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I went to visit the school I am going to be attending. And since I am very sensitive to race and equality issues I noticed right off the back that there is a serious lack of hispanics and blacks...tons Asians and East Indians which is expected...It just really makes me sick, maybe if our prisons weren't so over populated with Hispanics and blacks there would be more of them represented in the higher echolen of education. I mean, I knew this was the case, but still it blows my mind.  >:(


How did you find out about Southwestern?  Also, does your online status check say that a decision has been mailed or that you are still in review?

Thanks for the help!

My status checker says that a decision has been mailed.

Accepted at Southwestern.

Does it even matter anymore?   :D

No, your right, it matters not! But just keeping people posted on the haps.

Accepted at Southwestern.

I don't have any advice but Kennedy and struggles I have to say how much I admire you both for becoming mothers while starting law school. I think it's great and I wish you both the best.

Awww...thanks  ;)

Hey!! Me too!! but I'll be having the baby myself right at the start of LS. The school said I could take 2 weeks off after the birth. I have been in contact with other mother's of young children at my school who have hooked me up with advice and resources. Contact your school and let them know your situation. They will most likely be supportive.

Ohh and here is another example of the haters.

I have a really cynical friend who wants out of his job but doesn't know where to turn. He thought about law school...but his GPA is really bad so he decided against it. Anyway so I told him I got into Hastings after getting deferred and he was like, "oh I guess after they accepted everyone they really wanted and some of them decided not to go they went to the b-list." I was like, "nice, thats one way of putting it."

Well...not to minimize it...but I don't think law school will be THAT bad. For instance, I was in the Army, before joining everyone was like  ":o :o don't do it, you'll be miserable, you'll hate it, its going to so hard...blah blah blah." Well I made it through that and look back like, "nah, its wasn't as bad as anyone says." Not to mention...I'm pregnant and I've talked to people at Hastings, deans, admins, students and they are all like, "its definately doable, you could alway defer, but its not impossible, you'll be fine." Then the lawyers I know that and the ones I work with say, "Your job is way harder then mine, and way harder then law school...(I'm a CPS social worker)" So, all those experiences have taken away some of the anxiety away....I'm sure it will be hard, but I'm also sure that with a 90-95% graduation rate, I won't die either.

Yeah people are haters!!

I think its because it takes courage, commitment, and motivation to apply, get admitted and graduate. Everyone doesn't have those qualities. The lady that sits in the cube next to me is fumming because I got into Hastings and she got went to McGeorge and still can't pass the bar, and is working in the same position I am now and is like 25 years older. I'm don't care because I understand, I'd be mad too! But then again I have a friend who went to McGeorge graduated in the top 10% and is working of a big law firm making $$$ and she is very sincerely happy for me, in fact she was my support and encouragement through this process. I was at a training for work the other day, the instructor is a 25 year veteran lawyer who also graduated from, low and behold, McGeorge! My friend sitting next to me said something about me leaving in a few months...he asked where I was going...and she spoke for me...(proudly) "to law school"...he said "oh? where?"....I relucantly said "Hastings"...and yeah, he turned his nose up at me. I told her, "see thats why I don't tell everybody about it, because its like rubbing it in their face, its a sensitive issue." Although she still feels the need to brag about me all over the place....but I love her for it nonetheless. 

Just wondering but based on your experiences with McGeorge alumni, would you recommend that others go there? At the moment they are my best acceptance and I will likely get into higher ranked schools but I do like McGeorge and they are giving me some money. I wonder if I would be selling myself short by going there. Can you give me some advice on this? Thank you in advance.

McGeorge is a great I've heard, and the reputation is getting better. I live in Sacramento and everyone that I know that is a lawyer here, went to McGeorge, so I take it that it is a regional school. If you expect to be in North Cali, I don't think you will be at a loss of oppurtunities if you go there. McGeorge is in a bad neighborhood, but the campus is nice...better then Hastings. I don't know much else, but nobody talks bad about it.

Law school gets tossed around by most folks at one point of another because it seems more accessible. Viscerally, at least.

Anybody with a college degree can theoretically go to law school, regardless of whether they majored in early childhood education at community college, or Biochemistry at Harvard. It's always an option.

And the doctor/lawyer effect is pretty powerful, culturally... people often equate both with a level of success and acheivement. You can't just decide one day to go to med school (some preparation is necessary), and most people's fear of numbers keeps them from considering B-school, so law school becomes a viable "if only"/"someday" dream.

Exactly! Had I known I could reach the stars way back in my begining school years I would have went for Med school is just as great, but a little less unless you got to Yale or Harvard or is the dream you set your mind on in high school.

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