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My fathers wife doesn't work and has offered to take care of the baby and help out around the house for very cheap because she is excited to be "grandma". However, they live about a 40 minute comute away from the school. (Hastings)

The other option is living close to the school, maybe the tower and have my husband take off about six months from work since he is going to have to find a new job in the bay area anyway.

What do you think will make things easier, having my step-mother help out which will save us alot of money, but we'd have to live near them far away from the school, or would it be better to live close to the school but have my husband take off work?

What is option to you think would work out best?

My mother is hard of hearing so its hard to talk to her. Not only that but my family on that side are Mexican immigrants and have no clue as to what law schools is, I mean other then that it makes lawyers. She doesn't see the point in me quiting my job and going into debt when I already have a degree and she does see why I can't work and go to school like I did in undergrad. I try to explain to her that is alot more intense and structured, but she doesn't get it.

So I was thinking maybe there was some reading material out there or a good movie about the law school experience I could share with her, because she thinks I'm going off to play land or something.

Any idea how I can get her to understand better?

Freaking dinged at Maryland...damn, I really wanted to go there. I dont have the heart to put it in the loss column just yet. Totally bummed out... :'(

 :(  :(


There's a big difference in COL between Fremont (which is a yuppie Silicon Valley suburb) and Berkeley or Oakland, and there really are affordable and safe parts of Oakland.

Again, not really.  The safe parts of Oakland are not any more affordable than Fremont, or anywhere else around the bay for that matter.  Bay Area real estate is almost uniformly super-expensive unless you live in a real hole.  Go for proximity if you're renting a room.  Trust me. is the best place to shop for rooms, if you're not already aware of it.

And yes, a motorcycle or scooter is the way to commute no matter where you live.  $200 a year in insurance, $60 to register, 80 mpg., ignore traffic, park anywhere.  The only catch is that you need an M1 or M2 endorsement to your license.  These are easy enough to get, especially the M2 for the scooter.

LOL  ;D I lived in Italy for three years (army duty) and once or twice attempted to ride a scooter and almost broke my I'm kinda scared of scooters at this point, so I'll definately need the training.

oh yes my friend just you wait! You'll wish he was a baby again!

BTW Demian23...I'm not an Army "guy" I'm a Army "gal", and I'm not from the south, I'm from Sacramento and I'm very liberal  ;).

My bad!  I still think if you've ever shot a gun, you're too conservative for Berkeley.

As for renting a room, if this is an option, I would definitely stay in the city and save yourself the extra time and expense.  Rental rates for rooms in SF are $600-900, in the east bay, $400-$700.  Average savings of $200 monthly.  However, even the CLOSEST East Bay BART roundtrip is going to cost you $5-6 daily for a total of $100 - $120 monthly.  Roundtrip from my house is about $12 making it cheaper to live in the city.  Buy a scooter or motorcycle, and you'll be dialed in.

Thanks. You think investing in a scooter or motorcycle is good idea huh? Is that what alot of people do?

I just wanted to say thanks to everyone on this thread, it really helped alot.

Its hard coming from a place were no one understands what law school is (expect my affluent grandparents). I was so very excited about Hastings but nobody gets it, even when I explain they still don't really get it. So I'm over here doing the happy dance by myself, my people don't get the difference between Hastings and say GGU, even though the difference is huge in more ways then one. Its frustrating to tell my mom and dad, "I got into Hastings! Can you believe it?" and they go "But I thought you already got into law school, whats the big deal?" I had to resort to printing information off the internet for them to get it, then they still didn't get it until they read that most of the students come from Berkely, UCLA and Stanford...well at least they recongize those My mom was like, "Why didn't you just go there to begin with then?" I said, "I had to get a B.A. first" and she goes "Oh you have your B.A. already" I was like...."Uhh, you were at my graduation!!!" It is truly a different world to them.

Just my little vent of frustration.

Yes I think BART will be a very good idea. I went to the law school forum in November and when I was leaving it took me over 30 minutes to go one block!! Everyone I've talked to raves about BART saying how convient it is, I'm just not used to the public transportation thing.

I'm also figuring that renting a room in the East Bay area may be my best best, finicially, I'll just have to stomach the 40 minute comute.

BTW Demian23...I'm not an Army "guy" I'm a Army "gal", and I'm not from the south, I'm from Sacramento and I'm very liberal  ;). Have you been to the south? I personally like it alot. I haven't actually been to Alabama but pretty much everywhere else. It will definately be a change for you if your used to the California life. The cost of living is way better and you will be able to afford a very nice house with land. The atmosphere is different, much more relaxed and the people tend to be warmer and kinder. It almost like a different culture and I suspect you'll either love it or hate it.

Yup, I'm sold on Hastings so thanks for the tips!

I am so happy to have gotten into UC Hastings  :D, but when I looked into the that cost of living in the bay area it was a serious shocker. Its funny because I was in the Army living in the south and used to seeing nice houses for 100K or 2 bedroom apartments renting for $500 a month. Then I came back to Sacramento and was complaining about having to pay $900 for a 2 bedroom apartment, never realizing that that's NOTHING compared what it cost to live in the San Francisco Bay Area...which is only 90 minutes from me.  So, Hastings is about 10K cheeper then all of the other private schools I applied to, however its made up for plus some in cost of living. All this got me to thinking about the debt I will be in.

I just want to know everyone's thoughts on it because its hard to wrap my brain around at this point and I don't really have a clear idea of what the impact is going be after graduation. Anything thoughts?

50 guys...thanks for being so supportive.

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