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Studying for the LSAT / How long is the break?
« on: June 15, 2004, 06:59:23 PM »
They say it's 10- 15 minutes.  Did all of you experience a longer break such as 20 minutes?
A shorter break?


You people are an elite group seeing your scores posted under your messages.
basically you are all way above average.  In any event, when you took your first
practive test what was your score?  Did you study at all before the first practice test?

I was so vain I figured I'd be in the 50th percentile blinfolded.  When I cracked open my
test, I struggled with the very first question, spent about 5 minutes on it before I decided to move on only to find out the next question was harder.  This was a lR section.  After 35 minutes I had only got to question 15, and all my answers were wrong.  I proceeded to
give up any chance of going to law school based on that one test, now I come back and study, albeit only a week, and can't even get into the 30th percentile. 

On another note, if the LSAT requires us to take an unscored section, solely for the benefit of them, we shuld be getting paid to take the test, not the other way around.  This is why I want to be a lawyer.  When I feel something is just plain wrong, I want some power to do something about it! 


Studying for the LSAT / Am I stupid, or is the LSAT Stupid!
« on: June 13, 2004, 01:17:06 AM »
Hello everyone,

Newbie here...

I have never been a great test taker, add to that I have a undiagnosed
learning disability.  I have done fairly well in College, I got A's on the
classes I liked, (including Business Law) but not so well in other classes
I didn't care about.  Well that's besides the point, I am just trying to show
that I am not stupid.

However, this LSAT is killing me.  I'm scheduled to take it on Monday
June 14th.  (I am not seeking extra time, that won't help much)

The problem is I started studying for the LSAT about a week ago.
Somebody gave me some pretty good advice and said take the test
and take as long as you need and try to get all the answers correct.
Well I spent about an hour and a half on each section, and the
best I could do under these liberal conditions was the 50th percentile.
BTW, I used Kaplan's Book as a guide to answering questions.

I took more and more tests, eventually getting my time down to
35 minutes per section.  It's now Sunday morning, the day
before the dreaded real test, and the best I can do so far is
the 28th percentile. 

All I need is the 10th percentile to get into the law school I want.
I do not think under actual test conditions, I will even be able to
do that.

My question is....How well, How accurately does the LSAT
represent how well I will do in law school?  I think it's completely
bogus.  The logic games are a joke, and I've had several
lawyers tell me that fast reading comprehension is the last
thing you want to do as a lawyer.  These lawyers however
scored very high on the LSATS and went to very good schools.

These lawyers state that time should not be a factor when researching
a case.  Deliberate, accurate results is what they are looking
from paralegals and law partners.

Since my score is so bad, should I just give up on this dream I've
had since I was 16?  (btw, I am 40 now)

I just don't see any correlation of the LSAT to how good of an attorney
I'll be.  However, if I am only scoring in the 28th percentile on the LSAT's
does that mean I will most likely never pass the bar exam?

I would appreciate any feedback.  As of now, it doesn't look
as if I am going to take the grueling LSAT If there is doubt
I can even score in the 10th percentile. 

Again, I'd appreciate any advice...and good luck to
all Monday test takers!


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