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Should I be concerned that it looks more and more like BU is on the rise and BC is stagnant in the rankings? I realize 20 and 28 isn't a big difference, but since pretty much every other factor between the two schools is similar, shouldn't I take this into account? I was under the belief that BC is a slightly better law school in terms of job prospects & education. Sorry I was too lazy to score everything.

10 grand from BC. Living at home. No doubt about it. Cya in the fall.

Looks like I'll be going to BC (27) over GWU (19). Cheaper, where I want to practice, nice location, smaller student body. I think it's the right choice.

Serious Merit Aid. More than I thought they were going to give me.

got the letter today, signed in, and was able to get some serious cash. Looks like the BC Legal Eagles are going to have a cowboy lawyer to worry about next year

that is correct. I sent them my letter before the first round of emails letting us know that financial aid was on the way. Basically it repeated what was said in the email that BC made its own decisions about financial aid seperate from other schools offers. So I don't know how effective my letter was, but I did get a response and now they are at least aware that I have other options and money, so it can't be a bad thing. I would def. suggest shooting it out before you get the award. If you wind up getting an amount you are unhappy with, it will be tougher to try and get more.

well at the admit students reception in Boston it was free. And I mean EVERYTHING. One guy in our group started ordering shots of Grey Goose while other people were downing down Martini's. I stuck with the Sam Adams winter. Always a good decision.

where's the money lebowski?

GW is giving me a great vibe in terms of party atmosphere. Between the admit students in Boston reception and the student weekend, the free bar tab alone is making it worth my while.

I'm trying to set things up now. I might just come down thurs/fri and fly back saturday. There is a huge party at my undergrad that night and I don't want to miss out. Count me in for pre-law bar reviews. I'm gonna try and stay with a student if that's possible. If not what do you guys suggest for hotels?

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