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Incoming 1Ls / Re: Applied on a whim? Now attending?!
« on: May 01, 2007, 02:52:00 PM »
I applied to the Univ. of San Diego on a whim the night of the Chargers' playoff game after hearing one of the announcers say something about how nice it was in San Diego. 

Now, barring anything crazy, I'll be there this summer.

Choosing the Right Law School / Re: FIU vs Miami
« on: May 01, 2007, 07:52:33 AM »
reeses, i already had you chalked up as going to miami.

i chose miami over a much cheaper in-state school because i believe miami will provide greater opportunities in the long run which justifies the larger financial investment.  the debt is certainly daunting. however, it's something that thousands of people have done, so i know it is possible.   

-you don't feel like you can get exicted about fiu (winner: miami)
-miami tax law program (winner: miami)
-sec actively recruits at miami (winner: miami)
-fiu not having anything you are interested in, clinics and/or electives (winner: miami)

as far as a legal degree being a legal degree, that is up for debate...hence the existence of a large portion of the posts on this site.  for good or bad, the legal field seems to be largely driven on prestige, or maybe i am just caught up in it.  i am only providing my opinions and thought process.

Well, I am soliciting your "opinions"  ;)

I had myself "chalked up" as well. What has happened is that some of the posts on this site about being stupid to pay for private tuition have gotten to me. I think I also feel like I'm being selfish: my mom wants to loan me some of the money and my bf says he'll send me a few hundred a month but I feel bad. I mean why should they do that? Just 'cause I want to go to an expensive school?

Because the opportunities out of the private school (in this case) will be much better than the public school, making it a wise investment.  I'd take Miami without a second thought, but that's me. 

I'd go to Cardozo for full price over Hofstra for free.

This thread makes me smile.

I'll take this one. Cuz it's funny? Hell, I'm laughing.  :D

Ding Ding Ding.

This thread makes me smile.

Yes, I also applied to all the NYC area schools. And am waiting to hear from all of them still. I applied really late, so I am going to defer to save up some $$ and use that time to retake the LSAT (159 1st time).

But I still wanted to hold on to one school so I don't go through the "what if I don't get in anywhere panic next year.

Ahh okay, well a 159 should get you into St. John's with a decent GPA, and I'd take that over both Rutgers for NYC, personally.

Just be careful, sometimes when you defer, I believe you are committing to attending that school the following year.  Look into it before you do so.

Personally, Newark, but only because I'd rather live in Iraq than Camden, NJ...

I'm kidding of course (about the Iraq part), but even though Newark isn't Aruba, I'd rather live in its surrounding areas any day over Camden.  The schools are equally enough matched that it'd be enough to keep me in Newark (which is why I didn't even apply to Camden as a NJ option).

Neither will be great for NY opportunity, but I believe Newark holds the advantage there as well.

If you want NY, did you apply to St John's, Brooklyn, etc?

Incoming 1Ls / Re: We all should have been Computer Programmers...
« on: April 27, 2007, 12:49:05 PM »
I'm a software developer right now.  It's quite easily the worst profession in existence.  It pays fairly well, but outside of that it's the most depressing, mundane work out there.  I've been at two companies, great ones at that, and both have been equally painful.

That is just my opinion of course.

A few points in response to yours:

1) I also considered Miami, as I had a substantial scholarship offer there. I decided not to go when every single Florida-based attorney I spoke with told me I'd be better off going to Boalt, even if I wanted to come back to practice in the Sunshine state.

In all fairness, I would never go to Miami over Boalt myself.  However, if someone knew they 100% wished to practice in Miami and was not concerned with BigLaw, I'm not convinced it'd suit them to go to Boalt full price over Miami for free.  

2) Read, read, read. I did not say nor imply that opportunities were equal for each T14 grad. Obviously NYU >>>> GULC. That said, even if Boalt ranked, I doubt my future would have turned out very differently. Employers can guess where you might rank in the class based on how many H's and P's you have. Additionally, most T14's don't allow employers to pre-screen at OCI, so yeah, in that sense, opportunities are pretty equal.

You certainly did imply it.  You said even if they did rank, it wouldn't impact your job prospects.  That implies rank at a T14 doesn't matter.

