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Bar Exam / What is a good price for one-year-old BarBri books?
« on: September 12, 2009, 04:50:43 PM »
Does anyone know what a fair price would be for one-year-old BarBri books?

I'm graduating this year, and I'm thinking of self studying with the BarBri books from the July 2009 / February 2010 bar exam.  I saw last year someone posted on LSD about paying $150 for the books, but I see on eBay that books from the July 2009 exam are going for $400 - $600 (maybe because it's so soon after the exam, even before results have come back).  I think students can turn their books back in to BarBri at the end of the course for $250.  Anybody have any ideas on what I should pay (and whether I should wait until after the July 2009 results come back to purchase because maybe people will be more willing to sell after they find out they have passed and don't need the books)?

Texas Supreme Court (Austin, TX)
Will begin accepting applications September 8 for 2010 term.  $44,216 / year.

Texas First Court of Appeals (Houston, TX)
Now accepting applications for 2009 term.  $50,000 / year.

Texas Third Court of Appeals (Austin, TX)
Now accepting applications for 2010 term.  $42,000 / year.

Texas Fourth Court of Appeals (San Antonio, TX)
Now accepting applications for 2010 term.  $50,500 / year.

Texas Eighth Court of Appeals (El Paso, TX)
Now accepting applications for 2010 term.  $50,000 / year.

Texas Fourteenth Court of Appeals (Houston, TX)
Now accepting applications for 2010 term.  $50,000 / year.

Studying and Exam Taking / Evidence - Need MBE-type Questions!
« on: May 03, 2009, 02:30:18 PM »
Does anyone have MBE-type questions for Evidence, or do you know where I can find some?  My prof uses a multiple choice test for Evidence, and I'd like some practice.  There are a few CALI lessons, but those are typically subject-specific and not great substitutes for bar exam questions.

Every so often on this message board someone suggests that the ABA should restrict the number of law schools it accredits (or shut down some lower ranked schools) because the legal market is saturated with lawyers.  The argument is more prevalent on TLS and unavoidable on JDU, and I've seen it universally espoused by 0Ls, students, and graduates. 

On the other hand, I've seen bloggers and legal professionals complain about the ABA engaging in protectionist conduct, and the United States (via the Antitrust Division of the DOJ) sued the ABA for restricting competition.

Where do you stand?  Should the ABA be more active in restricting the supply of lawyers, or should accreditation standards be relaxed (or abolished)?

Would tuition be lower if there wasn't pressure to attend an accredited school?  Would competency suffer?  Would government regulation of law schools increase?

Law School Applications / List of schools offering Full Ride + Stipend
« on: April 19, 2009, 03:33:56 PM »
Some schools offer scholarships that include living stipends.  This list is incomplete.  Please help add to the list if you have information about schools that offer scholarships with living stipends. (For reference, I've also added the 75th percentile LSAT/GPA numbers from the ABA).


School:  Cardozo
Stipend Amount:  Unknown annual
Name:  The Monrad Paulsen Scholarship
Application:  None
Renewal:  Unknown
75% LSAT/GPA:  166 / 3.70

School:  Drake
Stipend Amount:  $10,000 annual
Name:  Dwight D. Opperman Scholar Program
Application:  Separate
Renewal:  Top 1/3 of class
75% LSAT/GPA:  158 / 3.72

School:  Emory
Amount:  $3,000 annual
Name:  Robert W. Woodruff Scholars and Fellows Program
Application:  Nomination letter and interview
Renewal:  unknown
75% LSAT/GPA:  166 / 3.62

School:  Kentucky
Amount:  $1,000-$3,000 annual
Name:  Ashland Scholarship
Application:  None, must be KY resident, interview if selected
Renewal:  Good standing
75% LSAT/GPA:  162 / 3.79

Amount:  About $10,000 annual
Name:  Combs Scholarship
Application:  None, interview if selected
Renewal:  unknown
75% LSAT/GPA:  162 / 3.79

School:  Mercer

Amount:  $5,000 annual
Name:  The George W. Woodruff Scholarship
Application:  Separate and interview
Renewal:  Good academic standing
75% LSAT/GPA:  158 / 3.69

Amount:  $6,000 per summer, up to two
Name:  Walter F. George Foundation Public Service Scholarships
Application:  None
Renewal:  Must work in unpaid position for summer, good academic standing

School:  Miami
Stipend Amount:  $1,000 annual
Name:  Harvey T. Reid Scholarship / Law Scholar's Program
Application:  None
Renewal:  Unknown
75% LSAT/GPA:  160 / 3.63

School:  Michigan
Stipend Amount:  $7,500 one-time
Name:  Darrow
Application:  None
Renewal:  Unknown
75% LSAT/GPA:  170 / 3.79

