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I got my applications done in mid-November which i think helped some of my results.

I think Temple is awesome as well, and am really hoping to get accepted there....I would just to go where you know you will be happy, especially considering that debt won't be as much of an issue like you said...
where else are you applying?  Are you applying FT/PT for Temple?  I was Full Time day in case you are wondering.

wow is temple only giving out non-renewable scholarships?  I never knew that!  And I am also surprised at Rutgers-Camden's high GPA requirement.  I have applied to Temple, Rutgers-Camden, and Drexel as well....I haven't heard from any of them yet though...I guess it depends on how much you are willing to go into debt...As far as Drexel though, that is an awesome offer!  I am curious to see how your final decision plays keep us up to date! 
I actually haven't heard of anyone else getting non-renewable offers from Temple.  I am thinking it has something to do with my out of state status, but i really don't know.  The Rutgers-Camden scholarship dropped to $4,000 if my GPA was between 3.49 and 3.2 or something like that.
I think i am leaning towards temple but some of those offers are extremely tempting...

thanks for the reply
i have to admit that i am freaked out by the debt, but i am trying not to let that make my decision for me.  I don't have any UGrad loans so the debt wont cripple me.  Temple has some very good programs and i love philly so i think i am leaning towards them.  But that money from Seton Hall is certainly tempting.  Would anyone out there choose Seton Hall?

Just curious what you would choose:
Temple: $12,000 NON-renewable
Drexel: Full Tuition
Rutgers-Camden: $5,000/yr (if i maintain a 3.5  :o)
Seton Hall: $27,000 (if 3.0)


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