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In any case I'm done with this thread - go to any school you want, its your life and your 200k not mine.

have fun at your "hedge fund" making "millions"

models and bottles, steve.jd... 

happiness is just a few years away


So, NYU beats Mich in firm placement, faculty and student quality, is arguably beating them in clerkships, and is tied for academia.  Have I missed any categories?

This is just stupid.

And please, define "student quality" (and please think about it for awhile).

You took that quote out of context - if you look back at my original post I made sure to treat student quality not as a certainty (as I did with everything else but with the caveat of taking that category with a grain of salt.  Furthermore, I did not nor do I plan to define student quality - Leiter defines them.  Again, you know nothing about me.  If you did you would know that I have roughly 50 or 60 posts in a long thread arguing that the LSAT is a bad predictor of LS performance and not useful in determining intelligence so I put little stock in student quality but many people disagree so I added the link.

the stupid quote of yours, and your highly selective, cherry-picked sources, stand for themselves...especially in light of the fact that gengis isn't claiming that M>N.

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So, NYU beats Mich in firm placement, faculty and student quality, is arguably beating them in clerkships, and is tied for academia.  Have I missed any categories?

tj's right

your douchebaggery knows no limits

Are you seriously going to look at the data you yourself just posted and attempt to reasonably claim more than even a marginal at best gap between NYU and Michigan?

Nail, meet head.  Head, nail.

Talk is cheap - please find one.

Wow way more useful than my link...clearly Boalt > H/S.

feminine hygiene product, there is no difference in importance or relevance between my link and your link, except for that your link proves what you want to prove.

That is, they are BOTH f-ing useless as absolute proof of faculty quality.

Umm no, Leiter accounts for class size - he takes clerks over class size in the recent decade its .04 for both

Right, and your comparison of the two time periods ignores this ratio.

From the XOXOHTH / autoadmit PDF link:

"schools such as the University of Michigan,
the University of Pennsylvania, the University of Washington, and countless others that send significant
portions of their student body to secondary markets are severely underrated in my study"


30 - ranking NYU's faculty as better than Mich

"Since many frequently cited articles are cited because they contain succinct statements of boilerplate propositions of law or of a particular academic approach to some set of issues, or because they fall squarely within a particular academic paradigm whose proponents make a practice of citing each other, the frequency of an author's citations has little to do with his influence, much less with the quality of his work. "

Do you have a better or alternative ranking?

It's a lot easier to find methodological flaws (which exist in any rankings system) than to create a better one.

I'll find one that shows the opposite of what you are arguing... it would be just as meaningless.

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