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I know they have been calling a lot of strong applicants this year with the ole' "meet or beat" any scholarship offer approach, so they may be trying to rise up in the rankings.  If I remember correctly, I beleive they recently got a new dean (maybe that has something to do with it).  If the judge/peer reviews are holding them down so much, I think it will be hard for them to bump themselves up in rankings by throwing out scholarships, but it does indicate they are really trying to improve their standing. 

Surely some studious, obsessed individual has already mapped the five-year US News rankings trend of the Brandeis School of Law and therefore can advise me if, indeed, it is a worthy cause to pay the $158 round-trip, super-saver Southwest airfare from Raleigh to Louisville and back again on Feb. 7th and 8th to play winks-and-kisses with the admissions staff.

I did a quick search on google, but couldn't find anything earlier than 2004. I found two sites which listed different 2004 (69 and 75) ranks and have included links to both below.

2004 - 69 or 75
2005 - 82
2006 - 85
2007 - 100+

It looks like they have been on a fairly steady down trend for a few years now.  If you check you will see that Louisville is pretty solid when it comes to LSAT/GPA but in regards to Judges/Peer review, they are really hurting. 

2004 (scroll down the page)

Most definitely. It's not "crazy" to pick a lower ranked school depending on your ambitions, and intentions. Share some more details about what you're looking to do, etc.

Well, I really want to get into tax law.  So DC has a HUGE advantage in that respect.  But if I ended up in a regional firm doing small tax work or estate tax planning, I would be ok with that.

Re: cost @ GW, I'd advise any PT acceptees to strongly consider taking a full-time (staff) job at GW -- -- if you get in -- and get a job -- the first semester after you've worked for 90 days, you can get tuition benefits -- about $12,000 per year. A little more than half of that will be taxed as income, but it's still a big chunk of change in tuition savings. A part time GW job will get you about $6,000 off tuition, and only a few hundred of that will be taxable.

Awesome man thanks!

Yea, no joke. GW is riduculously expensive.  If I get accepted to the PT program, I'm really going to have to sit down with my wife and do some sweet talking.  She is not to keen on moving 1000+ miles away for me to go to school and her have to bear all our financial burden(DC is a LOT more expensive than where we live now). 

Let me ask you guys, would you all even consider going to a local t2 school (where you would consider practicing) with a decent scholarship (I would only have to pay 5K a semester), over the PT program at GW with no scholarship, increase cost of living, away from all social ties, etc...?  Any thoughts?

Wow, great advice guys.  You all have really helped me out.  I was actually expecting the, "GO FOR GW NO MATTER WHAT" approach (which I had almost taken myself), but I am glad for your sincere thoughts against such approach.  Because I live quite some distance from DC, I think the lack of social network for my wife would cause a lot of loneliness for her.  I think the best idea is to sit down with her, explain the pros/cons of both schools and give her a chance to express her concerns.  I'm hoping for the best and will let you guys know what happens.

Where should I go next fall? / Adamant about staying put......selfish?
« on: January 25, 2007, 10:32:09 AM »
My wife has very strong feelings about not moving for law school, to GW in particular.  Right now we live comfortably on both our incomes in a city with a very low cost of living.  I have received a full scholarship at a t2 schooll here, but really want to go to GW.  Her concern is that not only will she then bear the entire burden of our support, she will do so in a new unfamiliar location with an exponentially higher cost of living.

She is also concerned with the debt I will incur at GW (115K+).  I told her it would pay off in the long run since GW is a great school with great opportunities. Am I being selfish in wanting to move (I told her I would work and do the Part-time program)?  Anyone else having a similar problem?

Law School Applications / Re: Article in todays Wall Street Journal
« on: January 24, 2007, 09:38:39 PM »
It isn't just Sullivan.  This article came out a couple days ago:

The housing offer, unfortunately, might not work for me.  I'm married and I'd kind of like my own apartment.  I'm going to call later today and ask if they can work with me in that matter.

Take it and give it to some of us unfortunate souls who will receive nothing!!

Law School Applications / Re: How helpful has your family been?
« on: January 24, 2007, 11:03:24 AM »
Yea, when I got a full ride to a t2 school, my mom acted like I was the most financially ignorant person in the world when I told her I was still holding out for GW.  She said, "for gods sake paul, you are an accountant! You of all people should understand how little sense that makes." 

My reply..........."well, I heard there are a lot of good looking girls at GW", and moved on.

Law School Applications / Re: So what will GW do this week?
« on: January 22, 2007, 02:45:11 PM »
When you send in your seat deposit, put in a good word for me  ;D

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