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so some people are able to transfer from the evening division to the day division?
as long as you do pretty well in class's, ect...
any idea of how many ppl they let do this?  and you seemed to imply that it doesnt seem to put you at too big a disadvantage if you transfer divisions after a yr?

thanks again!

how exaclty does the housing work?
does fordham help you in the process or are you pretty much own your own?
how is it determined who gets to live on campus in the 120 places?  [i'm from CT so i dont know if distance form NYC matters?]  i'd prefer to live int he city itself though, not a borough.

do u find that the catholic affliation of the school has any real influence on class's or professors?  I'm pretty liberal...

also, it seems fordham enrolls some older students.  would you say the student body is mostly older or is there is afair number of ppl just out of college?   [im graduating in may and plan to go right to law school.

Thanks for your help!  :)

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