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Choosing the Right Law School / Re: Brooklyn vs. UConn
« on: April 13, 2007, 08:25:36 AM »
well i was/am in the same situation.  but i just deposited at uconn and rutgers today. 
brooklyn just puts a lot of pressure on you to do well or what do you do with all those loans.  and when i visited i really didnt like the area around brooklyn.  most ppl on this board seem to think the area is gorgeous but i thought it was pretty rundown personally. 

but i agree. i have been to a lot of uconn functions and pretty much every current student i talked to said if you want nyc, you have to do a LOT of leg work and network from Day 1.    So i am still decidiing.  Uconn is in a pretty area so i dont know if i want to leave that to go to Newark  :o
but i figure even though UCONN may not get you  a job in NYC immediately you can prob get a job downstate in Stamford or that area and then transfer to the city pretty quickly.

Choosing the Right Law School / Re: Brooklyn vs. UConn
« on: April 13, 2007, 08:13:38 AM »
i am in the same exact position.  :(

i feel like rutgers gives you the same opportunities if you do well though so i'd prob go there over brooklyn.
if you are in the top 10-15% at either school you'll get the job you want.  anywhere 25-40% requires a lot of work and after 40% at rutgers your stuck in jersey [which i dont want b/c all my friends are in the city, not Jersey---and like you i am from CT originally]
but after 40% at brook you can prob get a gov't job that pay like 70K but with all that debt your essentially in a lot of trouble as well. 

Choosing the Right Law School / Re: Hello? Villanova? Where are you?
« on: April 12, 2007, 11:32:04 AM »
i called today and they told me i would def have a decision by Monday and they are trying to finish all the files by Friday.

he said if you call they will tell you the decision over the phone.
 i really expect either a WL or Rejection at this Pt.  b/c it's so late in the cycle--  But i paid my 60$ so i wont withdraw

im still a bit confused as to if the deferral is binding or not?
it is an honor system that assumes you will enroll the next year or do you have to sign a bunch of papers saying you will def go there next yr?

for example-- if i am granted a deferral and then after a year i decide not to go there, or i reapply and get into a better school
what are the repercussions?  does anyone know

Choosing the Right Law School / Re: Tough and Interesting Choice
« on: April 07, 2007, 12:04:42 PM »
i would think northeastern would offer you the best opportunity.
when i went to visit there i rememer one of the deans talking about how they have their co-op programs all over the country and they are def not limited to Boston.  so i would look on their site and see whether there are a lot of co-op opportunities in the DC area.  Since you do a lot of co-op experience it could help you make contacts in the area.

i think the other schools are all very regional.

as far as transferring, there is an entire yahoo group devoted to it-- where you can see who applied to transfer to the DC schools, what their stats were, and then the decision.
i dont know the link off the top of my had but if you go into the students and graduates board there should be a section about transferring   somewhere

if you go to    it still has the search function at the bottom-- but once you get to the pre-law section it disappears.

I know a couple of Bklyn grads from last year, who didn't exactly have problems finding jobs, but didn't have their pick of jobs. One ended up at an Insurance type firm in Long Island (I have no idea what his grades were though.

But if your brother is at a big firm, wouldn't that open some doors for you? Especially if he's well-liked and regarded. Isn't nepotism alive and well in biglaw?

---i talked to him on the other day for a few minutes and he basically said that he doesnt know too much about Brooklyn or Rutgers becuase he doesnt really interact with ppl who went there.  he is basically of the mindset that big law is the only reason to go to law school.  apparently NYU will do that to you. I'm going to see him this weekend though so ill ask him about the whole  'network' thing and see what he says and see if he knows ppl at other firms.

I don't know anything about big law but I know a lot of attorneys in gov't and public interest work.  They hire from Rutgers all the time.

---in NYC you mean or NJ?

To be honest I'd like to have a job where i make 100-120K and can live comfortably and live in the city.  I mean I'll take biglaw if i get it, but i dont intend to devote my entire life to my career and go for partner at all costs, ect...I need a life outside of my job. 
I tend to think that if you make less at a  medium firm then they dont expect you to work as many hours.  but if i am working til 7 or 8 then i mine as well just stay til 10 at a biglaw job and make double the amount of money if i had the choice.
my brother does corporate law at Latham i know exactly what it's like.  and the bonus's, ect..  he went to NYU and had 150K in loans and 2 yrs later he has paid off all but 50K of them.  But obv NYU has much better prospects than A Rutgers or Brooklyn. you can search the comany directy by what law school ppl went to and he said in the latham NYC office there are 2 ppl from Rutgers and 4 from Brooklyn so i mean neither school is going to really open every door for you

..i went to brooklyn to look at it yesterday and i talked to a few of the students there [who i literally met on the street, elevator, ect...]  they basically said top 20-25% will get biglaw interviews but then only 10-15% will actually get offers.  They said a lot of ppl come out starting @ 80K. 

..when i toured rutgers a few weeks ago one of the deans sort of addresed this question.  she said rutgers will help you with what you want to do. if you want biglaw she said there is a 'track' for that and they will advise you what cources to take, ect--i.e.  even though rutgers has a good clinic program she told me it really doesnt make much sense to do it, and instead i should take class's specific to big law.

another difference i think is that everyone at brooklyn wants to work inthe city and everyone wants those jobs.
whereas rutgers some ppl are form NJ and have no intention of nig law or going to the city..

i still dont think i have a good idea though of how well rutgers can place in NYC beyond the top 5% who have big law opportunities. it is really just like 5% do big law and the rest are confined to NJ..if thats the case then yeah i would just go to brooklyn
  anyone current students out there who can address this?


top 20% at rutgers i think is def not impossible

I'm not obsessed with Big Law or making copious amounts money.  that being said, If i have the chance I'll do it  [at least for a few yrs] to make money. if your going to work all the hrs mine as well just work a few more to make a lot more...  but i feel like if i go to brooklyn i have to have big law to pay off the loans whereas rutgers i wouldnt need it as much.  

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