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Incoming 1Ls / Re: Who's going where? LSD class of 2010
« on: April 05, 2007, 10:39:01 AM »
Ruger -- go to law school, make the big bucks, and then buy a really nice sports car.

Also, you're stepping away from a 19 year career?  Don't most public service pensions kick in at 20?  Either way, this a huge move for you.  Congrats!

Ohio police and fire pension fund kicks in at 25 years--60% of the average of the three highest years of pay.  Members of the fund vest at fifteen years, so I'm vested but I'm sacrificing about half of the pension I would realize if I stayed six more years.

But six may as well be 60.  It's bad here--budget cuts, low morale, terrible boss, seven village idiots for commissioners.  Development projects that could bring the city back from the brink of economic disaster hang in the balance because commissioners can't make a decision, thereby scaring off other developers and (potential) huge investments in the community.

Plus, I'm fed up with our local IAFF union.  I want to stand on my accomplishments and be rewarded for my efforts.  The union appears more and more socialist to me every day.  Slackers are rewarded and those who strive to achieve more than the minimum required are beat down until they fall in with the pack.

Arrrgghhhhhh!  I have to stop complaining!  I'm going to law school, darn it, and I'm gonna succeed!   ;)

Incoming 1Ls / Re: Who's going where? LSD class of 2010
« on: April 05, 2007, 09:06:42 AM »
I'm not a cool kid, but it's Cleveland-Marshall for me.  Sending the seat deposit today and submitting my resignation/retirement papers to the fire department by the end of the month.

Scary process, this.   :o   Giving up nineteen years of public service, a good salary and excellent benefits to make this leap into law.  My SO is extremely supportive (and employed, thank god!), but I know she is nervous about how this dramatic change will play out.

I hope this isn't just a mid-life crisis thing I'm going through, 'cause if it is it's gonna be a damn expensive one!  (Maybe I should just buy the red sports car and get it over with... :D)

I am leaning towards CSU. The on campus housing look impressing to me. However, i dont know if it would be cheaper to live on campus compared to off campus?  It might sound like a stupid question but can you cook your own food in dorms. And are undergrads treated to the same rules as Grad Students?

I'll be accepting my admissions offer to C-M this week.  On-campus housing includes Fenn Tower and Viking Hall.  Fenn was recently renovated; however, it is my understanding that most law and graduate students live in Viking on the upper floors.  There are no single rooms in Fenn, and according to residence life personnel, most law students live in Viking because they don't want roommates.

If you live in on-campus housing you MUST purchase a meal plan.  This makes me think that in-dorm cooking is not allowed.  There are a range of prices--most expensive is $1604.50/semester for an "all access" plan.  Other plans aren't much cheaper.

Small single room in Viking is a little over $5600/academic year.  A large single is almost $6100/academic year.  I'll probably opt for on-campus during 1L then look for an apartment in Lakewood for 2L and 3L years.  

Well, our goal is to take over Michigan, so... we would always love more help! :P

I'm about as queer as the day is long, and I applied to Michigan, but my numbers suck so I don't think I'll be of any help (unless U of M law wants a lesbian ex-firefighter wannabe lawyer).  

i was old enough to be the parent of 90% of the other admitted students there.  i was tempted to pretend to be the parent of some of the ones who wouldnt stop asking ridiculous questions and shame them out of actually attending by saying things like "my son has a bed-wetting problem, and is addicted to nilla wafers.  do you sell depends and wafers at the bookstore?"

i brought my wife, and she got so bored about halfway through she went back to the hotel.

This is hilarious, Rev!  Don't give me ideas like this...I might try it, too.

Went to an open house at U of Akron last summer--about 2/3 of the prospective applicants brought their parents.  I almost got blown out of the building from all of the prop wash coming from the helicopter parents.   :D

There were no parents at Mich---but a sh*tload of parents at the first ASw.  So much so that it really became annoying.  They were basically intruding on the panels, asking ridiculous questions (my son doens't cook, so how would he eat?).  There were a couple of parents at CLS but there were very *hidden*.

Sound like "helicopter parents" to me. 

Embrace the hatred

Thank you, I think I will.   ;)

I believe my loathing of children comes from my father--he didn't seem very fond of me or my sister.  He even told me (many times) that children weren't worth a damn until they could get a job and move out of the house.   :-\

As a rookie firefighter, the worst part of my job was giving fire station tours to the kids.  Gawd, I HATED it.  Today I just hide in my office when the brats come through the place during October.  At least as a battalion chief I can order others to give the kiddie tours.   :D  

At least I had enough sense not to have any and poison them with my hatred.  Unfortunately, there are breeders out there who have children they don't really want and treat them like crap.  

Studying for the LSAT / Re: happiest day of my life!
« on: March 28, 2007, 05:28:16 PM »
i got my first letter of law school acceptance today!!!  i took the LSAT 5 times.  my scores were 150, 151, 152, 154, and one cancellation.  i have a 3.23 gpa from Penn State University.  my numbers are low, but i wrote a killer personal statement.  i got into University of Wisconsin - Madison. 

Congrats, lather!   ;D

No little ones for me.  Still have all the parts for reproducing, but never even remotely considered having children.  Dirty little secret...I hate kids.  >:(

I saved my Yale / Harvard dings and framed them, they are right abouve my study deak, and when I get tired of working so hard in law school I look at them, they piss me off, and I get back to work. :)

But do they make you work harder in Admin Law?   :D

Sorry, that was mean of me...

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