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I'm a 58 year old successful struggling comedian.


For proof:

Sure, because The Larry Sanders Show wasn't the best show ever on TV, winning numerous Emmy awards.


I'm a 58 year old successful comedian.

OK, just caught up in 24.  Phew!  Why do you people try to predict TV shows?  Just watch it. 

I did think this last episode was very good.  Will Palmer can the Ally McBeal reject and go with Bill's wife?  Can Morris withstand torture?  How does CTU know there are 4 nukes still on the loose?  These are all pressing issues. 

CTU knows there are 4 on the loose because in an earlier episode they translated some intelligence saying there were 5 visitors in the country...


I would, actually. But I wouldn't expect anyone else to, you included. I just have a strong affinity for Michigan rooted in my early childhood, and grandiose prestige really isn't very important to me. I also aspire to be educated, from Pre-K through university, JD, LL.M., and S.J.D., entirely by public instututions. So, I'm not a good example.

That's really interesting (and not in a prestige-whorish way).  Can I ask why?

Idealistic belief in the power and importance of public education. Other than that, my Dad is a teacher's union activist and I was brought up with that influence. I believe strongly in the duty of a just society to assure opportunity, and as a (relatively) talented person, I think it's goood for talented people to patronize the system. If everyone smart is "sorted" out of public education and cherry-picked into private institutions, it dilutes the quality of the public education's student body and thus the strength and viability of the programs.

That said, I'm no saint, and this is by no means an OVERRIDING need. I applied to some private schools, as well, just in case... but a law school's public status earns it a lot of points with me. (Yes, I realize how strange that is.) That's just my preferred result.



Tell me more about your "hedge fund" career path, please.

Yeah, Steveling, may I remind you that I've made no objections whatsoever to the substance of your NYU-trumps-Michigan argument?  You could roll out all of the objective, empirical evidence in the world proving *conclusively* that there is a world of difference between the two - I would remain delighted with my school, my personal choices, and my prospects.  This is not the same as needing to believe that Michigan is the pinnacle of prestige.  I feel very very lucky to be at one of the best schools in the nation, and will be the first to concede that it's not The Best.  I am overwhelmingly positive about you well know, since you spend so much time indulging us with your enlightened views in the "Michigan 1L" thread.   ::)

No, my misguided friend, I and many others object to the style, not the substance.  It's the fact that you're a know-it-all who can't keep his opinions to himself and who actually knows very little.  Your thoughts may have been solicited here, but they're generally not.  As several others have already pointed out, you pop up everywhere with your two-bit self-aggrandizing, self-assured, smarmy nonsense.  And I'm not just talking LSD - one of my dearest friends goes to school with you IRL, and apparently the online persona is not schtick. 

Red is right, tho - I generally ignore the handful of posters who rub me the wrong way, but this was a major case of "I've been holding back for so long and he's really asking for it now." 

Oh, and for the record, responding to someone who views the world differently by calling him a socialist and saying that he should move to France is precisely the sort of douchebaggery that made me suggest you're too young for your own good. 

Oh, snap.

General Off-Topic Board / Re: ITT we give really bad advice
« on: February 11, 2007, 07:44:05 AM »
Sell all your stuff on ebay.  Then take all the cash to Vegas and put it all on Black.

I just want to point out that I never got an answer to my question.    Guess he couldn't do it after all. ::)

what was your question again?

In any case I'm done with this thread - go to any school you want, its your life and your 200k not mine.

Well, minus the $120K Michigan is chipping in for her, I guess.


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