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Thats exactly what I'm trying not to do, but thanks.

 :-\. I found out I'm pregnant and I have to keep it because I have some reproductive problems and was told about 2 years ago I couldn't get pregnant...thus the taking chances... :-\ Well, I got into law school already and I really really want to go, but I'll be having the baby in the begining of the school year. I already settle on going part time, but my doctor said its impossible. I have some lawyer friends who said its not impossible but not a great idea....arrrrhhhh, I have to make this work. Yes, My husband will be there to help. Any suggestions.

I got into Whittier (with a 50% scholarship), USF, Texas Weslyan (w/ 50% scholarship), and California Western so far. I haven't heard back from McGeorge yet, how do my chances look good based on what I got into so far? My LSAT is kinda low 152, and my GPA is 3.65 with alot of good experience and diversity in my background.

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