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Incoming 1Ls / Re: Watch your alcohol use or...
« on: June 08, 2007, 01:48:54 AM »'ll end up like this guy!!!

Man, this video is ridiculous!  No wonder why lawyers get a bad rap for drug/alcohol addiction.  Don't forget to check all 4 parts!  Hilarity ensues!  ;D

This is pretty funny. I wonder what law school he attended.

Has anyone noticed that college campuses are in general very nice and give you rose colored glasses when looking at surrounding areas.  As an example; I am sure Davis is a nice campus, but take away the school and what do you have?  Correct, God's cruel joke.  Very flat with weather that is unpleasant at best.  It is not a nice area. Biking maybe popular because of the flat terrain, but I can think of a million other places one could pick up biking which are twice as beautiful.

I think this board is starting to turn me negative.

Time for you to move up to a board that is more to your liking. Perhaps you should try xoxo?  ;)

Have you called Kent?  When I did, I bypassed the person who usually answers the phone, and I spoke with Gabby. I told her that I was really frustrated because they kept promising a decision when there wasn't one (they had been telling me since March that it would be another 2 weeks until I got a decision).  I also explained that I have deposits due.  Now, I know you've withdrawn, but you might want to just say that you have a June 15th deposit somewhere and would like a decision before then, if possible.  Gabby faxed my decision to me an hour later.

Good luck girl... I'm really rooting for you!

So what was the decision? It seems that you haven't updated your signature or LSN yet.

Not really. Some of its been addressed, some of it is still being argued, and most of it is just either anecdotal or else LSD rehash. You can figure it out, if you're that interested.

If we are clearly able to "figure it out" then why did you find it necessary to say anything at all? TJ, my dear, did you grace this thread with your presence in order to hijack it? This looks to be so. Now let's get back to supporting UC Davis over Loyola. :D

You are likely to hear from Southwestern before you move to San Diego. Plus, you can always move to SD in early August. That will give you time to get off of the SW wait list if you were to be admitted. If you're not off the list by August then you're unlikely to be admitted. In addition, you can always call up admissions and ask when they're likely to admit people again.

If you are serious about getting into the best school you can then you should seriously consider reapplying this fall because your numbers are good enough to get you into much better schools. Also, if you raise that LSAT by just a few points you will have a reasonable shot at USC and UCLA.  Whatever you do, don't settle for Chapman or Cal Western because you will regret it down the road. I hope this is not a flame.


Long story short, if you don't care about money and want to stay in LA for a very long time then go to Loyola. If you do care about minimizing debt and maximizing job prospects then go to UC Davis. Done. 8)

NO! BAD! not wat i said  :P...maybe true to some extent, but i think u completely missed my point about how the market works...

I wasn't giving him the breakdown of what you said. I was giving him the pro's and con's that we've collectively come up with. You've made some points and others, including myself, have made other points. I was bundling them all into two sentences. In regards to how the market works, I am aware that Loyola will most likely do better in Los Angeles than UC Davis. On the other hand, UC Davis will do better everywhere else leaving Loyola in the dust. If you want to talk about schools being regional, Loyola's region is one large city while UC Davis's region is all of California.

Law School Admissions / Re: Davis vs Illinois
« on: June 05, 2007, 02:27:32 AM »
UC Davis is strong enough to get you a job anywhere in California while the University of Illinois is likely strong enough to do the same in Illinois. Don't think that a few spots in the rankings mean anything. If you want to work in California then go to UC Davis. I'm sure you understand the logic behind this. There are more University of California Davis graduates in California than there are from the University of Illinois. Therefore you will not only have connections in the state that you wish to practice in but you will also likely save money on tuition and moving costs. If you go to the University of Illinois instead of UC Davis, you are basically shooting yourself in the foot when it comes to finding employment in California.

i think goose seriously overestimates how well davis's a good school, don't get me wrong...still regional...if you want to be in socal, loyola...i'm not a spoiled brat valley girl and i didn't even apply to davis because of its location...quite simply, i don't like the may be ok with it, i don't like it...there are, however, several considerations which favor davis...first and foremost, far as how far each degree travels...seriously...don't EVER think that us news rankings will make that big of a difference between a mid/low T1 and a high T2 in terms of employment...except MAYBE for biglaw (and i stress maybe)...outside biglaw, it's networking and employer experience with alumni that in la, who do the attorneys have more experience working with? loyola or davis? which school will make it easier for you to network from? loyola or davis? i think the answer is obvious...if you are dead set on la, don't care much for the more relaxed environment, aren't as worried about the money, go to loyola...otherwise davis is probably the better choice...just prioritize what's important to you and see which school would be better...if staying in la is #1 by a ridiculous margin, then go to loyola, no question...0Ls believe way too much in rank...that's not how the market does to some extent, but nowhere near the extent most 0Ls believe...

as far as loyola2L, don't pay any attention to that...first off, it's the experience of ONE student...who sounds bitter...and biased...and if i remember correctly, was dead set on biglaw so just wasn't being super realistic with their expectations going in to school...

Long story short, if you don't care about money and want to stay in LA for a very long time then go to Loyola. If you do care about minimizing debt and maximizing job prospects then go to UC Davis. Done. 8)

In all honesty I'm just scared to leave everything I've ever, friends, etc.. and start from scratch while adjusting to the demanding nature of the first year of law school. The girl I spoke with earlier told me I would be dealing with two types of stress, one being law school..the other being the "culture shock." (she also said its nice to have people around you to support you ..your family and friends) But what she really said that got me thinking was that.. if given the choice again she would have chosen to go to Loyola. That freaked me out a bit.
 Thanks so much for your input because I am starting to reconsider Davis again. She pretty much scared me away from Davis. (she didnt do it intentionally..but nevertheless..) 

I understand what you mean because I'm living in Los Angeles right now and will be moving to San Diego in early August. While I am somewhat scared of moving again to a place I've never lived in, I'm also excited about the move. I don't know where you went to undergrad but I went to UCR and lived in Riverside from September of 2001 until January of 2007, for school and a job after graduation, so I know what it's like to be away from ones family for a long time. Yet even at that, all of these places are not very far from Los Angeles and you will have a very easy time coming back to visit. Don't let this girl scare you. She clearly is a party person who misses clubbing but that doesn't mean that you are going to have a culture shock. It's not like you're moving to Iraq.

Yet she is correct in saying that there will be the stress of adjusting but if you would rather have the stress of being in a ghetto then be my guest. Also, at Loyola there will be the stress of intense competition and possible unemployment. At Davis you won't need to figure out what laws the crackhead down the block is breaking. All you'll have to concern yourself with is law school. Plus, you don't know if she would have said the same thing going to Loyola or to any other law school. She may just be unfit for law or a pessimist.

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