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Transferring / Re: T3 or low T2?
« on: July 30, 2008, 07:10:11 PM »
It comes down to this: Do you think you can get a job in the city straight out of Pace? I think you can with those metrics and law review ... perhaps STJ is more visible to city employers, but not if you make *yourself* visible to those firms. One thing to consider: the St. John's campus is just as crappy and commuterish as Pace's, though there is a gym up there somewhere. Besides, on a personal note, I've heard that the number of transferees in our class at Pace is pretty high (four that I know of personally, and I've heard the number is in the double digits), so what the heck -- leave and I'll have a better shot to getting back into the top third or better pronto. :-) Congrats, though, on having the opportunity to bail out.

Wow, that's a vitriolic post. But I think it's a fairly accurate assessment.

One of my professors, who is very good and whose tests are quite orthodox, nevertheless spent considerable class time lamenting the traditional law school system and telling us what skills were really important and what to expect in practice. Nevertheless, he had a good point: Case law and fact-pattern exams are probably the best way to teach students the actual law.

I will say this, though -- law schools, from what I've gathered thus far, do a poor job of stressing the importance of gaining practical experience, building real skills such as writing and oral advocacy and learning how to be genuinely resourceful in networking and selling one's self. They want you to lean on the school for everything, and they want you to buy the myth that if you can't solve the in-class riddles and do well sitting on your butt, then you're nothing. I honestly believe that some of this amounts to a fraud racket -- they care mostly about justifying the outrageous costs, marketing the brand name, and steering business to the various book publishers and study-aid sellers.

The shame is that most professors don't really buy into that and go out of their way to emphasize what's truly important; but the administrators in charge of fostering the law school culture are unconscionable idiots. Explains why they're administrators ... no one wants them in a courtroom or teaching more than one class a semester. Which in a lot of cases is one class too many.     

Current Law Students / Re: Mistake on Cover Letter
« on: July 30, 2008, 07:15:45 AM »
Yeah, definitely fix the letter. Veteran attorneys have a hawk's eye for detail, and they will cross you off the list for the slightest deviation from meticulousness.

Yeah, your Mom ain't got nothing on Chicago, yo ...

Meant it to be a compliment. No faint praise here ... :-)

Transferring / Re: Transfer acceptance letter from Washington & Lee
« on: July 24, 2008, 10:51:48 AM »
Dude, Buffalo is not that small ... it's one of the 15 biggest cities in the country ... or something like that. Maybe that's the metro area, though. Even so, it's a major area. You were in Amherst, which is on the line with Buffalo proper and yes, is pretty blah (I'm from Syracuse right off of the university campus, so I know the feeling.

That said, you should have applied to George Mason or one of the schools right in D.C. if a smaller scale caused you to suffer from Cabin Fever. I agree with other posters here, I'm not sure you'll be any better off at W&L, even if you would come out of there very competitive for city jobs. 

Non parata est will make a great plaintiff's lawyer ... why not call someone to the carpet over the little details? I have no problem with that.

Besides, I expect as much obnoxiousness as possible on this board. Part of its appeal, ain't it? :-)

Guess I should have clarified ... one space is the standard in modern-day publishing and journalism.That's the industry I was referring to. Law firms do tend to be pedantic as heck, though, so perhaps I shouldn;t be surprised that they go olde English. :-)

The one space assertion has nothing to do with want. Just relaying the rule I worked under for YEARS in my former life. 

Any takers on this one?

Current Law Students / IP in Brazil?
« on: July 21, 2008, 10:35:21 PM »
Anyone know the lay of the land in Brazil? I'm specifically interested in copyright and licensing, and in general IP litigation, including patent infringement.

I've been researching the growth of English in world markets -- and the concurrent growth of the BRIC world -- all summer for a major e-commerce and business-methods player working on a major new international Web launch. The experience has me convinced that I'd be foolish not to consider casting my gaze internationally.

So I'm wondering if any regular posters could point me in a direction as I research. Thanks.

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