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If you want to get decent grades, then TITCR.

No way you can take time off to have a baby and take care of it AND study for law school. Taking a year to defer will get you past the sleepless nights portion of childrearing at least, and make it a lot easier to study.

Well, to make it all even better, I am moving to the bay area where my father and his wife live and I am planning to move very close to them because my father's wife is going to take care of the baby while I'm in school and studying and help out since she stays at home all day and gets to be grandma. Not only that, but I have my husand to I asure you we will be fine. Everything seems to be falling into place, and I'm sure I will get DECENT grades, especially with a supportive top tier school. Not to mention that infants are easier then toddlers in most respects, other then waking up at all hours of the night.

Holy crap!!!...I got into Indiana-Bloomington!!!...Tier frickin one!! This was one of my mega reaches, so I'm am extremely excited!! AAAAAHHHHHHH!!

Wow that is awesome, I know how that feels, I got into my mega reach too....its unbelievable.


Struggles, it may be time to change your username now that all of life's pieces are falling so perfectly into place for you.  :)

Yes, your probably right!!

Thanks everyone!!  :D

Alot of it depends on where you started too...its much easier to go from a 140 to a 150 then it is to go from 150 to 160, or more.

Well, I talked to the academic dean at Hastings today. He stated that having the baby in the begining of the year is ideal vs any other time in the first year. He said there would be plenty of time to make it up and said they would have no problem giving me two maybe three weeks off when I have the baby. He said its very doable and they will even offer me the morning section so I have more time home with the baby.

I'm so much more relaxed about this all now.


congrats again on hastings struggles!!! u must be sooo freakin pumped;)

Thanks. Again.   :D

I haven't read the entire post, but I wanted to give my input. In my opinion 10% isn't enough to claim unless you idenify enthnically or you have been disadvantaged by it in some way. Otherwise its an injustice to minorities, namely blacks and hispanics.

Will you get caught in a lie? Doubt it, so go for it if you can live with it.

Its an interesing subject though, I am half mexican but have green eyes and am very light. My mom can sometimes pass for white even though she is 100% Mexican. Some people say you can't tell there is any Mexican in me at all, but then again people stop and speak Spanish to me all the time. Then there is my niece who is 25% black with blue eyes and light brown hair. She is as light as me, the only give away is her hair texture and curl. I am definatley Mexican because I was raised by my mother and maternal family, just recently connecting with my father and his. Same goes for her, she is black not soley on the basis of 25% but also because she is in touch with it.

On the other hand, 100 or so years ago you probably couldn't vote, own property or go to a good maybe somehow those disadvantages have trickled down to you and you need that extra boost on your application. I'm mostly kidding.

You do realize that your child support wouldn't be that expensive, right? In WA state, at least, child support is a pre-determined amount that is split by the percentage of each parent's income. So, if she makes pretty much anything, she will get the bulk of the amount and you'll be ordered to pay a small percentage.

I have THREE kids, and at the time of our child support hearing, my ex and I made about 3k per month each. He pays $600 per month for all three, which is the amount in the state table (i.e. no strange deviation). The court apparently believes that it only costs about $1200 per month to provide for three kids.

The only iffy thing for you is what she decides for daycare. Child support isn't the big issue, daycare is. It is, again, split by income but it can be very expensive. If she stops working or has any kind of family care, you'll be fine.

Wow only $600 for 3 kids. My friends with children in the Army were paying like $400 or more per kid and thats off a very modest income for some people is was like half there income.

This may sound odd coming from someone whose pregnant right now....but cut the guy a break...we all make mistakes, and he will paying for his in one way or another for a very long time, child support could very well be the least of it. Or on the hand, it could be a very positive thing.

They have a money back guarentee....I got my money back at least.

OMG!!! I got in at UCHASTINGS!!! Can you believe it!!!???!!!

Congrats! I can't wait (still hoping for) the same feeling when my reaches come through with an A :)

Are you definitely going to go there?

Oh yeah. I'm definately going there. UNLV and GSU would be tempting considering where they're located...but all taken in account, the cost, bar passage rate, and opportunities at Hastings, make the less then desirable location (for me) probably the least of my concerns.

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