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Thanks to wiseowl, devo, and frybread.  I analyzed PT48 with other tests and saw some big difference.  One is that it has a harsh scale.  Two is just as what frybread said; more principle and flaw questions.  PT48 had 10 flaw questions.  LG did get easier, but this doesn't help me since I rarely miss any on LG.  RC tends to be more lengthier with specifics (the ones focusing on petty details) questions that takes a lot of time.  Thank God that I'm at least very strong with comparative passages.

If what you said is true Frybread, then perhaps postponing til October isn't a bad idea.  It's just that it's going to be a long four months.  Will take two more recent prep tests before the exam to make my final decision.

Again thanks to those responded and good luck to rest of you!

I have a dilemma and would greatly appreciate any feedbacks or wisdom.

I'm registered to take the exam on Monday, but after today's prep test result I'm hesitating.  I've taken two weeks off from work to study vigoroously, and I have up to this point.  Took timed prep test and here are my recent result:

Monday 9th: Test 32 - 177 Test 34 - 171
Tuesday 10th: Test 40 - 170
Wednesday 11th (Today): Test 48 - 159!!!

I supplemented additional section for experimental part of the exam and all my prep test were timed.  However, I see a downward trend and I'm a little afraid to take the test at this point.  Part of me wants to get it over with it, but I think postponing the exam wouldn't be a bad idea (or is it?).

For those of you that said RC is your strongest and only get couple questions wrong, I envy you. ;D

Do you think I should postpone? 

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