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Black Law Students / Re: Thurgood Marshall School of Law???
« on: May 07, 2007, 03:22:57 PM »
My scores are on LSN, but I had a 147 & 155 LSAT; 2.5 GPA, 2.74 in my major, 3.0 before my senior year. I have super soft factors, a great resume, great PS and LOR's. I am entirely too blessed to have been admitted to many of my schools and even more blessed to have received scholarships. Most of my story is on LSN though. But if you wanna know, you can ask.

Black Law Students / Re: The Hair Thread
« on: May 07, 2007, 08:01:05 AM »
I have locs now and I just actually highlighted the tips myself. I was thinking about keeping them for law school becuase I like the maintenance of them. They are a LOT cheaper to take of than a fade. I can do them myself as evidence of this recent bleaching and I can edge up my own hairline.

I guess I am asking since I have almost made my mind up about cutting them, what is the prevalence of afro-amer men that wear locs in the legal profession and do you think it would be hard to attain significant 1L with the locs. I would like to grow them back one day, but I am not sure.

Well I am meant I saw on the SMU thread that you were waitlisted. But I totally feel you on thw money being spent and getting every decision out of the adcomms. I am still waiting on Pepperdine and I dont know what to make out of it. I do have some resume updates. I have been teaching Spanish in the Columbus Inner city schools for the last 4 months now, but my previous resume was already two pages long and so I am not sure how to augment that one or should I just state it somewhere or reduce my previous resume or whatever. I had a LOR sent in after their decision to waitlist me. It was sent in January. Other than that I have no more. I knd of told SMU that I would guarantee my matriculation if admitted, but then they admitted to the part time program so I wont feel as bad if I dont go, but Pepperdine is in there as well, since I would prefer attending a fulltime program and its Cali, plus I would love to transfer to one of the Cali schools, so the in state I would be able to receive after the first year would be great, but it is not that crucial or serious. I just want UHLC to admit already and let me tell my mom to fix my room back up.

I was hearing the same thing when I visited American. Although I think they take a lot more people off of the waitlist. If you are looking to do something in International Law and are looking for the public sector or  things of that nature then American is great. My friend loves it there and I loved my visit. The costs is a huge deterance for me though. Do you think I should email them every other week to indicate how serious I am about my attendance. I am moving back to Houston no later than the middle of June. I am not leaving til Early August at the latest and even then I will drive back down and just have to lose that housing deposit.

NAw I am playing I have withdrawn and they even sent me a survey to fill out, so I could explain to them why I was not attending their school. I told them cost and lack of funding and the sort, but yea I have given up my seat. I hope you get it M!ch!g@n fan. I am not one of THOSE Buckeye fans, I just pretend to be sometimes, so they don't go flipping over my car and setting it on fire. Be blessed and I hope you receive a decision soon.

Dang Silent, you still havent heard from them! Yea I heard about the SMU decision, I am sorry. I am still trying to get into UHLC. I have a letter that is almost done and I will be sending it in this week. I am still hoping and praying. I NEED to be there this fall.

So if you are waitlisted you can call and ask to speak with the Dean of Admissions and they might actually tell you about your chances to attend the school?

I am in like an fritz. I NEED to go to UHLC!!! I want to do anything I can to get in off of this waitlist.

Black Law Students / Re: Thurgood Marshall School of Law???
« on: May 06, 2007, 08:06:15 PM »
I am from Houston and I was this close to attending or at least puttin my seat deposit at Thurgood, but SMU called and so yea... Anyways back to your concerns. The school is good, contrary to popular belief. It places decently in Houston and the faculty there are not bad, but you will need to do well to have a chance at BIGlaw or decently well to get some good jobs in teh city. The attrition rate is high and the bar passage rate is low, but I am sure you know all of that. They do TRY to make sure that everyone makes it, but do the nature of the school's mission and premise it is almost impossible to not have a high attrition rate. It was founded as a school for minorities to attend since we were not allowed to attend UT. GREAT founding. Thats why I had no qulams getting my degree from there if I had to. But the bar passage rate is another issue. I applied back in November and they did not review my file until March and I did not get my letter until the middle of March. That was sad to me and My numbers are not great but I was able to receive scholarships from many of their peer institutions. Their administration is not well organized, but if you are focused and WANT to be in law school and be an Attorney, going to TSU will not impede you from what you want to do. It is those who do not have the desire or the aptitude who attribute to the attrition rate also many students do transfer. You should call them and ask to speak with either Tiffany or Dean Edward Rene, they will tell you if you qulaify for any additional free money. HTH! ;D

