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Yeah people are haters!!

I think its because it takes courage, commitment, and motivation to apply, get admitted and graduate. Everyone doesn't have those qualities. The lady that sits in the cube next to me is fumming because I got into Hastings and she got went to McGeorge and still can't pass the bar, and is working in the same position I am now and is like 25 years older. I'm don't care because I understand, I'd be mad too! But then again I have a friend who went to McGeorge graduated in the top 10% and is working of a big law firm making $$$ and she is very sincerely happy for me, in fact she was my support and encouragement through this process. I was at a training for work the other day, the instructor is a 25 year veteran lawyer who also graduated from, low and behold, McGeorge! My friend sitting next to me said something about me leaving in a few months...he asked where I was going...and she spoke for me...(proudly) "to law school"...he said "oh? where?"....I relucantly said "Hastings"...and yeah, he turned his nose up at me. I told her, "see thats why I don't tell everybody about it, because its like rubbing it in their face, its a sensitive issue." Although she still feels the need to brag about me all over the place....but I love her for it nonetheless.  

first ding of the the cycle...GSU, but who cares I'm going to Hastings.


There have only been ~750000 applicants to ABA law schools in the last 10 years, so about 0.3% of the population in recent times want to be lawyers

Hey thanks!! great statistics, I love it!

The word is getting around at my work that I am leaving to go to law school. Well now it seems like 40% of the people I work with have taken the LSAT and have applied or want to apply. The women that sits next to me graduated from Pacific but can't pass the bar, the guy next to her applied but didn't get into the the schools he wanted so he is going to try again next cycle. My friends husband wants to apply next cycle and there are alot of others who have come up to me talking or asking about the LSAT, schools...ect. Now I am wondering if there are really SO many people out there wanting to go to law school, or if I'm just more sensitive to it now. Kinda like when you buy a new car and suddenly you see your car everywhere?

Also it might come with the territory because I am a social worker and have contact with people who work in the courts and law enforcement.

But, is it like this all over? Like 30% of the population wants to go to law school? (at least it feels like 30%  ;))

Studying for the LSAT / Re: happiest day of my life!
« on: March 28, 2007, 05:04:38 PM »
Just wanted to let you know I feel your excitement, I got into a T1 school..UC Hastings..with a well below median LSAT!! couldn't have been more happy!

Struggles, I read your previous thread- so- good luck with EVERYTHING next year. And WOOT on Hastings!

Is Grandma coming to your house or are you doing drop off/pick up?

If you can get Grandma to come to your house and get your hubby to do the bookending with his job, you'll have a good situation going. 20 mins is doable- esp on public transit. I've only been to SF once on vacation, but the BART was really awesome- $5 to get from SFO to Union Square? A steal- and though it was crowded, it was totally convenient.

Make your living conditions fit your life, not the other way around.


Para  :)

We will probably be doing the drop off pick up. I think its too much to ask for her to do it.

where do your parents live? if you can live in the east bay near a nart stop, the cmmute to Hastings shouldn't be too bad. If it's north or south of the city, it might be a bit trickier.

Fremont, southern east bay.

1) I shouldn't have to read her previous posts to understand this post.  Nonetheless, even if I did, my position doesn't change.  Some of us actually value family and hold off on our own desires.  I mean seriously..  First year of law school AND raising a child?  Either the child will be neglected or she will fail our of school.  If you've ever raised a child you know why I say this.

2) You can't tell me to refer to my screen name.  That is my trademark.  Thank you.

And please, I don't need to hash this issue out again. Take comfort in knowing your not the only one who feels this way. However, this thread is not about those issues. I've made my decision. Thanks.

Have her move in with you for the first 6 weeks. Live close to the school, or no more than 20 minutes away, as another poster suggested. After the six weeks, enroll your child in daycare or have grandma take care of him/her. The university may have some kind of child-care program. Grandparents are great, but the priority needs to be on 1L. Let your husband worry about the kid's arrangements, drop off and pick-up during this first year.

Really though, I really, really think you should defer for a year. 1L and Baby's First Year are two very critical things. If you were working and having a baby, it would be different. But 1L grades are just so important to your pending career. I think those will suffer. The baby comes first no matter what, as it should-- it is a baby!-- it's up to you, of course, but I really think you'll be better off in the long run waiting one more year to start law school.

What would the be so beneficial about waiting a year? I'd have to go back to work anyway and I just don't see the big difference between 1L and working full time in a hecktic, stressful job like mine. Maybe its because I don't have children yet, so I don't understand, but I just don't get it.

I found out that yeah, it is just a priority deadline. So no real worries unless you wait to long I guess

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