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Law School Admissions / Order in which apps are considered
« on: February 09, 2007, 11:29:25 AM »
If I sent in an app on a given date, and a lot of people on LSN have been admitted this week who sent in apps right before, same or right after me, is that a bad sign if I haven't heard yet?

Some of them have much better numbers, but many others are very close.  I'm trying to figure out what determines the order an app is considered, because some people with much lower numbers had a quicker turn around than people you'd expect to be all but an auto-admit. 

In other words, I'm hoping the lack of a response doesn't mean I'm getting a WL, because I just might  :'(

Law School Admissions / Hastings Status Checker question
« on: February 07, 2007, 07:24:21 AM »
I to Hastings about 3 weeks ago.  They requested my report within a day or two.  However, the online status checker, under My Documents still says:

"You have no missing, received, or waived documents"

Does that ever change?  If so, how long does it usually take (not the decision, but this to be updated)?

Law School Admissions / Apps that ask what other law schools question
« on: January 31, 2007, 06:44:52 AM »
Ususally on apps that ask what other law schools I applied to, I throw a few down that I applied to that relate somehow to the school which the app is for.  (Areas of specialty, location, etc)

Last night, I was filling out an app and meant to go back to this question and forgot to.  Should I just leave it as is or send an email with a list of schools to answer the question?

I'm sure it won't make a difference, just thought I'd get a few opinions.  The only reason I could see sending it in is in hopes of them offering scholarship money (or more than I'd get) to persuade me to attend their school over some of the other better ranked ones near them I'm likely to get into.

I applied to a school on the west coast the other week that has been slowly becoming my #1 choice.  Right now, my heart is basically set on it should I be admitted.  I'm on their 25th %ile LSAT and just under the 75th %ile GPA (if only that were reversed...).  The application didn't ask specifically why I wanted to attend their school, nor did my PS make mention of it.  All there was were some checkboxes as to why I'm applying, and I checked the, then, appropriate responses (website, US news).

I know schools try to admit people they think will attend, and being borderline numbers-wise, I fear that my entire life spent on the east coast might deter them in that respect, thinking I'm just applying for the hell of it.  I happen to have received no contact from the school that my application was received or complete.  I was wondering if it would benefit me to send a letter ensuring all of my materials were received and adding how passionate I am about attending their school.

Any thoughts?  I figure people will say to let it be, but ya never know.

I am just not understanding why a degree outside of a T20 school offers so little portability that everyone says you pretty much have to practice where you go to school.  I'm not arguing the point, I am just not sure I understand why a degree from say Brooklyn Law School, a very good school, is of no use in Florida and a degree from University of Florida, also a good school, is of no use in New York or any other state.  Forget state, most degrees are apparently limited to their actual region within a state.

Completely random schools and locations, just using them as an example.  While schools may cater towards their respective states' bar exams and legal practices, the big picture is still the same.  So why are degrees outside the T20 so limiting as far as portability?

Law School Admissions / Worth re-taking the LSAT?
« on: January 22, 2007, 07:14:33 AM »
I'm wondering if re-taking the LSAT in February could be of any benefit to me.  I took it in December and did well, 160, but by no means a score that will make most of my target schools a "safety".  The schools I applied to that are safeties, I'd go to a couple, but not happily.  I didn't sign up for the February LSAT when I got my last score because, a) I've read how it's very unusual to do significantly better (which judging by people here I was quite misled) and b) I thought having my apps complete 2 months earlier would be more beneficial than the extra few points I think I could get (which then I figured even a 166 would mean 163 when averaged).

I've already sent in my applications, some are even complete.  I have my heart set on 2 schools, one on each coast, and both I've got the GPA between 50-75%ile, but am just under the 25th LSAT %ile by two and one point.  I'm almost a guaranteed WL at one, and a borderline acceptance/WL at the other (which is the one I'm leaning more towards right now).

At this point, if I take the LSAT again (assuming there's even any seats left), can it help me should I score closer to the 165 I was getting on practices, or at this point is it over with since my apps are in and complete?


Is one of these much better than the other or are they pretty similar in quality of education and career prospects?

Law School Admissions / Santa Clara Personal Statement question
« on: January 17, 2007, 10:33:35 AM »
I have my application to Santa Clara ready to go, and I wanted to send my personal statement as is, because I am very happy with its content and flow.  However, the first line of the Santa Clara PS says to discuss why I want to attend their university specifically, as well as [insert typical PS statement topics here].  The latter referring to topics of which my essay is about.

Would it severely harm my chances if I sent my essay without addressing the "Why SC" part?  Looking at numbers alone, I'm at or above their medians, so I'm not a longshot to begin with, but I know it's not strictly a numebrs game.  I can add many reasons to my PS if I must, it would just be completely foreign to the story I tell.  However, I'm sure I can work it in somehow if need be.



Choosing the Right Law School / Fordham PT or FT?
« on: January 03, 2007, 04:59:40 PM »
I can't decide which to apply to.  I'm a long shot for FT, but I'd hate to pass up the chance of going FT if I don't have to.  At the same time, I would hate to pass up Fordham all together if I could squeeze into the PT program.

23, White, male.  I've been working for 18 months, split between two big companies.  I scored a 160 on the LSAT and received a 3.49 in Computer Science from the University of Delaware (Honors Program).

I know I'm not guaranteed PT or FT with my numbers, but do I have a prayer at FT?  If so, I might chance it.

Thanks for any input.

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