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I just received an email from Dean Hammers stating that some were released from the waitlist but that they were still actively considering me. Anyone else get this email???

Black Law Students / Re: CLEO 2007
« on: May 10, 2007, 06:00:25 AM »
So I have apparently been rejectedadmission/participation in the 6 Week Summer Institute Program. I called them on Monday and they said that all 80 seats had been filled and paid in full. I will get my official rejection letter next week sometime. I am sad, but oh well. Everyone that was able to get in, Congrats and even more to those who are going. I hope to see some of you all at the AIE in Atlanta unless they say I cannot participate in that either...

Oh well I guess since the thread is gone I might as well join in ...

I received an email from Russ Dalbey about how I could secure extreme wealth in a matter of days/months.... only thing is that it was going to cost me around 100G's to just get started... I am thinking I will save my first year's salary and make it happen!!!

Acceptances, Denials, and Waitlists / Did anyone get this email???
« on: May 09, 2007, 04:51:36 PM »
I just received an email from Dean Hammers at University of Houston Law Center. I was wondering if anyone else got this email? It basically states that some have been "released" from the waitlist and that no decisions will be made til mid June most likely.

WOW!!! Yall did some work today didn't yall?!?!?

Nope.  I'm home sick  :P

I meant on the thread Moni ;) ::) ;D :D :P

WOW!!! Yall did some work today didn't yall?!?!?

As I have been reading the exchange on pages 6 and 7, I noted that someone mentioned how African Americans don't have their own army, representation, etc.  The statements awoken the devil's advocate in, and made me wonder, Why do African Americans need to have their own armies, or other things of the sort?  Aren't African Americans, theoretically, supposed to be Americans?  They fight in the US Army, Navy, etc. They are represented by political organizations, such as the Congressional Black Caucus.  This is not to say that African Americans need to pretend they are satisfied with what little representation they have. However, it does reveal the insidious double consciousness that African Americans face....wanting to be "American", while also wanting to be recognized as a unique group that needs to be addressed differently.  African American culture is so distinct from general American culture that it creates this idea of a nation within a nation. Nation building is difficult when you have divergent sects vying for respect. Look at what happened when the South wanted to secede...the Northerners went down there and quieted that storm. African Americans suffer the same treatment.  The rest of America just wants African Americans to conform and be "happy" that slavery is over.  But, the way I see it is that, because of the manner in which Africans became Americans, African Americans are always trying to regain claim to some semblance of ownership, sovereignty, and dignity.  There was and continues to be an antagonistic relationship between the descendants of slaves and the descendants of slave owners. We have seen,or read how Caucasian Americans' anger at the ending of slavery (an anger derived from fear of losing a thriving economy) turned to hatred of the one group that had no say in what would happen to it.  I hope this doesn't simplify it too much, but it is akin to a huge grudge that Caucasian Americans have against African Americans for screwing up their Utopia.  This grudge does not translate to immigrants, African, West-Indian, or whatever.  African Americans, and slavery are part of the dark underbelly of American History that most Caucasian Americans want to "get over."  But it is difficult to get over something when you are reminded of your transgressions on a daily basis.

GREAT post!!! I agree with 97% of what you said except the part about the slave master not hating the immigrant Blacks. Because again, for the most part, it is hard to tell who is from what country, Unless identifying different regions of africa and the west indies, and most do not care. They just do not like Black people or people who are not white.

Again I agree with your overall argument, but it really just comes down to overall competency. He meets with Jesse JAckson, Al Sharpton, Gregory (Last name slips my mind right now) not on regualr basis, but he does meet with them. Now does he actually meet with the President of NAACP, Not sure. Have we as constituency held him accountable for ANY of his transgressions??? No

We deserve a lot and we need a lot more to get us to where we need to be, but more importantly we need to help ourselves. I teach my students and educate them on whatever they need to do an assignment for the day in my class, and then I say if you need help I am here. Some will come to me and say I do not get this others will say put the work down in front of me and say help me. I ask with what, they say the whole thing with no starting point. NOw they never try but they want me to help them.

I use this example because this is how we as AA's are we want help, but we are not helping ourselves first. We can blame any and everybody and we would most likely be right, but depending on anybody to assist us and improve our currrent condition is assinine. We MUST help ourselves.

Lastly, it is my opinion that this article was done more so in a positive light to show that it is not the color of one's skin and that we are definitely not inferior to white folks. We are as intelligent and can be just as educated. If you are taking this article as a negative in which they are NOT comparing them to solely american blacks, but to ALL minorities period then you would need to look inside yourself and think why is that. This article was not made to MAKE us be crabs in the bucket again. Thats just all some people know what to do.

Can we please stop trying to pull one another down?

Thank you Nibbles for pointing it out. Does not make sense to me why you would choose to use anger to respond with anger. Clearly you both are passionate about what YOU believe and are pretty strong minded in those beliefs. What is also clear is that you two are not listening to what the other is saying.

ODara great point - Georgia does not NEED to have meetings with the head of the NAACP as he would try to meet with different foreign officials. That is what is called foreign relations.

For Domestic relations what he DOES do is meet with senators who are "supposed" to be our representatives. He also meets with various officials, lobbyists, and representatives of various groups, but advertising these meetings are not necessary.

Madness - Great point, we do need to have a leader or leaders to champoin our causes, needs and issues. This is clearly definite. Since the late 60's we have been without our leaders and it has reflected in the acts of our communities. Part of the problem is that no one wants to put their financial necks on the line and risk losing the jobs or an audience for a group of people. The community barely supports its own people and are more likely to criticize than champion a business which makes their reluctance greater on the majority and less likely to risk losing that market.

Back to the poitn of us needing leaders. If we had more competent leaders with character and clout then it would be easier to have a contact person and this would lead to greater contact.

Overall white folks look at black people as black people. Immigrants need to learn to speak English and AA's need to speak better english. Let's be real for real. The cause of the percentage figures of educated minorities has little to do with us having a contact person and more to do with the issues at hand within our communities. Now a leader would help the cause but the issues would still be existent.

Black Law Students / Re: Thurgood Marshall School of Law???
« on: May 07, 2007, 05:06:11 PM »
well we would have liked to have you here at ualr, but good luck at smu
Well thank you Rev. I appreciate it and all of your advice. I was speaking with Deaen Taylor and I was about to send the deposit in there as well, but then I got that call from SMU, so unless I get in UH. I will be attending SMU this fall.

U know what, i was on that site and saw alot of people with much lower gpa's and not all of that LSAT's who got into some schools that i didnt think would even look at me. I think i sold myself short on some real ish. Im in the school i want to be in, but damn, i coulda applied to other scchools to see if i can get some money

Yea I just took chances and had confidence. I did not want to have any regrets concerning my cycle, when it was all said and done. But where are you going this fall?

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