3) People need not be recruiters to have a stake in motivating you to go to USD. They might just be someone at a similarly ranked school and saying those thigs to you implicitly validates their position. Hell, I have a stake in defending T14's because I go to one. It validates the allged pedigree of my school in the same way as a T2 grad validates his own school by telling someone that in spite of its T2 ranking his school places many students in top NYC firms...or something similar.

I suppose you can use self validation as a reason to mislead people.  However, at the same time, T14 students can do the same to boost their egos and not let people think someone from a Tier 2 might have a somewhat equal opportunity, no matter the circumstances.

Look, you could ask 100 current law students their thoughts on this and get 100 different responses.  There are just too many factors that can influence one's opinions on the subject.  I appreciate the discussion as it is informative, but I don't think there is really a definitive answer since everyone is different, has different goals and different experiences.

Uh, not exactly. Read what I read. I didn't have bad luck because it's hard for a Boalt grad to get a job in Florida, I had bad luck because EVERYONE, including Florida students, have bad luck getting jobs in Florida. And, I thoroughly explained why Florida was different than basically every other market nationally. Your analogy doesn't work. Sorry.

I read what you wrote, I just disagree.  Why is your input worth more than numerous lawyers who work in FL and current students at Florida schools who have differing views than you?  If you're referring only to BigLaw, then perhaps.  However, not once prior to your post did anyone mention BigLaw, so it's irrelevant.

I don't disagree with the fact that some USD grads may get jobs in primary markets. For the most part, however, I do believe that jobs are almost handed to T14 grads. You have to be a social retard not to get a job in a primary market with a T14 degree. It's somewhat more challenging in a seconday market if you have no previous ties to the place, but that limitation is virtually erased for any T14 grad that is from the secondary market in question, even if he chose to go to law school elsewhere.

Well, I did not mean to (nor do I think I did) imply USD grads had equal national opportunity as T14 grads.  I was merely showing that AZ did not say you could not get jobs in other regions from schools other than HY.

Boalt doesn't rank. Not that it would change much for my professional prospects if they did.

All students at any T14 have equal OCI opportunity?  I ask seriously as I never looked into this knowing I wouldn't be going to one.  I can believe it at HYS.  I find it hard to believe the same would hold true as you move down the ladder.  That does not mean it's impossible, as I do not know for sure.

Yes, they get jobs, but it's hard to break into BIGLAW.

I'll stop you right there since this was not, as far as I know, a BigLaw discussion.  Perhaps I misunderstood the debate at hand. 

That is, if you read carefully, what I stated in my post above. Few large firms, few summer associate positions. There is tons of small law in Miami and a good number of grads go to do government work. It's not as easy as you think to get a job there, even if you are top 5-10% at Miami. I have a good friend who goes there, is a 3L was in the top 5-10% every year. While I managed to get a callback interview with Greenberg Traurig (the largest Miami firm) despite the fact that GT did not interview for the Miami office at our OCI, he was politely dinged after his screening interview. He struggled for the rest of his law school career, trying to break into BIGLAW and never managed to do it. I'm not saying he's representative, but to my knowledge, he's a nice guy, well socialized and doesn't have any outright undesireable characteristics. It's not quite handed to you there either, even if you go to school there. But, like I said above...I am not trying to compare Florida to SD because they are inherently different markets.

I'm certainly not going to try and explain your friend's misfortunes.  All I can say is UMiami is a school I heavily considered and had heard different experiences about the top students there. 

Law school recruitment is a lot like selling a car. Yeah the used car salesman is gonna tell you that a certified car from his lot is just as good as that brand new BMW at the dealership across the street. And, I suppose in some situations you might get lucky and your certified pre-owned car might outlast the BMW, but it's ridiculous to assume that this happens regularly.

The people who are telling you that a regional school is just as good or better, like the car salesman, obviously have some stake in you choosing their product. It's always nice to brag about taking the best and brightest away from a higher ranked school. Hell, Boalt publishes in its alumni magazine every summer how many poor souls picked us over Yale. Do I think Boalt is a great school? Yeah, of course. Do I think those people were insane to turn down Yale to go there? Abso-f-in-lutely.

Agreed about the used car salesman thing.  That said, not one of my sources I refer to are "recruiters".  They are friends, acquaintances, or current students with no alterior motives.  As with everything in this world, everyone has their experiences to base their opinions on, and they can greatly differ depending on who you are and who you know.

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