Hit me up if you want to knwo anything else or anythign about Houston. I am hoping to be a 1L at UHLC in the fall so I might be in the area anyway.

sweet epiphany,

aye have a problem with people assuming that race actually means something...some on this board have a problem with the fact that aye point out that they fail to apply logic to a term which people incorrectly throw around all the time.

sorry if others sway your a trini aye think calling someone "black" is a passe term...bigoted and colorist and most importantly MOST certainly is not a race. need to reply to this as aye am sure someone else will do it for you. ;)

good luck and remember...

beware the big bad BLUEwarrior. ;) :D :D

Interesting to say the least. I will say that just because of your own beliefs, you should not put down the thoughts and ideas of others, but that would be a respect issue and would allow for more free flowing intellectual discourse. To agree with what you said, Race is a passe term, but that does not make it real. Race is a sociological construct used to in fact separate and place people into groups. Now since it is a consrtuct, this mean it is MAN made, now it might NOT be "real" or mean something to you, but to many it does. In fact they based thier entire lives around it.

Now can it be disconstructed? YES and it is up to individuals like yourself to further educate, not obliterate, the others. If we choose to not use that term it would help the community a little more, but is that a fight that we need to overall spend a significant time on??? Me I would say maybe, but I am an idealist. It is like the argu8ment on the N word, should we focus our attention and energy on eradicating a word from AA's vocabulary soley because of its history or should we continue the mantra of we have changed the meaning and it no longer has that power (Sorry, not meant to HijaCK). Again I am an idealist, so when I look at it I would say, NO, but then I would say YES, because those two thigns would assist in the movement and progression of AA's towards better self image and improving how one feels about themselves. If you call yourself Black, you are referring to a color that has many negative conotations, yet if you refer to yourself as an African American, Trini American, African Brit or whatever you now have reconnected with your past, your HISTORY and made it YOURSTORY and now you have a bit of identification and feel the need to have something to live up to. Whereas many feel that they have no history, but being slaves and it reflects in many's slave mentality.

Sorry for being so long, but I was reading this and I like having intellectual conversation. Thanks again for humoring me and again these are my opinions based on my life and research being a sociologist. Many, I am sure willnot agree, but that is what provides for intellectual discourse as long as it remains RESPECTFUL! Thanks ;D ;D ;D

On a side note what does "px.o.rsta" mean?

Rev you are right. Competency is the subject and "is" the verb that begins the predicate. The rest of the phrases are all prepositions. Which like you showed, if they are removed then the sentence still makes sense.

Oooops I guess I was just a lil late.

Yea I would say that you cna get a job anywhere but with a degree from a T4 it is easier to get one in the market in which in the school is. And then of course you have to consider the grades you will make in school also determine where you end up and how much easier it is to either leave or get a higher paying job.

Overall Houston is not bad. The major complaints people have with Houston are the same complaints you would have with ANY big city. Mind you, Houston IS the 4th LARGEST city in the nation. So they complain about traffic, crime and traffic. We have plenty of shopping malls, food spots, beautiful neighborhoods, good school systems, employment opportunities. It is a wonderful city for a fraction of the big city prices. Our COL is relatively low.
Here is a thread about places to live. But all in all If you want to work in San Antonio it would be easier to get a job coming from STCl, but even EASIER from St. Mary's, but it is prolly too late if you have not already applied there.,85516.0.html

Where are you from and where would you like to work? Highly important. Yea STCL is competitive, but going to school there enables you to be in the Houston market and network with those professionals and if you do well you can get a good job.

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