School:  Oklahoma City University
Stipend Amount:  Unknown
Name:  Hatton W. Sumners Foundation
Application:  Separate and interview, only available to student/graduate of college in Oklahoma, Arkansas, Kansas, Missouri, Texas, Louisiana, Nebraska, or New Mexico.
Renewal:  Top 1/3 of class
75% LSAT/GPA:  152 / 3.50

School:  Southern Methodist (SMU)
Stipend Amount:  Unknown
Name:  Hatton W. Sumners Foundation
Application:  Separate, only available to student/graduate of college in Oklahoma, Arkansas, Kansas, Missouri, Texas, Louisiana, Nebraska, or New Mexico.
Renewal:  Top 1/3 of class
75% LSAT/GPA:  165 / 3.84

School:  Vanderbilt
Stipend Amount:  $5,000 annual
Name:  Law Scholar Merit Awards
Application:  Separate
Renewal:  Good standing
75% LSAT/GPA:  168 / 3.83

School:  Virginia
Stipend Amount:  Varies, up to $20,000 total
Name:  NA
Application:  None
Renewal:  Unknown
75% LSAT/GPA:  171 / 3.87

School:  Wake Forest
Stipend Amount:  Varies, up to $1,000 annual
Name:  NA
Application:  None
Renewal:  Top 2/3 of class
75% LSAT/GPA:  166 / 3.69

School:  University of Washington
Stipend Amount:  Room and board and incidental expenses
Name:  William H. Gates Public Service Law Program
Application:  Separate, agreement to work in public service for 5 years
Renewal:  Unknown
75% LSAT/GPA:  165 / 3.82

School:  Washington University St. Louis
Stipend Amount:  $5,000 annual
Name:  Webster Society Scholarship
Application:  Separate, public service
Renewal:  Unknown
75% LSAT/GPA:  167 / 3.70

General Board / Getting published after your journal passes?
« on: January 31, 2009, 04:18:11 PM »
My law review passed on my case note.  Has anyone heard of a student who had luck getting a case note or article published by another school's journal?  Are there any other publication methods I should be looking at?


Meta Discussion / Why is LSD failing to TLS?
« on: December 31, 2008, 11:53:27 PM »
Ok, so maybe this is a presumptuous topic, but I distinctly remember that LSD seemed much busier than TLS about a year or two ago.  Has there been a big decline in posting on LSD, and is that due to TLS?

I feel like the advice on LSD is a lot more than TLS, and most of the new crowd (0Ls advising 0Ls) tend to post on TLS.  There seem to be far fewer people on LSD who argue without exception to choose a school based on USNWR ranking; and it seems these people have migrated to TLS (or lots of the posters from the last few years on LSD have left, and new posters are going to TLS rather than LSD).  Is this all just my imagination, or have y'all noticed this as well?

Reviews, Visits, and Rankings / Mercer Law 2L taking questions
« on: December 23, 2008, 08:29:43 PM »
If anybody has questions about Mercer, I'm happy to answer.  

In the meantime... (and I could elaborate on any of these issues if you like)

1.  Nationally recognized legal writing program (courses are taught by tenure and tenure-track professors; 8 graded credit hours over 3 semesters; and a legal writing certificate program)
2.  Award-winning, unique curriculum (including required ethics course for 1Ls; "intro to law" course, which acclimates 1Ls to reading/briefing cases and taking a law school exam during the week before regular classes begin; upper-level 1 credit hour required courses including client counseling, negotiations, and statutory interpretation).
3.  Great profs (both in my opinion, and recognized by student survey ranking from Princeton Review)
4.  Small, close-knit student body with a student to faculty ratio of about 13:1.
5.  Many large scholarships (including about 6-10 each year that include living stipends).
6.  Large endowment (a semi-old study by Leiter ranks it fourth in the country after adjusting for number of students and COL).

1.  Location in Macon.  Lots of people don't like the city, but I personally enjoy it.  It's a small Southern town with a decent amount of infrastructure (about 100K people in Macon, 350K in surrounding areas).  Traffic can sometimes be bad, and it's crime rate is above the national average (last time I checked).  People are generally nice here.  It's about 80 miles Southeast of Atlanta.

1.  Private tuition rates, which are much higher than resident tuition at GSU and UGA.
2.  USNWR typically ranks it third or fourth in the state.

General Board / Texas judicial clerkship list - where is it?
« on: June 15, 2008, 05:36:51 PM »
Several months ago I remember seeing a link on these boards to images of a list of where Texas students were working as judicial clerks.

I'm looking for the image(s) now, but I can't find anything on this site or via google.  Does anyone have the link?


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