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They must not like our section 3 status and therefore decided to not send us our orientation packet!!  Darn my section 3 status.

Hey Plex,

If it is any concillation prize, I didn't receive the orientation packet and only received my section info. 

Section 3 here!!!!

Anything under 121 I would be back at the test center!!!

I would say go to Rutgers and spend the saved money on LSAT preperation!  Granted that would be a ton of money on LSAT prep, but the LSAT will probably be the biggest factor in their decision.  With that being said, you may change your mind about wanting to go to law school in which case, UofM would probably be a much better choice!!

General board for soon-to-be 1Ls / Re: The Most Lawyerly Beverage
« on: May 24, 2007, 08:42:26 AM »
I think the most classy shot would have to go to the "three wisemen"!!! It would be especially pleasent if you are an inexperienced drinker.

I've decided.  MSU-COL here I come!!!  (or should I say "stay")  I did both undergrad and some grad coursework here too...I guess you could say I'm a "Lifer"!!!

Being here for 11 years now, I pretty much know everything about the area (including where to find secret parking spots!!!).  So feel free to ask away (not about the parking spots though!!!)   :P

And MSU hoops is gonna be killer this year!!! Final Four, Baby!  I've already got my NCAA Regional tickets at Ford Field!  :)


Congrats Buttertart!!  I thought I was gonna be a lifer at WSU, having done my undergrad and grad degree but I think in the long run MSU will be a better degree!!  Anyway, you might have to spill it about the parking spots now.

Hey Mathies,

Michigan State University
Legislative law
No debt when I get out

Debt free cats take lots of vacations and have many hobbies

Thanks Mathies!! ;D

Hey Mathies,

Michigan State University
Legislative law
No debt when I get out

Where should I go next fall? / Re: Cincinnati or Marquette?
« on: May 16, 2007, 08:17:28 PM »
I wouldn't put too much stock in the salary differential.  Since they are only reporting 48% You are probably right to knock that down a bit.  Also, I think the number is also pushed up significantly because from what I heard anyone who wants to work in Cincinnati as a lawyer better be T14 or from Cincinnati and even then it might be easier if you are from Cincinnati and did well!  I heard this both at Cincinnati as well as Toledo.  Therefore, assume some of the high paying jobs are for those who stay in the area and if you are not interested, then it might not be that big of a difference.

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