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also, about your debt load, what is Iowa's policy on getting in-state tuition after 1L?  This could reduce your debt...

In-state tuition exceptions are made for research assistants while they are working. It's not easy to qualify for in-state tuition otherwise.

Thanks for the advice!  The GPA cutoff for the scholarship is class rank of 50%.

While I wouldn't mind living in Iowa for 3-5 years, I doubt I would want to practice there after a clerkship.  The T3 (Texas Tech) has a slightly higher regional appeal to me. (I'd prefer to end  up in Dallas/Ft.Worth, Austin, San Antonio, San Francisco, Minneapolis/St.Paul, Chicago, or DC).

I guess I should have also asked... is Iowa a significantly less regional school than Texas Tech?

Do judges typically hire students from their own schools, and I imagine Iowa has more judges as alumni than Tech?  I assume judges are a lot less picky than BIGLAW when it comes to ranking. True?  I'm also under the impression that geography / location of the law school matters less for clerkships than it does for firm jobs.  True? 

As far as a clerkship goes, I'm very open geographically.  I wouldn't mind living outside one of my desired practice areas.  I assume clerking anywhere will open up more doors anyway.  True?


I understand what will increase the chances of landing a federal clerkship: high GPA and journal experience.  But, how much does a school's ranking play into it?  Does anyone know of a registry that tracks the schools attended by clerks working with certain judges?

I'm currently trying to decide between Iowa (out of state, no scholarship) and a T3 with a full scholarship. The median and 75% starting salaries at the schools are about equal.

I would like to do a district and/or circuit court clerkship. I'm leaning towards the T3 because, the way I see it, if I end up not having good enough grades at either school to get a clerkship, then I am better off being in debt only $40,000 (living expenses at T3) rather than $125,000 at Iowa. UNLESS, Iowa's higher ranking would provide an edge when applying for clerkships. 

Other than cost and ranking, the schools tie on the other important factors to me.

Any ideas?  Thanks!

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