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You will write what you "hear" in your head, so I think you may just need more practice using and hearing the language yourself.  Part of the complication is that you are probably having to think about sophisticated legal concepts in English, and I imagine that this is challenging if you've only recently learned the language.  I encourage you to talk to the people at your law school (maybe an advisor for LL.M. students if you aren't an LL.M b/c they're probably used to helping foreign attorneys with their English language skills) to see what support there may be for you.

As far as general language practice -- Have you considered taking a formal ESL course (but maybe an intermediate or advanced one) to help you become even more confident in your English skills?  Also, if there is a local Spanish/Portuguese cultural group in your area they may have an "intercambio" program that would pair you with an English-speaker trying to learn your language.  You all could help one another.  Finally, what I find helps me maintain my foreign language skills is listening to foreign language newscasts (notice I didn't say "watching" them b/c I find that too distracting.  Instead, I'll just turn it on usually, divert my eyes, and concentrate on really catching the words I'm hearing) and reading *aloud* the free foreign language newspapers you can pick up around town.  I find that the language by print or television journalists/reporters tends to the standard usage and, thus, easier to understand than the slang spoken on the street.  I still think it's helpful to make the effort with these sources though just to train your ear to hear how native speakers talk and write.

Harvard > Stanford > Yale
HLS is a fantastic!  I loved my section and most other students I've met, enjoyed nearly all of my profs, and appreciate that there's always something to do here.  Most people are headed for Biglaw, but there's also a solid and growing public interest community, too.  While I'm admittedly biased, I can't think of a better place to spend three years!

Chicago = Columbia = NYU
I have no preference among this group.  I don't think I'd go to law school if it meant moving to Chicago or NYC.  I don't think these schools or their cities would be good matches for me.

Virginia > Penn > > > > > Michigan > Berkeley
Virginia Law was one of my top contenders, and it seemed to hold a special place in the hearts of current students and alums.  If I couldn't go there, I'd go to Penn (in part for some of the reasons people have already mentioned) and also b/c I like the diversity and culture of Philly.

Duke > > > > > Georgetown > > > > > >  Northwestern/Cornell
Duke has a solid reputation and good placement stats for a Southern school.  I'd pick it over the others.

Hey!  I'm not sure whether you just meant your post to be an introduction or if you asking what are your chances given your numbers?  If the latter, there is a thread for that on this board.  My initial thought would be to encourage you to concentrate on 15-30 but throw in some T14 too (esp. Northwestern).

Black Law Students / Re: 1L's & Current Black Law Students
« on: November 10, 2008, 10:44:07 AM »
You know you're in law school when you edit your text messages for grammatical errors.  That is all (lol).
fixt ;)

HAHA YES!!! I did that on purpose LOL.  I rest my case.

 :D  I was wondering how you missed that given your comment, so I fretted over whether to correct it or not.  LOL!  I'm convinced that if this law thing doesn't work out, I'd try to be an editor of some sort!  lol

Nah, that's just a sign of being anal ;).  I know plenty of lawyers and law students who are poor grammarians.  These are the same people who think Bluebooking is hell on earth.  I rather enjoy it.

Says the Law Review editor.

I had no idea!  Congrats!!!

Black Law Students / Re: 1L's & Current Black Law Students
« on: November 09, 2008, 07:08:04 PM »
You know you're in law school when you edit your text messages for grammatical errors.  That is all (lol).
fixt ;)

Hello everyone. This is my first post. I've  looked at medians and 25th/75th percentiles to get a pretty good idea where I'm competitive. However, I am having trouble determining where I can realistically expect a full tuition scholarship. ( A stipend would be great too).


I would be happy to see if my friend who's a 3L at AU (black female) will talk to you about her experience there.  PM me your first name and email address, and I'll pass it along to her.

This is my first post here.

Gay African American Male
3.85 GPA (Tier 1)/154 LSAT

2 years law firm experience
Study Abroad France/Work Abroad Sidaction Paris
University Academic Prizes
Letters of Recommendation from former Rehnquist Clerk and Current University President (both were professors)


T-14 possible.  Plan to retake, but wonder where I could go with current stats?

Highly sggest you retake. My diag was around your score and I broke 160 just after reading the Logic Games Bible. You have the GPA to get into top notch schools put more effort into your LSAT :)


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