasure in the stupidity of the 0L masses.  Rather than focus on the "Where can I get in" threads, our hero now enjoys broader discussions on legal academia and the legal job market.
  • October - January: Our hero creates threads styled, "XXXXXXXX 1L Taking Questions" and expresses his fear of the upcoming exams.
  • January - May: Trolls for school harder than ever as 0Ls are finally making their choice.  Post quantity declines as he searches for summer work.
  • June - September: Real world legal work happens, LSD doesn't.  Hero begins to have difficulty discussing law school as the real world legal work is vastly more interesting/important.  Hero has busy 2L, searches for work.  Hero promises himself to participate on LSD over the coming year.  Hero moves on.   :'(

Incoming 1Ls / it your dream job?
« on: June 24, 2008, 06:56:31 AM »
As a recent ATL comment implied...

You spend countless hours and hundreds of dollars studying for the LSAT
You spend countless hours and hundreds of dollars applying to a dozen or so law schools
You spend countless hours and thousands of dollars picking your law school
You spend countless (seriously this time) hours and tens (hundreds) of thousands of dollars attending law school
You spend countless hours and hundreds of dollars searching for a job
You spend countless hours and thousands of dollars studying for the bar

Given the time, effort, and money spent - being a lawyer should be your dream job.

Is it?

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