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I'm a non trad student, and when I decided I wanted go back to school, I made sure
I had every other distraction out of the way specifically before my first Semester
so that I had no excuses.  My goal was to get all A's and that would get my GPA
above 3.0 (I came back with a 1.997) 

Now, of course you already know I didn't get all A's.  I feel I had the
advantage over people who worked during school, I also feel I have above
average intelligence (but that's all debatable).  I then noticed that some
people who took the A's on the curve were only taking one class a semester.
Now I have my first excuse.  I also noted that a lot of students took the same classes with friends, so they had study groups which I didn't have. Another excuse.

Now adressing my third excuse is where you 4.00 GPAers come in.

Wasn't there one class, just one class, that you struggled with, and no matter how hard you studied, you just were not earning an A in that class?  I know people will say "nope, they were all really easy for me, and i majored in "rocket science"

My first problem was called English 1B (oh stop lexy) Apparently the rules were changed and I had to take this class that consisted of short stories, novels, Shakespeare and Poetry.  I had to take this course, no way around it.  I was getting A's in my degree classes but this really through me.  First I had to write a paper on Othello.  I even rented the damn video after reading the play.  The professor gave a list of topics to choose on.  So I get my paper back with a C, with remarks you write real well, But I don't think you addresses the topic as well as you could.  Fair enough, I have 3 more papers to write, can still get an A.
Next paper was on short stories.  I read all the stories, wrote on an assigned topic of my choice, got a C with basically the same remarks.  Now I am pissed.  I have to write a poem for this professor.  Grade = D, remarks, "poetry is not one of your strengths."  I got a C on my novel paper too, same remarks given.  I come to find out there were 15 men in the class and 22 women in the class.  When we all gathered around to see our final grade, (all of us were there) I asked "did any MALE get an A?"  Not one male received an A.  You can deduce anythng you want from that, but my main question is, again, you 4.00ers had to at least come across one class like this?

Another required class I took was called Multicultural America, again, a requirement for a senior to graduate.  The professor was an arrogant jerk (read:male) who thought he knew everything.  I wasn't too worried, again this is a writing class, I am good at writing, I know that, that English 1B class was just a bun rap.  In this class we read everything from
The Jungle, to Tony Morrison's (don't remember the name) to just simply interpreting images such as Indians and why they form circles, the teepees are circular oooh ahhhh, not too diffcult stuff.  This time the professor wrote on my first paper, you need to go to the english department and take an elementary writing class F.  I already did that as a Freshman way back when), even got an A when I couldn't have cared less about grades.  The problem is, everyone had to pass what was called an EPT (English Placement test) in order to graduate.  Only about 1/3 rd passed this test.  I however, scored the highest score you could get on this test.  I took my paper from this jerk, along with EPT score, and stormed into the English department and told them what the hell was going on.  They told me my paper was A quality paper that is an easy A in anyone's mind. To make a long story short, this guy gave a B to a girl who had a 4.00 average and this was the last class she needed to graduate.  Needless to say, she was in tears.

Now I'm sure many of you might have been deducing initially I think that women professors don't like men.  could be, I don't know. The male prof dispells that mtyh. The fact is, no male got an A  How can you possibly go all 4 years without coming across a class that there is just no way, no matter how hard you work, there is a professor who is grading you subjectively, and you have absolutely no control over it.  i almost think you guys and girls who are 4.00 must have slept with your profesors, but in my honest opinion, I really don't think you did!

Finally, in closing, one of the the last courses I took my last semester was an energy economics course.  I had a 15 page paper to write, and he was very anal about proper writing.  I got an A+ on that paper, and was just notified by him today, that he sent my paper in for publishing, and that it is now going to be published if I so desire. (I have to sign the copyright crap, all this stuff i don't care about).  Most of you might care because it looks good on your resume, but I couldn't care less, my resume is too long anyways.

So, how on earth did you people mange to get a 4.00?  Based on my experience, it just doesn't seem possible.   ???


Studying for the LSAT / I want to go to Harvard Law School
« on: July 23, 2004, 10:39:09 PM »
How do I get in?

There are rules to follow IMHO.

If you prefer reading over watching TV, you are smart.

If you don't know anything about a lot of things you are dumb.

If you know a little bit about a lot of things, you are average.

If you know a lot a bit, about a lot of things you are smart/intelligent.

if you know everything about everything, you are a fool.

The LSAT plays no role.  It measures nothing other than how well
you do compared to others on a standardize test under timed conditions.

Studying for the LSAT / Get your eyes checked lately?
« on: July 22, 2004, 04:34:17 PM »
If you wear corrective lens, and you are anything like me, you probably don't get your eyes checked until you are really stuggling to see.  It was so bad for me that I had to hold my laptop about 10 inches from my face.  No wnder my typing is so bad.  In all seriousness, go get your eyes checked, you may be able to see better and get rid of any headaches you are having and not knowing why.  (It's your eyes!)   :)

I am gettting three LOR's.  One will be from a Prof, one will be from an employer, and one will be with a lawyer who handled a case for me, and we still remain friends.

I just asked the lawyer today if he would do one, and he said "yes, but don't tell tell me what to write.  I am a lawyer, I know what's best."  Anybody have this experience?

Also, since the prof's and empoyers don't really know what to write, should I write the LOR and just have them transcribe it onto the form?  If I did write these, can anyone point me to a good source that shows what a good LOR from a Prof, and an employer should contain?


Law School Admissions / What exactly is a pre-law advisor?
« on: July 18, 2004, 11:14:03 PM »
I've heard people talk about them on this BBS, and I've even seen that LSAC has somebody fromy UG listed as my pre-law advisor.  I never called this person, and this person never called me.  If they are helpful, what exactly do they help you with?

Law School Admissions / I can't pass the Bar!!!
« on: July 17, 2004, 08:03:20 PM »
Since evryone is talking about "backup law schools," What options are available to you, and what action would you take after giving up on trying to pass the bar, assuming you got your JD.  (disregard my tagline)

Law School Admissions / How bad does LSADS distort your GPA?
« on: July 16, 2004, 07:03:31 PM »
I just met with a counselor at my UG today, and she told me that the school does not factor in the fact that you repeated a class so your GPA is only changed unless you file the proper paperwork.

For instance, I got an A in Business law after repeating (I never dropped the class so I had a U read: F) Your grade count will be a C.

Seeing as how most of my grades were U's and F's I took a lot of classes over.  We filled
forms to notify admissions and records that courses were repeated, and the last grade should only count, now I can get my GPA up above 3.25 area.  Question.  How does Lsdas deflate your GPA based on my circumstances?

Law School Admissions / What happened to McGeorge (UOP)
« on: July 15, 2004, 10:52:00 PM »
Usnews lists Uc Davis as #33, but does not list Mcgeorge in the top 100.  anybody in CA or anybody who knows the school know what happened.  Did the School go down the crapper when Anthony Kennedy left?  They still charge 60K a year!

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